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  1. Wild Card Officiating

    They have to change the rule. All this does is encourage continuing to play after the whistle. That is dangerous the players that stop when the whistle blows. I agree they need to treat it like an out of bounds fumble.
  2. Need some dynasty advice

    I agree that if Superflex means you can play two QB's go big on two QB's. I rode Brees and Luck to several Championships have two great starters. Now last year the wheels fell off the wagon for the first time but focus on QB. The rest you can fill in.
  3. Rodgers

    I am hesitant. The Panthers D has been good lately and how many times have we seen players with collar bone injuries re-injure them as they come back too fast. I have Cousins or Rodgers and I torn. I'm leaning to Cousins. The question is do you play it safe or go for the home run? I think I will play it safe.
  4. RB dilemma

    OK I'm torn this week. I have a RB dilemma that I'm struggling with. Which two do I start:Zeke vs GBHunt vs HOUGurley vs SEA
  5. The News feed does not have a pull down for the Los Angels Chargers. It has the San Diego Chargers but that is all old news from last year.
  6. In-fighting in Bears front office

    The only thing that will help the Bears is a change of ownership. It worked for the Blackhawks and the Cubs. This McCaskey family has no clue what they are doing or how to run a franchise in this day and age.
  7. Have you notice FD changing your players. I'm pretty sure it happened to me last week and I know it happened this week. Some is messing with line ups or they have a bug somewhere. The only think is I did not screen shot my line up before submitting. This week I will.
  8. Website new look

    PLEASE tone down the font. The HUGE fonts is very distracting and looks very elementary school like.
  9. Bills response to loss.

    They fired the wrong coordinator.
  10. Martellus Bennett

    I was hoping he would take off with Gronk on the sidelines but last week he didn't do anything. Playing against the Cards he was kept in to block most the game. New England players always seem to be a roller coaster ride of points every week because Belichick likes to mix it up from week to week or rolls with whatever works. So just judging by his talent alone I would think Bennet could be a good play this week but I don't know much of what he did in preseason or have heard anything about him picking up the offense. Has there been any reports of him struggling with the New England offense or not? Was last week a tough D matchup that Belichick had him blocking just to give Garoppolo more time?
  11. CJ Spiller Cut

    The news feed says Travaris Cadet is taking Spillers place as a third down back not Hightower.
  12. Huddle Membership

    maybe I didn't pay this year. What is weird is I save all my emails from the beginning of time and I don't have one ever from the huddle for receipt of payment and I have been here for a long time. Time to go sign up.
  13. Huddle Membership

    Is this a problem again? All of a sudden I can't login
  14. Delanie Walker - Where's the Love?

    I agree as I have him on both my dynasty teams which are PPR. In one league he is the #2 TE and the other he is #3. He's been awesome for me the last two years. Helped me win the championship in one league last year.
  15. Darren Fells

    Darren Fells had a good week but is not mentioned in any for the free agent lists or pick up joint. Is he worth a waiver pick up? Is he a one week wonder or the real deal?