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  1. I'm in, and here is a first pass at the sig line Pats fans. I, hopeless Steelers fan, should have learned my lesson after the Patriots came into Heinz Field and spanked my Steelers in the AFC Championship game. I have finally come to realize that the Patriots are the best team in the NFL, and I wish some day, Little Ben can approach Tom Brady's level of excellence, poise, and class.
  2. Trent Dilfer

    In a weekly pool I was going to put high points on Indy..... but, Crennel has a pretty good track record against Manning and Indy, so this might, I say might, be closer than expected. There are three teams that give Manning problems, the Pats, Jags, and Ravens. I don't know how Peyton is going to feel seeing Romeo on the other sideline. That being said, I think it is still Indy in a romp. I was considering dropping Carr for Dilfer as my QB #2, but I figure Carr has played against 2 tough D's, Buffalo and Pitt, so I stood pat.
  3. LT owners, or anyone else I suppose

    I had LT last year, don't have him this year. But playing basically a half of game was starting to get fustrating. I know it was a lingering hammy thing, and he was putting up full game numbers for the most part. But it still cost me a game or two last year. This guy could be putting up P. Holmes numbers from a couple years ago if he was used right, that is the fustrating part.
  4. Giants Fans Should Be Ashamed...

    This is on the NFL, not the Giants. Didn't the Houston owner immediately offer Reliant Stadium to the Saints for the 1st game? Or it could have been held in San Antonio. The NFL probably figured they could sell tickets in NY, but would have to give them away to survivors in Houston. Giants are looking better than anticipated, which makes the 9 home games issue even worse. Fast forward to week 15 or 16 if the Giants beat Dallas out of a playoff spot. The focus would be on week 2 when the Giants got the freebie home game and Dallas throws one away against the Redskins.
  5. I have too many RBs

    I agree, with no flex player (starting 2 RBs), you definately have some depth. Alexander, J. Jones, and Cadillac puts you in a position move T. Jones. I would look to QB as a place to upgrade, but Manning might be out of reach.
  6. Congrats to the Cats

    Hold on..... Since the Colts left the AFC East, here is how it breaks down. 2003 Pats @ Colts - Pats win 38-34. This road win in Indy is the reason the AFC Championship game was at NE agains the Colts. 2004 Colts @ Pats - Pats won, was opening night. Because of that win, the Pats/Colts playoff game was in NE. Any complaints yet? In 2004, the Pats played at Pittsburgh, and lost, and that's the reason the Pats played the AFC Championship game at Pitt, which the Pats ended up winning. NE's 2 2005 undetermined opponents were away vs AFC North and home vs. AFC South. Those teams end up being Pitt and Indy, which means the Pats need to go to Pitt again, and Indy needs to come here again. Stop complaining.
  7. Waiver Wire question

    We use reverse standings week to week for Tuesday, those are processed, and then Wednesday it is first come first serve. Reverse draft standings is kind of strange, I don't like that. Push for a rule change of first come first serve. We used to have that but changed because of the people, me included, with work computer access scooping people up left and right. So the fairest thing is everyone puts in the waivers, and they are processed based on record.
  8. Replacement for J. Walker

    Bump. After some research, Greg Lewis is avail as well... Struggling between Week 1 performance and preseason rankings in my choice to replace Walker. All are available...... Randle El, Antwaan PIT WR Jurevicius, Joe SEA WR Caldwell, Reche SDC WR Parker, Eric SDC WR Williams, Mike DET WR Ferguson, Robert GBP WR Booker, Marty MIA WR Lewis, Greg PHI WR Thx
  9. I was in good shape at WR. I kept Walker and picked up Wayne early in the 2nd round. My Reivers..... R. Wayne L.Coles TJ Housh Reggie Williams Walker Available on the waiver wire, I think Randle El is the best choice, but waivers are done by reverse record, and I'm not going to have the 1st dibs...... Thoughts? Ranking 1, 2, & 3 would be helpful. Randle El, Antwaan PIT WR Jurevicius, Joe SEA WR Caldwell, Reche SDC WR Williams, Mike DET WR Ferguson, Robert GBP WR Chatman, Antonio GBP WR Parker, Eric SDC WR Booker, Marty MIA WR edit: I put down S. Moss instead of L. Coles, what an idiot.
  10. Pats vs Giants tonight

    For the Pats, no time at all. Basically due to the fact that they have a short week (opening up next Thur). Not sure about the Giants.
  11. Is this a good trade?

    This isn't a real trade, the other owner will (or should) laugh at you, sweet talk or no sweet talk. Try to post legitimate trade offers.
  12. Sorry, still not getting the support. Check the starting requirements..... start - 1qb, 1rb, 1wr, 3 wr/rb, 1 te Before trade he could have started 4 RBs in week 1: Anderson, McGahee, Rudi, Moore, and 1 WR Holt After trade: Willis, Rudi, Holt, Wayne, Evans Plus, I'm not a big fan of starting a RB and WR from the same team every week, especially from a team with an unproven offense and a strong defense.
  13. Dumb rules, with 10 teams I can see the extra RB, but not the extra QB. I wouldn't over focus on QB, your 2nd QB just can't be a stiff. Get a tier 1 or 2 qb somewhat early, and then get a Delhome like QB as your 2nd. Try to have them do 2 flex players, and the flex players can be any combination of QB, RB, or WR. Tell them most cases it will fit the original rules (many weeks people will start QB/RB), but it just gives you more options.
  14. I agree, with RBs at a premium, I would have a hard time trading 2 starting RBs (Bennett is no guarentee to start week 1) for 1 WR. If it was starting 2 RB & 3 WR, I think it would have made sense, but a team that consistantly puts a RB as the Flex, as opposed to a WR, will have the advantage.
  15. New England WR Depth chart....

    This is a good article from the Boston Herald about the WR situation. It will be interesting to see who is kept and who is cut. Terrell hasn't helped himself, and Dwight has. So to answer your original question, Givens should have a strong year, but with the way the Pats spread the ball around to WR's and TEs, I would say the Huddle's prediction of 880 yds and 4 TDs is about right. Although he could end up with 3 or 4 more TDs.