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  1. Culpepper Projection?

    Since I'm playing against him this week, you can pencil him in for 300 yards and 3 TDs guaranteed.
  2. I am going to puke...

    In the playoffs last year, I thought I had a tie and won the tiebreaker, only to find out on Monday that they had given the Carolina D an extra sack from the THURSDAY nite game. I lost to the eventual SuperBowl champ by 1 point on a 5 day old sack.
  3. 70's Show

    While I enjoy Donna's cans, the spinner aspect of Jackie makes her the more appealing choice.
  4. Koren Robinson's value?

    This is the great thing about fantasy football. This paragraph may actually make sense when I sober up. There is no reason that Koren couldn't become productive almost immediately. He only has to beat out Taylor, MRob, and a rook. I've seen stranger things happen.
  5. Boller is the starter

    The Ravens will be hurt by the fact that they have a week 3 bye. Even if Wright plays well, it is only 1 game. Boller will probably be healthy by week 4 and Billick will be forced by his ego to go back to Boller. If the Ravens had a later bye week and Wright put together 2-3 good weeks, the ground-swell to keep Boller on the bench would be that much greater within the organization.
  6. It Is Official...

    I think he will rebound and post decent TD and yardage numbers but will lead the league in interceptions. He has too much pride to quit on this organization.
  7. cheese and Rice

    I hope not. GB is a disaster.
  8. Dallas Clark

    6 foot 2, roughly 245 lbs.
  9. Willie Parker over . . .

    I wouldn't. Jackson at Arizona is too good to pass up. Matchups like that are why you drafted him.
  10. Hey Bob Cunningham

    I hate the man.
  11. Colts-Ravens thoughts

    per the Baltimore Sun: "[Dungy] said he understood totally now, given the length of Kyle's injury and understanding Anthony's situation having been out a year," Billick said. "He needed the reps. I wanted to get as many viable snaps, game snaps with Anthony Wright as I could." The guy has not played in a real game in well over a year. I can see your point though.
  12. Oh Priest owners. . .

    That run was awesome. :nonpriestowner:
  13. Colts-Ravens thoughts

  14. Opening Sunday!

    Alternate color black Heap jersey. Ravens will wear all black tonite.
  15. Dallas Clark Questionable?

    uhh, Freddie Jones sleeps with the fishes....
  16. Game Day Weather

    84 and sunny in Baltimore
  17. Dallas Clark Questionable?

    NFL Radio on Sirius said game time decision.
  18. Laughing at all the huddlers who...

    and here. It was hidden for the FFToC, right?
  19. rate my team

  20. No, it doesn't. Listen, the guy had 6 carries in the preseason. Chester may get more action in this game because Jamal's legs are not in game shape. Do not read more into this.