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  1. Lions to cut Joey Harrington? If so...

    If one team has already given up on him, believing that he is incapable of making a team a playoff contender, much less a Super Bowl hopeful, what is the point in another team picking him up to be their savior? The Cowboys have enough projects on their roster which will require a couple of years of grooming before it can be determined if they're players or busts. Unless Bill or Jerry believe that the Lion's are idiots in their accessment of Harrington and his skills, they should steer clear. The 'boys need a surefire solution at QB, not another tweener prospect to throw into the mix.
  2. Playoff Blitz

    Well, I don't think I'm gonna win the playoff version of this contest. Only 11 freakin' points for me in the first week?! Hats off to Junkyard on the perfect week. Straight Up Pitt Min Ind St.L Against the Spread Min St.L Ind NYJ
  3. Sean Taylor avoids DUI charge

    I would think that the "I'm from the University of Miami. I don't know my alphabet" defense is a perfectly reasonable excuse for failing that test.
  4. Did anyone see the other Vikings player...

    I just watched a TIVO of this morning's SportsCenter. Stuart Scott, on the play call of Najeh Davenport's TD, comments on him as the Packer's "NUMBER TWO" RB. Emphasis on the "number two."
  5. Moss Moon

    But at least he didn't wipe his arse with a cellphone.
  6. Playoff Blitz

    Straight Up IND GBP SDC St. L Spread Den SDC St.L Min
  7. Weekly Blitz ... TIED

    Congrats to Timmypg on being co-champion and special thanks to Blitz for running a first rate contest. I had fun and will be back to defend next year. Just out of curiousity, how long has this contest been running and who have the past winners been?
  8. Woodson Retires After 13 years

    And definitely the type of player a mediocre team can't be without. Roy Williams and the entire defense looked pretty average this year. I think that had a lot to do with Woody being out.
  9. Weekly Blitz

    GBP Min NOS Sea STL

    can't access the link. need to be signed up for it. why don't you cut and paste it to the main football board.
  11. 30 - 44 FF league

    I'm interested.
  12. Weekly Blitz

    Dal NEP Oak Phi SF
  13. Let's see those Superbowl Matchups

    This is my local's fantasy bowl. Got spanked in my BOTH league quarterfinals pretty bad by Flypaste. US. v. ThemDonovan McNabb Duante CulpepperDom Davis Kevin JonesDuece McAllister Jerome BettisMarvin Harrison Randy MossJavon Walker Mushin MuhammadDerrick Mason Antonio GatesMatt Stover Adam VinetieriBuffalo Baltimore
  14. Who sat Mason?

    Ditto. And to top it off, I picked Boldin over Burleson.
  15. Bench all SD and Clev players

    I have those same QB's and I just subbed in Brooks(against the #1 pass D). Kinda made me feel sick when I did it.
  16. Tatum Bell Playing?

    Jennifer Garner just said that Bell's performance last week was an aberration, that he is soft, and that Droughns will be the man this week. I think I'll listen to her expert advice.
  17. Mason

    Any last minute info, hopefully about Mason's miracle recovery?
  18. So, is TOwens playing? quotes Andy Reid as saying Owens returned to practice on Friday, looked good, and will play Sunday. It mentioned nothing about the playoff picture as to playing time.
  19. A. Johnson

    I'm playing him. Leaving Jerry Porter, Alge Crumpler and Dante Hall on the bench.
  20. Which two RBs this week?

    If Bell is out against KC, which I think he will be, you have to go with Droughns. I might take Dunn as my third. Duckett is out which means he won't steal away touches and Dunn can get his on the ground or through the air. Tough choice sitting Green, though.
  21. Romo time ...

    Like you say, Henson has almost no experience playing football, he just has talent. He started a grand total of EIGHT games in college nearly four years ago. Not only does he have to shake off rust but he has to learn nearly the whole game. Imo, he's 2-3 years away from being a viable option at starting QB. I doubt the Cowboys or any other NFL team have the patience to wait that long. We can all thank the salary cap for that. A best case scenario for him would be similar to Warner, Garcia or Maddox. Bounce around for awhile, get some experience playing everyday in the CFL, Arena League, or semi-pro ball and then luck into his big break with an NFL team.
  22. Weekly Blitz

    Buf Den Hou Min StL.
  23. Romo time ...

    Yeah, I get that feeling, too. Parcells is stereotyped as one who doesn't have much love for unproven rookies, and while I think there is a kernel of truth in that, he has started rookies before, i.e. Curtis Martin. I think that the elevation of Romo over Henson as #2 QB is just for this game. Romo has a little more experience then Henson and that will count for something against Philly's defensive schemes. I still think Henson is the better prospect of the two. The money they're paying him as compared to Romo would seem to bear that out.
  24. Romo time ...

    From and the Dallas Morning News - Romo has replaced Henson as the #2 QB for this weekend against Philly and may see some action if/when things get out of hand. Edited to add sources.
  25. Could Drew Henson really be ANY worse than Testy?

    Parcells has always said all that he wants from his QB is no turnovers and scores. Testeverde hasn't given him either of those for eight weeks. I haven't heard Parcells call him out once. That being said, as bad as Testeverde has been, Henson looked absolutely lost on Thanksgiving Day. With the Cowboys soon to be mathematically eliminated, Parcells will have to get Henson and/or Romo some experience for next season. I mean, Testeverde can't actually be the guy next year too, can he?