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  1. Weekly Blitz

    That's why the rest of you guys are easy money. My four monster dogs carried me this week. It was the only favorite I picked, Minnesota, that screwed me out of the perfect week.
  2. Weekly Blitz

    Man, these are some huge points. I'm gonna take a ton of dogs. Cin Hou Mia Min Was
  3. Brees or Brooks?

    I have those two QB's and I'm starting Brees today, rain or no rain.
  4. Weekly Blitz

    Atl Buf Cin Det Min
  5. Oakland homers; Fargas, the poor mans..

    Ummm, I thought Fargas was Huggy Bear's kid from USC? I think that if the Raiders regarded him as highly as the Cowboy's regarded Julius Jones, he would have gotten a couple 30 carry games his rookie year. He's about to enter his 3rd year without any real work. He's a journeyman at best. But then again, Rueben Droughns was a journey man at best once upon a time, too.
  6. Weekly Blitz

    GB Hou Mia Sea TBB
  7. Who is the most overated player in the league?

    As a Cowboys fan, there are just too many choices. Larry Allen - a mere shell of his former dominant self, yet he makes the Pro Bowl year in and year out. Keyshawn Johnson - a #3 possession receiver on any other team. LaRoi Glover - hasn't made much of an impact and is too light in the posterior to play inside on a Bill Parcell's line. Marcellus Wiley - making about $4 mil. a year to take up a roster spot. Dexter Coakley - age is starting to rob him of some of his speed. Wouldn't start for many other teams, and with Bradie James behind him, probably won't be starting for the 'boys next year. Terrence Newman - absolutely horrible. Hopefully he'll rebound from the sophomore slump. Roy Williams - like Newman, he's playing absolutely horrible football. He can't cover and he's making no plays at the line of scrimmage. I think he misses Darren Woodson back there. For that matter, I think the whole defense is missing Darren Woodson this year.
  8. FFTOC.....Rough Week

    Put up 69 pts. so far and have a couple going tonight. Hopefully they explode. I'm on the outside looking in and need a miracle to break #200. Had to burn alot of studs this weekend. Perhaps I should have pushed the panic button earlier. Tom Brady (New England) - ??? Curtis Martin (New York Jets) - 8.8 Jerome Bettis (Pittsburgh Steelers) - 13.2 Chad Johnson (Cincinnati Bengals) - 14.00 Marvin Harrison (Indianapolis Colts) - 10.9 David Givens (New England Patriots) - ??? Jermaine Wiggins (Minnesota Vikings) - 11.1 David Akers (Philadelphia Eagles) - 4.0 Jacksonville Jaguars - 7.0
  9. Weekly Blitz

    Atl Den Ind Jac StL
  10. "James' burst is back"

    Ok, that's fine. But the reason he is being used less and less in the passing game, as you say, isn't because of Manning or the Colt's game plan not including him, but because of his injuries. That makes me less optimistic, not more, about this upcoming season for him.
  11. "James' burst is back"

    Huh? For the last two years, projected out to 16 games, (if James had actually been healthy enough to play in 16 games) the stats would look like this... 69 405 1 63 359 0 So the Colts are throwing him the rock as much, if not even more, than the previous two years. He just isn't producing.
  12. team usa b-ball

    Pretty sad. Not even Shaq or KG could save them. I wonder if this is the beating this team needs? Will they respond by pouting or by playing great team basketball?
  13. Charlotte Bobcats' Expansion Draft

    Took this from ESPN Insider. Some big names in this group. Who would you take? I'd think about taking Dixon, Gaines, Jones, Kittles, Rose, Walker, Grant, Fizer and Patterson. Guards: Chucky Atkins, Boston Celtics Juan Dixon, Washington Wizards Derek Fisher, Los Angeles Lakers Reece Gaines, Orlando Magic Anfernee Hardaway, New York Knicks Allan Houston, New York Knicks Eddie Jones, Miami Heat Kerry Kittles, New Jersey Nets Aaron McKie, Philadelphia 76ers Moochie Norris, New York Knicks Eric Piatkowski, Houston Rockets Jalen Rose, Toronto Raptors Jerry Stackhouse, Washington Wizards David Wesley, New Orleans Hornets Forwards: Derrick Coleman, Philadelphia 76ers Marcus Fizer, Chicago Bulls Rick Fox, Los Angeles Lakers Brian Grant, Miami Heat Jason Kapono, Cleveland Cavaliers Christian Laettner, Washington Wizards Ruben Patterson, Portland Trail Blazers Aleksandar Pavlovic, Utah Jazz Scottie Pippen, Chicago Bulls Rodney Rogers, New Jersey Nets Malik Rose, San Antonio Spurs Antoine Walker, Dallas Mavericks Gerald Wallace, Sacramento Kings Jerome Williams, Chicago Bulls Centers: Elden Campbell, Detroit Pistons Antonio Davis, Chicago Bulls Jerome James, Seattle SuperSonics Ervin Johnson, Minnesota Timberwolves Zaza Pachulia, Orlando Magic Jahidi White, Phoenix Suns
  14. Charlotte Bobcats' Expansion Draft

    I'd heard rumors that they were going to. Perhaps the ESPN list is just incomplete. I don't think it is an official list from the NBA, just something that got leaked out. Olowakandi is still young and talented big guys are hard to come by. Maybe the Wolves hope he can shake the injuries and develop like O'Neal and Harrington have. Personally, I think its his heart that's the problem. I've seen the guy play a few minutes of phenomenal basketball and then go on a stink spree the rest of the night. You can't coach heart and it doesn't appear that KG rubbed off on him this year. I think he's a lost cause.
  15. Regional foods of football cities

    More from Minnesota Scandinavian Ethnic - Lutefisk, lefsa and krumkake. German Ethnic - Halupse, dumplings, krautstrudle, knoepfla soup and kuchen. and any good burger joint in the Twin Cities features its own version of the Juicy Lucy - two quarter-pound beef patties pressed together with the cheese inside. and in the interest of promoting TC-GB relations, I have to recommend Wisconsin Beercheese soup.
  16. My big p*nis is ruining everything

    I changed my name from General Itals to Colonel Angus back to General Itals, then attempted to change it back to Colonel Angus but was denied, so I went with Corporal Punishment, and finally back to General Itals all within a 24 hour period.
  17. Congrats to the Marlins

    I'm with Stallion and HHC. This lifelong Yankee fan offers his congrats to the Marlins. To actually see a team experience unadulterated joy when they won made me wish it was 1996 all over again. Now when the Yankees win its a relief, when they lose its the "end of the world". Thanks, George.