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  1. Wow

    There is not middle ground at this point. How can the Eagles bring him back after he publicly disrespected his QB and HC multiple times?
  2. Wow

    Its a cummulative effort. When an assistant coach trys to talk to you and you tell him not to talk to you unless you talk to him first, that is detrimental. When you tell your HC to shut up, that is detrimental. When you say you don't want to talk to your QB and you are a WR, that is detrimental. When you publicly accuse your HC of not acting like a man, that is detrimental. Should I go on?
  3. Wow

    Like CaptainHook said and I believe I heard this on the radio today. The Eagles can fine Owens for conduct detrimental to the team. Telling the headcoach to shut-up and refusing to talk to assistant coachs meets that criteria I would think. The sad thing is that McNabb lobbied so hard to get the Eagles to get T.O. and this jerk turns around and buries McNabb.
  4. Wow

    Sacosud, I like you ideas about the pink uniform and baby bottle. But being serious, although at this point I can't stand T.O., I can't see him playing bad on purpose. His ego just won't let him. The one thing I admire about him is he plays 100% every game. I just don't think he can patch things up with McNabb and/or Reid at this point the play for the Eagles. T.O. & Rosenhaus have really painted themselves into a corner IMO.
  5. Wow

    If in fact he did sign the waiver, why did they wait until now to bring this up. Wouldn't this be something thye would have used weeks ago? Also, if he didn't play in the SB that means he would have been injured for the last 4 games of last season plus the entire post season. That would make it next to impossible to try this crap now. I don't care how healthy a player is after an injury. Until they play in a real game you don't really know how well the injury has healed. Trying to re-negotiate for more money when you were injured for the last aprt of the season is crazy.
  6. Wow

    The Eagles don't have to do anything. Owens is under contract and I thought the Eagles made it perfectly clear that they would not re-negotiate with him again. Owens and Rosenhaus were the ones who decided to make it public. I assume they figured the public would see how "rough" T.O. has it and gain some support, which has completely back-fired. The Eagles went a long time without saying anything, but I think they had to say something eventually. And they have been consistent, no new contract. Was it just me or did they both look extremely nervous, like they know every word they say is digging them into a bigger hole but they are too far to turn back now?
  7. Wow

    The problem as I see it is that Owens thinks he is God himself and Rosenhaus thinks everyone is an idiot. I am sick of hearing Rosenhaus saying Owens isn't paid as one of the top WRs in the league. It is real easy to only count this season, but what about the $9M+ he made last season and the $7M+ he would have made next season if it wasn't for this crap. The waiver Owens says he signed for the Superbowl was all about what is going on right now. If he did sign it, he didn't do it for the Eagles, he did it because he knew if he didn't play he would have no leverage at all to pull this crap (not that he has much leverage now anyway). Then they both act like Owens has done nothing wrong. They argue that Owens showed up to camp but other players who were expected to be there held out. I agree to a point, but he did everything he could to grab attention. This guy did everything he could to show the Eagles up. Then he gets into an apparent shouting match with Reid where he tells Reid to shut up. This after he tells an assistant who wanted to talk to him that the assistant shouldn't talk to him unless he talks to the assistant first. I can't begin to imaging how this guys mind works. How can you be so self-centered that you have no grasp on reality.
  8. CCS

  9. Owens on PTI

    I totally agree. Sad thing is that I really like the Eagles young WRs (Greg Lewis & Reggie Brown). As an Eagles fan, I would love to have Owens play if all this crap hadn't happened. He is no doubt a top 3 WR. But with all this ripping McNabb and telling Reid to shut up, there is no need for him on the team. I am getting so sick of hearing him I almost would take a losing season if it meant just cutting T.O. Not quite that bad yet but getting close. I would love for the Eagles to tell Rosenhaus to seek a trade and no team show any interest. What a shot to his ego that would be. You think if he is out of football he would have any media attention or at least the amount he thinks he deserves?
  10. Here's why Owens has left

    According to local radio host Howard Eskin from 610WIP (who is pretty close with the Eagles organization), T.O. was given the day off to rest his groin. T.O. decided to show up, dress in full pads, and hold his own individual practice on a seperate field using an assistant trainer to throw him the ball. Reid thought T.O. was trying to show up the team so he was suspended.
  11. McNabb

