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  1. Weekly Blitz

  2. Cadillac Williams the next Ladanian?

    Players that were valued higher on average and required a first round pick to acquire. Don't get me wrong, I was targeting Cadillac in my draft, but was able to get him at 4.03 in a 12 team league because I know that the other owners take a wait and see attitude with rookies. I never pick a guy where I have him ranked if I am fairly confident he'll slide to me in a later round.
  3. Seeking advise for new FF player

    Yes, a list of your most likely WR pickups would help. I wouldn't worry about McGahee. He is a solid RB playing for a team that will always try to establish the run and with a quality D that will allow the Bills to run in the second half. I would start Favre ahead of Brooks unless matchups dictate otherwise. The Packers will be behind a lot, so lots of throws and yardage for Brett. Yes, he will get his share of picks, but he will be productive. In general, I'd prefer starting Shockey to Baker, although it's nice to have both.
  4. Peyton owner ripe for a deal

    No brainer. Manning is headed into a very, very favorable stretch of schedule. He will definitely be producing.
  5. Detroit Lions

    When is Garcia coming back?
  6. Anyone sit Cadillac?

    I had him benched for Willie Parker and Deuce, but clearly he's starter material. However, I am trying to move him for a QB upgrade.
  7. what do you need on MNF?

    Lots of guys going in my matchup. He has Keyshawn and Witten, I have Deuce, Shockey, and the Dallas DST. I'm up by 24, so as long as neither Keyshawn or Witten go off, I am fine. With a good game from any of my three options, I should be fine. Not a done deal, but in good shape.
  8. Brett Favre Looks Like An Old Man...

    The Packers do face some quality defenses in their schedule. But almost all defenses, when they have a comfortable lead, play deeper to prevent the quick score while allowing yardage underneath the coverage. Favre will be throwing into these situations frequently and has a receiver corps better suited to taking what they can get instead of going for the one big play.
  9. Brett Favre Looks Like An Old Man...

    You think that the Packers are going to be in the lead during the 2nd half in a lot of games? Brett will be throwing a lot late in the game all season long.
  10. Two weeks into the season.....

    Lots of reasons to be conservative with Culpepper right now, Moss gone, OC Linehan gone, Birk's injury weakening the OL, running game in disarray. Now Burleson's nicked up. I can see benching him, but you wouldn't want to drop Culpepper except in a very shallow league. Next week, the Vikings entertain the Saints, then they go on the road to Atlanta, then (mercifully) comes their bye. Week 6, they visit Chicago (ouch)! I guess I don't like Culpepper until the Packers visit in Week 7. Manning is entirely different. There are no question marks on the Colts, they're 2-0 and have just played some tough defenses. On tap (through Week 7) for Manning are Brown (H), Titans (A), and 49'ers (A), Rams (H), and Texans (A). Bye Week 8. Everything is teed up for Manning to go on a major tear and woe to the owner who panics and bails on him now! That would be an incredibly stupid move. I will be trying very hard to trade for Manning this week. His owner has Bledsoe and Feeley as backups and SJax and Kevin Jones as his main RB's with little behind them. I'm thinking (if he does well tomorrow night) that Brooks and Cadillac for Manning and Kevin Jones might fly. And yes, there are some rising QB's in Palmer and McNabb.
  11. Everyone is too high on Willie Parker imo.

    The 9th round came around and he was the next RB on my list. We use Sportsline and had those pre-season player stickers for the draft board. I stared at the RB sheets for a few seconds before I realized that Parker wasn't listed. So, I had to grab a Sharpie and write him in on a blank sticker. The only thing blanker than the sticker was the look on the faces of the rest of the league, except for one owner. Looks like it will be right there with getting Gates late last year and the first big year in Denver for Portis when he also slid. Very nice when preparation and luck intersect.
  12. Willie Parker is for real

    Starting Parker and Deuce this week. Good to see my RB corps is off to a good start.
  13. Jamal Lewis

    Not likely. To me, if he's out of shape that could come around in a few weeks. If it's the injuries (esp. the alleged bone spur), I could see him being limited for longer than a few weeks.
  14. Jamal Lewis

    Is he physically limited due to his ankle and finger or just out of shape?
  15. Caddy Hurt?

    3 yard TD run by Cadillac. Up to 98 yards rushing on the day now.