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  1. Prescott is a dynasty stash at best. His mechanics are janky and he's at best like a Romo, three years away from competing for a starting job. Moore or a crappy veteran is the backup to Romo. If it ends up being Prescott and he fills in for an injured Romo, I think his NFL career will be over before it started, he'll get overwhelmed. He's just not ready. Alot of work to do with him. In the mean time, you have NFL ready QB's from this years draft and in the next couple of drafts to gamble on.

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  2. Just got a letter from DirecTV letting me know since I received it for free last year that they were going to automatically renew it for me this year at $39.99 per month for the next six months. Ummm, no thanks.

  3. He was in on the last play.



    Yep, the announcing crew never mentioned he was out with injury. Richardson and crew looked good on that last drive until the Rams turned away from the run at the end. Stacy could be effective in the future. We'll see.