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  1. Just Won/ Just Lost

    Need about 2 more FGs from Karney in one league and a nice game out of J.Jones in another league. Can't believe Brooks just threw that INT.
  2. W.Parker

    Didn't I say in this posts that it is easy to stack the line versus Baltimore because the passing game is horrible? Same goes for the Bills. I'm not making excuses, because these guys should still put up better numbers then they are, but when defenses can key on one guy all day it has to make it tough. At least Pittsburgh has a solid passing game as well. I never said I didn't like Parker. In fact, I said I think he will still be productive. I just don't want to annoint him until I see a few more games, especially against better defenses. You may want to try and read the posts before jumping all over someone.
  3. W.Parker

    It easy to stack the line against Baltimore when you don't have to respect the passing game. I'm not saying Parker isn't good or won't continue to be productive. I just would like to see more then 2-3 games before I put him in the "stud" category.
  4. W.Parker

    Yes, and Andy Reid said for years the Eagles WRs were fine. Then he went out and signed T.O. Put the kool-aid down and walk away. And Cowher said he would start, that doesn't mean he will be the only RB they use.
  5. W.Parker

    2 good weeks, 2 sub-par defenses. I think he will be good, but I'd like to see what he can do against a solid defense.
  6. I was just reading a story in the Philadelphia Inquirer that suggested the NFL build New Orleans a new stadium. The article said if each owner put up about $12.5M that would be $400M for a new stadium. Since it would be a tax write-off for the owners. Then the NFL could put the next 10 Super Bowls in New Orleans with proceeds going to the city. I know it is a little far fetched, but not too bad of an idea.
  7. Who's the Underpaid Eagle?

    1 - What do you mean "sucked for so long"? Unless I am wrong, with the exception of a few years, the Eagles have been a competitive team more then not. 2 - Why would you be bored with a winning team? 3 - Randall had arguably one of the best defenses of all time and more offensive weapons then McNabb ever had (until the last two years) and he could never win the big games. Granted Cunningham had more flash, but McNabb is the better QB .
  8. Atlanta player fined!

  9. Atlanta player fined!

    Not exactly sure what you mean by that but NAUgrad started this topic by saying "that was a clean hit, pure and simple". Anyone could see it was illegal. I don't blame the outcome of the game on that one hit, but it sure didn't help the Eagles. If the Eagles had any kind of running game going it wouldn't have mattered that much.
  10. Atlanta player fined!

    Actually, it started when Mathis was jawing at Keith Adams on the sideline. Trotter just was staring Mathis down and then Mathis started walking toward Trotter. They continued to the middle of the field when the pushing started. They showed the entire thing on Comcast Sports Net here in Philly.
  11. DeAngelo Hall vs. T.O.

    And how many of those passes bounced first before reaching T.O.? Hall did a good job, but Owens still had a solid game. It would have been better if McNabb threw better passes.
  12. Atlanta player fined!

    The guy launched himself, head-first, into McNabb's chest. How is that clean?
  13. DeAngelo Hall vs. T.O.

    So you are saying defenses should pressure the QB, limit the run game and stop the receivers from catching touchdowns. Seems like the game plan of every defense, every game. I give Atlanta credit, they played a good game. The Eagles couldn't run the ball, had a hard time passing (especially after McNabb got hurt), lost their starting MLB, and couldn't stop Atlanta's rushing attack. Still, they only lost by 4 points and that with Akers missing two field goals.
  14. NFL Names Offensive Player of Week

    Willie Parker
  15. McNabb

    I understand sometimes you are going to get hit with a helmet. If one guy moves one way and the other guy moves the other way it is bound to happen. From what I saw, and they played it over and over again here in Philly, his head was straight on at Donovan's chest. That is not the only problem I have, my problem is that he left his feet. I thought the rule was pretty clear that if you leave your feet and hit him with your helmet it was spearing? Maybe it wasn't meant to be cheap, but from my view it was illegal. What gets me is a scuffle before the game causes two guy to be ejected, but a clear penalty during the game goes uncalled.
  16. McNabb

    ALthough I agree he spent way too much time in the pocket last night, the hit you are talking about was: 1 - One play when he did not stay in the pocket that long. 2 - A cheap shot wince the guy left his feet and lead with the helmet. I guess if that happens before the game started it would have been a penalty.
  17. Server issues

    Has anyone heard from WW or DMD on this issue? I'm sure they are doing whatever they can to fix this, but it would be nice to know what is going on. I have had problems for a couple weeks, at work and at home.
  18. Trotter Ejected

    Just heard Trotter was ejected from the game tonight for throwing a punch in a pre-game scuffle. What a donkey. Save it for the game. He could have just cost the Eagles this game.
  19. McNabb just got drilled

    Plus he left his feet. Isn't that spearing?
  20. Trotter Ejected

    DMD, Trotter & Mathis were jawing at each other and then Mathis punched Trotter while Trotter pushed Mathis. Actually D'Angelo Hall should have been ejected because he threw more of a punch then anyone. Either way it was stupid for Trotter.
  21. Trotter Ejected

    DMD, Trotter & Mathis were jawing at each other and then Mathis punched Trotter while Trotter pushed Mathis. Actually D'Angelo Hall should have been ejected because he threw more of a punch then anyone. Either way it was stupid for Trotter.
  22. Trotter Ejected

    Doesn't matter. He should be able to control himself. Why not just send your #6 DB to start something with McNabb to try and get him ejected.
  23. Trotter Ejected

    Trotter is supposed to be a leader on this defense and he does something that stupid. Reid is going to rip him a new brown eye after this game.
  24. Which WR to start?

    I have to start either Travis Taylor or Reggie Brown. 1 point every 10 yrds & 1 point per reception. Any advice?
  25. Which WR to start?

    Brown plays for the Eagles.