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  1. Clemson vs. Boston College

    I'd prefer you guys to win. Good luck!
  2. USC v. Oregon - Spread?

    SC has done pretty well the last 2 years vs. the spread on the road and at home, but I'm hearing 22+ and that is crazy, even as a diehard Trojan like me. The Ducks have a very good team at home, that place is insanely loud, the surface is wet (they hose it down even if its been sunny for months,) the Trojans D has some injuries, Bellotti is a very smart coach, and...they have those mesmerizing unis. And the Pac10 opener has been too scary for us the last 2 years - if that is in our players' heads at all, its trouble. Would not put money on this if my life depended on it. Is anyone?
  3. Culpepper Projection?

    I think these 2 reports are written by 2 diff. guys, so it is a difference of opinion. And I think your projection is correct, unfortunately. If you have another decent option at QB, I'd wait on the Vikes to see if/when they get it turned around. They just look awful, and I cant see why they could just suddenly fix everything in one week. Good luck.
  4. Possibly the biggest point swing ever?

    Not quite, but close. I got only 66 in Week 1 and 144 in Week 2: Favre LT SJackson (W1)/WParker (W2) Javon Walker (W1) /TJ Housh...(W2) Roy Williams Lee Evans DClark Chargers Trouble this week though, as RWilliams is on bye. Have to go with either TCalico or GLewis, and pray that Evans can get something out the horrible Losman rookie sitch. Oh, and Favre goes vs. the Bucs. I might be heading for another 66 point day...
  5. Giants Fans Should Be Ashamed...

    I agree, that is what I meant about this game needing a neutral site - you cannot expect the REAL home team fans to pretend to root for the OTHER 'home' team. No ones' fault but the NFL front office....
  6. Willie Parker will lead the league in rushing

    I hope you're right about your prediction, Grunge. Unless its LT or SJackson....cuz my WRs suck....
  7. Dallas Clark

    Hope you're right, Hook. And thanks for the info!
  8. Giants Fans Should Be Ashamed...

    First, sincere thoughts and hopes out to rajn and his family for all their loss - and for all the families in that area. Most of us cannot imagine such pain. Second, I agree that the only real shame in this sitch (where the NFL and its fans tried to do the right thing in raising as much $$ as possible for the victims) is that it should've been played at a neutral site. Fewer dollars might've been raised at the gate in Houston or Tenn. or LSU, but its just not right at a supposed 'home' game when the crowd roars in joy when the 'home team' fumbles the opening kickoff to the supposed 'visiting' team. No sympathy shown for the grief-stricken Saints players/fans at that point - but what can you expect from New Yorkers? No, not right at all... Third, the topic shouldn't have been approached from this sarcastic angle to begin with, and if the author was honestly surprised by rajn's reaction, you are just not the sharpest tool in the shed. But neither am I most of the time, and I have plenty of regrets. 'Nuff said from on....
  9. Oregon's Unis

    I think they try to use it to their advantage for the first few plays of each game. Either their opponents are covering the eyes from the glare or they are retching at the ugliness...
  10. USC......Arkansas

    You mean the USC campus? And burned by who, the fans? This is not Detroit, ya know. We're too civilized...and very happy and content too. Remember, this is the closest thing we have to a pro team here, and they sure looked like it tonight...
  11. What's wrong with OU?

    I am afraid this may happen to USC next year, assuming Bush and White leave early, so I am going to really enjoy this year and hope for the 3-pete....
  12. My Crock Pot is bigger than your Crock Pot

    Holy cow, that is completely depressing - are you in prison?? Which one, and what are you in for? I guess the party is not at your place then...
  13. QB starter Favre or Palmer?

    I think the Lions D is still pretty suspect as well...Favre usually eats them up...
  14. Ohio State / Texas

    I agree - didn't they have a year recently with 7-8 home games vs. only 4-5 away. Is this typical? If so, I guess there is no NCAA rule about keeping it 50-50, but BCS voters should keep it mind when contemplating their win-loss record...
  15. Trev Alberts canned by ESPN

    What's the problem with Nick? He occasionally hangs out with a talented football player (Leinart) and seems to be a sports nut - even if he does sing with a boy band. If he could throw in some tips on how to woo superhot women who are dumber than a lamppost, it could really be a service to the average guy... Speaking of mixing Hollywood with football, do you remember Lisa Guerrero? Not on the sidelines anymore, but if you miss her, she will be gracing the pages of Playboy soon. Nice...