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  1. The National Collegiate Fantasy Football League (NCFF) is expanding for 2018! NCFF is a truly unique fantasy football league that provides a challenge unlike anything else, along with a great community of truly dedicated coaches. Drawing parallels from college football, eligible players are limited to those in their first four years in the league. NFL rookies are considered “freshman”, and so on. After four seasons of eligibility, that player is no longer available. Looking for a fifth year? Leave a rookie on the shelf for their first season and declare them a “redshirt” to gain back their eligibility down the road. The key to success on the collegiate level starts on the recruiting trail, and it’s no different in NCFF. A competitive auction style draft is utilized to sign players to each team. Take home the championship in one of the Power Conferences for an automatic berth into our 8-team NCFF playoff, or build a great resume and sneak in as one of the few at-large teams. This league has grown from 26 teams in 2014 to over 72 this past year. Our group of loyal owners has kept turnover low enough to allow for continued expansion each year. Check out our MFL site:
  2. NCFF in 2017

    We've recently had a few openings become available. If you are looking for something new to try, the NCFF might just be it.
  3. NCFF in 2017

    A Draft Day reminder that the NCFF still has one Major opening ($50) for 2017. ncff.commish at gmail
  4. NCFF in 2017

    Just yesterday we had a new opening. So, as of today, we have one Major ($50 entry fee) and one Minor ($25) opening.
  5. NCFF in 2017

    The NCFF has an opening for a Major team. The entry fee is $50.
  6. NCFF in 2017

    Last year's NCFF National Champion took over a team in a dispersal draft; the National Runner-Up was an expansion team. New coaches in this league can be positioned for success. We have one $50 opening.
  7. NCFF in 2017

    Want to know why to join? Go to Twitter and search for #WhyIPlayNCFF See what the many coaches have to say. There are still spots available. ncff.commish at gmail
  8. NCFF in 2017

    Our coaches have approved a plan for NCFF Expansion in 2017. We are looking for coaches who are looking for a unique fantasy football challenge to join our group. Our MFL site has been rolled forward for 2017 ( ). Here's the basic premise: NFL rookies are classified as "freshmen" in our college football-theme league. After four seasons of eligibility, that player is no longer available (there are no more copies of Andrew Luck or Le'Veon Bell - they are too old). Recruiting players is competitive, as we use auctions to sign the recruits to teams. Win one of the Power Conferences to get an automatic berth into our 8-team playoff, or build a great resume to get in as one of a very few at-large teams. Last season we played with 50 teams. In 2015 there were 34, and in our inaugural season of 2014 there were 26 teams. Our goal is to be at 66 or 72 teams for 2017. Lots of very loyal owners have kept the turnover of coaches low enough to allow expansions. Many who play in this league stay in this league. Check out the site, or if you have any questions, let me know. ncff.commish (at) gmail The entry fees for teams in Power Conferences is $50 + MFL fees. The entry fees for teams in Minor Conferences is $25 + MFL fees.
  9. NCFF in 2017

    The NCFF is expecting to have a few openings for both Major ($50 entry fee) and Minor ($25) teams. We have plans to expand to add new teams this year, too. The league is designed to mimic college football. We do this by only using young NFL players (NFL rookies are freshmen in our league; players get four years of eligibility). We use an auction to simulate recruiting. There are no trades or adds/drops, so the roster you take into the season is the roster you have all season long. If you are interested or if you have questions, send me an email: Here is our 2016 site: NOTE: Effective next year, we will be using the Power5 Conference Names: ACC/B12/B10/P12/SEC.
  10. NCFF Looks to Expand

    You may have one last opportunity to join the NCFF in 2016. There are a few coaches who have not paid their entry fees, and their deadline to pay is on June 30. If one/some of these coaches fail to pay on time, then I will allow someone to take their place - and that could be you! If we have openings, they will be for Major teams ($50 entry fee). If you are interested, send me an email ncff.commish (at)
  11. NCFF Looks to Expand

    The NCFF needs only a few more committed coaches for there to be Expansion in 2016. We are looking for coaches for Major ($50) and Minor ($25) teams.
  12. n short, the NCFF is a unique dynasty league that uses only NFL players (no devy players), but we make the league act like the college football environment. Here is how we accomplish that: - NFL rookies are Freshmen. + After a season, freshmen become sophomores, and sophomores become juniors, and juniors become seniors, and seniors lose their eligibility. + Teams can put a freshman (NFL rookie) on the taxi squad, and if he stays there all season, that player gets a redshirt, extending his eligibility by a season. + So we mostly have players in their first 4 seasons of the NFL (years 2-5 if they redshirt). So there is no Brady, Cam, Rodgers, Brees, etc. But we do have Bortles, Carr, Winston, Mariota, Bridgewater, etc. - No trades. No free agency during the season. Teams must have depth, as the roster you go in with will not change during the seasoon. - We use an auction system to simulate recruiting. - Each conference has its own universe of players. - We have conference races and a pretty exclusive National Championship Tournament (In 2015, only 7 teams out of 34 made the tournament). - Teams get to schedule their non-conference games. - For good teams that don't make the playoffs, there are bowl games you can be invited to. - We have two different entry fees: $50 or $25. More details about what that means on the league site. Last season we had 4 conferences, and we may increase by one or two conferences. Now would be a great time to join the NCFF More details can be found on the league site: Contact the league directly at ncff.commish (at)
  13. NCFF: Four Years

    We are getting close to filling out the Major Expansion teams. If you want one, now is the time to act!
  14. NCFF: Four Years

    Of the 26 coaches who played last year; 22 are returning. This league isn't for everyone, but it is a good product, and most who play love it.