    Although I agree that McNabb has been inconsistent from a fantasy standpoint, why is everone so high on Buckhalter? You say the reason the Eagles threw so much was because Buckhalter was hurt. When hasn't he been hurt? I had this arguement a couple seasons ago about Buckhalter vs. Staley. Buckhalter hasn't done anything yet and he is already hurt again. Why because he is injured does the whole offensive philosophy change? Fact is that the Eagles are a pass first offense and have been for a while now. The fact that Westbrook is out now will hurt McNabb a hell of a lot more then if Buckhalter plays or not. If all players are there for week #1 and healthy, Westbrook is the #1 guy and Buckhalter/Moats will spell him occasionally or when he is split out.
  12. 7th pick overall

    Is this league for money or is it a free league? If it is for money, and you are picking guys based on wether you like them or not instead of based on their potential performance you are making a huge mistake.
  13. T.O's contract

    Wether or not the Eagles can release him with or without a cap penalty shouldn't matter. T.O. still got the money right? I don't care if it was called a signing bonus or a rsoter bonus, money is money. The last time I check that was all this situation was about.
  14. Sleeper Picks.....

    BTW Seahawks, KJ went #11 on the CCS on this site.
  15. Sleeper Picks.....

    Yeah, that is why Yahoo Public Leagues suck. I did one where Roethlisberger was taken 9th overall. That was it for me. Maybe 15 is a little high but I can't see him going any later then 20th. It also depends on the type of league. If it is anew keeper league he will go even higher.
  16. Eight Team league

    For an 8 team league I don't like your draft. I won't argue Manning at #1, but I think you are weak at RB and real weak at WR. Julius Jones could be solid but he has only played one year. Curtis Martin should be solid and maybe a little better but he is pretty old. Granted he did it last year but at that age it is difficult to do that once let alone twice in a row. After Harrison your WRs are really bad. Driver and Coles are solid #3 or #4 WRs but you need a #2. I like some of your late picks (Foster, Toefield, Faulk).
  17. Sleeper Picks.....

    What 24 players do you rank over Kevin Jones? I can't see him being there past 15th or at the latest 20th.
  18. WestBrook

    NSab, do you have a link? I have heard different figures.
  19. What was your most painful fantasy loss?

    Not a painful loss, but I had a lucky championship win last year. I was up 2 points and the guy had Westbrook & Freddie Mitchell. He could only start one and he decided to start Westbrook even though he was questionable. I told him to start Mitchell (even though it was the championship, I didn't want to win it b/c someone sat out). He decided on Westbrook who wound up not playing at all. Mitchell had a TD.
  20. WestBrook

    I agree the McAllister is a better running back. My point is that I think Westbrook deserves a good amount from the Eagles because he is a perfect fit for their offense. Can another RB come in and put up better numbers, sure. But where and how would they acquire that RB? Fact is that they have the guy right now so they should pay him and get it over with. It's not like he just signed a 7 year deal and a year later he wants more money. Westbrook is the second most important piece to the Eagles offense next to McNabb.
  21. WestBrook

    Actually, according to NFL.com, Westbrook played 13 games and McAllister played 14. McAllister also had about 100 more rushing attempts. Westbrook averaged 4.6 YPC McAllister had 4.0 YPC.
  22. WestBrook

    But for what the Eagles do he is a perfect fit. So if he puts up similar/better numbers to McAllister and is such a good fit for this team, why wouldn't the Eagles pay him similar to McAllister. Plus Westbrook is only 25-26 years old. Listen, I agree the Deuce is a better bewteen the tackles runningback but Westbrook can hurt you on the ground and through the air.
  23. WestBrook

    I think Westbrook should be paid Lamont Jordan money or even more. Jordan has yet to prove he can be productive as a starter. Westbrok has already proved that. As far as why Deuce McAllister deserves more then Westbrook I'm not sure I agree. Last years stats: Westbrook = 1515 combined yards, 9 TDs, 73 receptions McAllister = 1302 combined yards, 9 TDs, and 34 receptions
  24. WestBrook

    I believe Westbrook signed the one year tender with the Eagles word that they would negotiate a long-term deal. From what I understand this has not happened to Westbrook's liking. Corey Simon is a bum who has not lived up to his hype. The Eagles tried to trade him to Baltimore but Simon wanted more money them Baltimore was willing to pay him. Sounds to me like Simon wants to be paid a huge amount and fact is he hasn't shown he is worth it. I don't mind if Simon isn't at camp, but Westbrook is a huge part of the offense.
  25. WestBrook

    Although I agree with most of your points, I think the reason agents push for backloaded deals is so they can say, Hey I got so and so a $75M contract. Teams don't put up a stink with contracts that are heavily backloaded since everyone knows players rarely see years 5, 6, or 7 of their contracts anyway. It is an ego thing with agents. Players want to see big signing bonuses because that is all that is guaranteed, which I don't blame them for.