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  1. Michael Floyd

    Not really a fan of the ROS articles this year. There seems to be no effort to accurately rank guys.
  2. Untrue. That's a setting that can be changed.
  3. Do you trust Stafford this week?

    The over/under in the New Orleans game is 51.
  4. Is The Huddle still worth the $$$?

    Last year was the only year since they went to a pay site that I did not pay for membership. I'm back this year. That should be the only info that the OP needs to make his decision.
  5. Flashback

    I used to get a faxed report from the Commish on Tuesday with that week's results.
  6. DirecTV / NFL Ticket (2015)

    15 year subscriber and got if free this year for like the 10th straight year. I just call and say cancel service and get to retention and explain that my bill is too high and that I may have to cancel since I just bought Apple TV. They dance around a bit and finally give in. I didn't get a gift card this year but got one last year. They also gave me 3 months of 41.99 off the bill plus some other little things.
  7. Not falling for that again!

    I sat Marshall & Cutler last week. Ugh.
  8. Trent Richardson comeback year?

    I'm still holding out hope for a 1200 combined yards, 10 TD season. “Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of good things and no good thing ever dies”
  9. Josh Gordon suspended for 2014-15?

    This kid's bringing stupid to a whole new level.
  10. Ray Rice indicted for aggrivated assault

    They still haven't shown the video of the actual incident, just the aftermath.
  11. Irsay arrested charged with DWI

    And that's just his back.
  12. Ray Rice arrested

    Is "finance" really that different from fiancée?
  13. Dynasty Dialogue 2014 (Running Backs)

    West ain't small. (5-foot-11, 223 pounds) From West lacks elite speed, but he has been clocked as fast as 4.5 seconds in the 40 and shows patience and good vision. He has quick feet and is a tough, powerful downhill runner who is right at home working between the tackles. He also has proved to be a workhorse, averaging 260 carries per season in his college career (21.7 per game, including 26.1 per game this season).