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  1. A good laugh!

    That one got me. I read just as I was answering the phone at work. It took everything I had to hold it in.
  2. Weekly Blitz

    CHI +2 KCC +1 MIA +7.5 PIT -3 SFO+13.5
  3. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Lewis, Parker S Smith L. Johnson
  4. King Of The Mountain

  5. The Huddle on the Puddle returns !

    That works for me, thanks.
  6. The Huddle on the Puddle returns !

    I have a hockey game that night. Is Tuesday the 27th available for everyone? If not I guess I will just set up the autodraft.
  7. The Huddle on the Puddle returns !

    If you call one guy a "band".
  8. Who else got bloodied today?

    Culpepper D. Clark K. Jones
  9. So who needs what?

    I'm up 18 but I'm going against McNabb and Crumpler tonight. I don't have much hope.
  10. AOL fantasy football

    I can't get any scores or update on my team. Can anyone else get their scores?
  11. Hey Bears fans!

    I thought that the o-line would be better but I don't think they looked good at all. TJ had only 41 yards rushing. That is brutal. They need to get the running game going with they are going to help Orton at all. I grade the o-line at a D-.
  12. Dallas Clark info....

    I just drafted him last night and this is the first I have heard of this.
  13. No one to this point has indicated how much. I have a feeling we will have to wait and see on Sunday.
  14. Take The RussMan Challenge. If U Dare!

    Alexander. Holt Willie Parker
  15. Portfolio Pool

    Cardinals - $75 Panthers - $95 Bears - $65 Vikings - $95 Rams -$85 Seahawks - $85
  16. Weekly Blitz

    ARI +2 CHI +4 CIN -3 DEN -4 STL -4
  17. King Of The Mountain

  18. Michael Clayton vs Roy Williams

    Also, if Harrington's groin doesn't get better there will be no one to get Roy the ball. If Harrington is in there all year, it will be a toss up.
  19. Most notable cuts...

    It just shows what a good orginization NE is. It took the Chicago Bears years to figure out that this guy sucks. It took NE one pre-season.
  20. hurricane katrina...

    I just heard on SportCenter that the mayor of San Antonio offered the Almo dome in an incentive package for the Saints to play all their games there this year and gaurenteed a sell out of 65,000 every game. They did not say what else was in the incentive package.
  21. Trent Green info

    And now with Garcia down we'll never find out if those rumors were true. Detroit will looking for QB's not giving them up.
  22. Trent Green info

    Is there any more on the Trent status? They are talking on AM1000 Chicago how Green probably will not play the first week. But I came in in the middle of the conversation and now they are on to something else.
  23. Green Bay Packers

    Are you saying they are going to win the division? Because the Bears will be one of the wild card teams. The Bears have to much talent on Defense to not make the playoffs.
  24. 1. Peyton Manning 2. Kyle Orton 3. Peyton Manning 4. Shuan Alexander 5. Terrel Owens 6. Peyton Manning 7. LaDainian Tomlinson 8. Torry Holt 9. Adan Viniterri 10. Buffalo Bills 11. Chicago Bears 12. Kansas City 13. Carnell Williams 14. Cedric Benson 15. J.J. Arrington 16. 56 yards 17. Jim Haslett 18. Indianapolis Colts 19. Carolina Panthers 20. Indianapolis Colts Tiebreaker: 51 yards