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  1. Laughing at all the huddlers who...

    I thought when it was decided to let people do it for free it would hurt my chances. I guess not.
  2. T.O. Auctioning NFC Championship Ring

    Although I see your point, I don't have any problem with Owens doing this. I heard an interview with Tra Thomas who said he would never where that ring. He said he would frame it or something. It is kind of like celbrating 2nd place. At least Owens is donating the proceeds to a worthy cause.
  3. Westbrook

    I heard in the beginning of training camp on radio in Philly that the Eagles offered Westbrook money similar to McAllister. I don't have a link but I know there was discussion about that here. If Westbrook thinks he will get more money then Deuce he is nuts. I hate to see this happen with Westbrook, but IMO he is being unreasonable. With Alexander and Edge (I think) both being free agents, Westbrook is going to find it hard to get the money he wants. Plus the Eagles can tag him next year I think. He will be taking a big risk playing two season without a long term deal in place. If he gets hurt he is screwed.
  4. Vikings

    And for someone who considers himself a Vikings fan you would think he could spell DAUNTE.
  5. best team i have ever drafted

    Why would owners not keep D. Davis, Holt, or Chad Johnson? Just curious. And who did you throw back? I'm not a big Trent Green fan, especially with the injury now and the Chiefs apparent interest in Harrington.
  6. Need Help with a trade!

    It depends on how many WRs you start but from face value I would do it. You are deep enough at RB to be able to take a chance on JJ. Also, Bennett is risky himself. Kennison is a nice #4 WR but getting Moats would be great if Westbrook goes down. Being from Philly and watching Moats, the kid looks good. I wouldn't be suprised if he gets a nice amount of action even with Westbrook healthy. Plus, I am really starting to like Travis Taylor since he seems to be taking over the #2 spot in Minnesota.
  7. Worst draft pick you've seen this yr.

    I joined a new league last season my buddy was starting b/c he needed one more owner. The draft was crazy with most guys being new and making horrible picks. I figured it was just rookies. But this season at pick #8 overall this guy take Brady. Then in round #4 he takes Rothlisberger. Maybe it is just me, but I hate being in leagues where guys have no idea. I don't mind guys taking a chance but when 3-4 guys have no idea it kills the draft.
  8. Rate these RBs

    Not sure of your scoring or what other owners are like but I can't see D Davis, A Green, and Lewis making it back to you at pick #19. IMO Davis is a top 5-7 RB. If he is there when you pick I can't see why you would pass on him.
  9. Giants @ Saints Game

    Is this just for one game or will the Saints play every "home" at the "visitors" stadium. I don't want to make light of the horrible situation in New Orleans, but why not just play the games as close to New Orleans as they can? Either way, I think any stadium they play at they should donate a chuck of the money they make from ticket sales to help the residents who need it.
  10. Corey Simon a Colt?

    Although I think this was a great move by Indy and gives them a nice DT, you obviously haven't watch Simon if you think he will help the run D. He is a good pass rushing DT, but a run stopper he ain't. I have watched SImon from the day he was drafted and for the most part he has underachieved. He has had some good stats a couple of years, but he has had just as many bad games as good games it seems. And as I said, he is a hugh liability vs. the run.
  11. Post your team names here

    Quahog Drunken Clams Team Kramerica Poon Tang Clan I need a name for one league (Liquor Control Board League) that has to do with liquor. Any ideas?

    Best site out there just got better!!!
  13. Holmes or Manning?

    I am in a simialr situation, but not exactly the same. I have the 3rd pick but it is in a 12 team league. Scoring is 6pts per any TD and 1 point per 10 pass/rush/rec yards. I am trying to decide between Manning, Holmes, and Edge. Due to the scoring system I am heavily leaning toward Manning.
  14. Explain Your Login Name!

    My college roommate came up with the name. I was joining a website and I needed a screen name. Since I was a bartender in college he said why not ebartender for electronic bartender. I also worked at a catering hall called Edgemont Caterers.
  15. Rosenhaus Demands Trade of Volek

    If I understand correctly, Volek turned down other teams to sign an extension with the Titans. Now he decides he wants to try and be a starter?
  16. Somewhere, T.O. is laughing. . .

    I know it is only preseason, but Rewggie Brown has looked pretty good so far.
  17. Jaws on TO

    I could be wrong, but I think Trotter is signed for a few more years. Also, do you have a link for this Trotter interview? I have heard him interviewed a couple times and haven't heard him say the Eagles should pay T.O. once. He did say he was close to T.O., but never said the Eagles should pay him.
  18. T.O. aint the villian here Guys!

    I disagree. If another team gave him the money this season and next season another receiver signs for more, he will want to re-work the contract because he wouldn't be the #1 paid WR.
  19. My last post on the Owens Fiasco

    Even though it is a waste of money, I would love to see the Eagles pay him and sit him. Especially if they can do it for 2-3 years. As long as they pay him they are in control of his NFL destiny. The Eagles could basically pay him not to play for the rest of his career. I would think that would kill Rosenhaus's business too.
  20. WR trade

    Just made a trade in my keeper league. Basic performance scoring w/ 1 point per reception after the first 5 receptions. I got Boldin, Steve Smith, a 3rd round pick (1st in third round) and fourth round pick (8th in 4th round). He got Lee Evans, Drew Bennett, and my first round pick (last in the first round). My roster now looks like this (my keepers only): Shaun Alexander Dom. Davis Melwelde Moore Boldin Steve Smith Jerry Porter or Rod Smith or Texans QB or Seattle QB (I have to keep 2 of these) Good trade for me?
  21. T.O. aint the villian here Guys!

    Holy lack of grammar Batman.
  22. Wow

    Royalwitcheese, First of all, if you have read the posts before on this site you would know the whole "players can get cut unfairly" topic was already discussed. Yes, teams can cut players. How do players compensate? SIGNING BONUS. If a player signs a contract and then is a bust, he still keeps his signing bonus. Ask Ryan Leaf. Owens is a top WR, I agree. How exactly is he not paid like it? Unless I am wrong, he would have averaged $7M a year for this contract. Owens did tell Reid to shut up. It has been reported on radio for the past two days here in Philly If the Eagles are such a bad organization, why did Trotter and Hugh Douglas come back after 1 year? Why did Owens sign here in the first place? Why did Kearse sign here? Once again, if you read previous posts about the subject, Westbrook is holding out for a long term deal. He can become a free agent next season but wants a long term deal from the Eagles. People have posted on this site and I have heard from Howard Eskin's radio show (sports radio host in Philly) that Westbrook was offered money comparable to Deuce McAllister and turned it down. I believe Westbrook should be paid similar to McAllister IMO, but to turn down a similar contract that Deuce got when Alexander and Edge could be FA next season is downright crazy. I also said that I admire Owens for the way he gives 100% on the field, but this off the field crap is starting to hurt the team. Sometimes it get to be too much.
  23. Wow

    According to reports from sports radio 610WIP in Philly, Brad Childress (offensive coordinator) approched Owens to talk about practice and his groin injury a day or two ago. Owens responded by telling Childress that he should not speak to him unless Owens speaks to Childress first. Please explain how that is not detrimental to the team? That is like the vice president of the company asking you about work you did and you telling him he should not speak to you until you speak to him first. Hello unemployment line.
  24. Wow

    If he doesn't want to speak with McNabb or anyone on his own time that is fine. But how can you honestly say that not talking to your bosses (coaches) when they want to discuss work is not detrimental. You would get fired if you tried that correct?