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  1. Not sold on Saquan

    Saquon is legit. Wait and see what he can do if he ever had a hole.
  2. Not sold on Saquan

    why you gotta pick on one of my threads?
  3. Falcons hire Sarkisian as OC replacement

    I actually think Sarkisian is absolutely brilliant when all is right. He called the single best game I've ever seen. He'll do well there.
  4. My take on Dak vs. Romo

    And after this year, Dak will have half as many career playoff victories as Romo.
  5. My take on Dak vs. Romo

    Man that game with the Pats sure was fun. I think we'll just have to offer them a rematch.
  6. My take on Dak vs. Romo

    Hahahhaaha. Hahahahahahaaaa. This dude really wants the choke artist back? Dak must not turn it over enough for him. The Cowboys finally, after putting up with Rome for over a decade, have a chance to do something and this guy wants Loser McLoser back in the lineup. Hawks are goin to blow them out in January anyways, but they would at least have a chance with Dak.
  7. Will C.J. Prosise become the featured back?

    In wide open games, he will get a lot of work. In closer, ugly games, Rawls will get more. Either way, he should average around 4 catches.
  8. Will C.J. Prosise become the featured back?

    I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you meant someone besides Collins.
  9. Yeah, it'll be fun to watch over the years, hopefully. I'm just doing the pre-2016 status check on it. Legitimately wondering if we can unlock the original thread and just keep adding to it over the years.
  10. A lot has changed in a year. Wilson's career took a huge vault forward in my eyes at the halfway point to the season when he started getting rid of the ball on time with anticipation. I had lost all hope that he would do this. Compare that with how horrid Luck played last season, and I think this debate has changed a lot in twelve months.
  11. Worst NFL broadcasters (Please chime in)

    I don't know of any other fanbase that would have anyone that would think it even mildly acceptable to use the word "tards."
  12. Worst NFL broadcasters (Please chime in)

    Typical Whiners fan.
  13. But I thought according to literally every single person here, he was head and shoulders better than Russell Wilson. Maybe I misremembered. How long before Russ can shred his new contract and point to this one and demand 35 mil per? Shall we re-open the Wilson/Luck thread?
  14. Can Baldwin Repeat last years production?

    This team ran the ball only about 2 times less last year than it averaged over the previous 3, and that was without Lynch. They're still going to be at the very top of the league in rushing attempts, and much closer to the bottom in passing attempts. The presence of Jimmy Graham will ensure that Baldwin doesn't have anywhere near last year's production, especially in the red zone. I wouldn't be too worried about Lockett.
  15. Seattle Backfield

    You have no idea.