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  1. There is very little to say here other then rajn hang in there. We are all there for you and everyone affected by this tragedy. We as a group should be prepared to be a little more sensitive on this subject.
  2. Thanks Any real answers. Loaf??
  3. I have Heiden and Shea. Are either of these guys going to be starting this year??
  4. The last year it was free?? It is all still just a blur
  5. Straight Up IND STL SDC GBP Against the line STL +4 SDC -6.5 DEN +10 GBP -6 Nice twist Blitz :tu:
  6. Do you watch football? If you don't know who plays who and who is in what division I would say you need some help for sure. Do not pick across the board. Pick who you think will get the most points (go the furthest) I have a strategy going but don't want to give it up because I plan on winning the Smack Bowl
  7. I was gunning for those tube socks a couple of years ago and all I got was a helmet
  8. WC: GB over Minn StL over Sea Indy over Den SD over Jets DIV: Atl over GB Philly over StL Pitt over SD Indy over NE CHAMP: Philly over Atl Indy over Pitt SUPER BOWL: Indy over Philly
  9. Ditto here SA all the way
  10. Word is Dillon is playing the whole game but you never know with the Pats. He is going for some incentive money this weekend so I wouldn't bench him
  11. Pennington he needs to show the media he can still play. Washington offense blows and Portis is out. Pennington for sure
  12. CIN -3 CLE +10.5 MIA +10 CAR -8 SEA -5.5
  13. He did the same thing with BOTNH Good fantasy work
  14. Vick won't last ten years. He is an injury waiting to happen.
  15. MIN -3 BAL +6 SFO +10.5 NEP -3 CLE +7