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  1. WestBrook

    I don't want to get into the whole T.O. thing again, but how exactly is he underpaid? He made $9M+ last year. He will make an average of about $7M per year for the first three years which would put him in the top 3-5 WRs I believe. Anyway, my point earlier in this thread still stand IMO. Signing bonuses are the player's way of evening out the fact that they can be cut at any time.
  2. TO reports

    For once I agree with you Spain. T.O. and Rosenhaus knew they had no leverage and were just hoping the Eagles would fold. When it came time they knew T.O. had to report or risk losing money. Westbrook, on the other hand, does have some leverage IMO.
  3. WestBrook

    You beat me to it Captain.
  4. WestBrook

    Yes, the owners can release players whenever they want. That is why players get signing bonuses. If a player signs a contract with a big signing bonus and tears up his knee the next day, do the owners get the signing bonus back? Not, unless the palyer did something wrong that is specifically forbidden in their contract (i.e Winslow Jr.). It works both ways.
  5. WestBrook

    This could kill the Eagles. Owens is one thing, but Westbrook means so much to this offense. Without him the Eagles are screwed IMO.
  6. Drafting for multiple leagues

    I am in 3 leagues and was wondering what other owners think about taking the same players in different leagues. Example: I have Shaun Alexander in a keeper league. I don't know if I would want him in another league. The reasoning is that if Alexander gets hurt I am screwed in both leagues.
  7. FF television shows: Which suck & why

    Are there other good football shows on Sirius during the season? I subscribed just for the NFL sations but since I have had it (about 3-4 months) I haven't been impressed. Some of the guys on there are just flatout boring. And they run replays all night it seems. I listen to the Opening Drive in the morning and then when I get in my car leter in the day/night it is on again.
  8. Will Shields leaves camp...

    Chief, as a huge Eagles fan, please do not let yourself get too high on Mitchell. I hope he does great, but he showed flashes of being solid at training camp in Philly too.
  9. Maurice Clarett

    I think this is a classy move by Clarett. If he stinks, he doesn't get paid much but if he is great he gets paid for it. Isn't that how it should work?
  10. Draft Date Question

    One of my leagues has decided to draft on Sept. 10th this year. As you know the season starts on Sept. 8th. Has anyone every been in a league that has conducted a draft after the season started. How has it worked? Personally I hate the idea, especially since it is a keeper league.
  11. Draft Date Question

    Yes, I agree but the problem is what about the guys who aren't kept like say Kerry Collins? If Collins has a huge game then whoever doesn't have him gets screwed out of those points. And I don't think you can count the points since then some people have an unfair advantage of being able to draft players who already have played one game. It may not be a big deal since, like you said, most "studs" will be on teams already. I just don't like the idea.
  12. Draft Date Question

    I guess my main problem is that most leagues have total points winners for the season. If one of my players in the first game had a huge game and it didn't count because we drafted after that I would be pissed. Especially if I lost the total points by a few points.
  13. TO compares himself to Jesus

    You are agruing that if a player "out-performs" his contract they have every right to want more money. My questions is that if he under performs, would he be willing to give some money back to the team a.k.a re-negotiate his contract for less money. You can't say it is right for a player to want to redo a contract based on over-performance but a team shouldn't be able to do the same based on under-performance. If a player doesn't want to take a pay cut then the teams releases them. I see no difference in that then when a player holds out for more money. If the teams cuts them and they are really worth what they think, another team will pay them. Also, I did read all the posts in this thread and I do not see where anyone mentioned the fact that the Eagles already renegotiated Owen's contract. I really think it is childish of you to accuse someone of not reading the entire post. If you don't have the time to answer I don't care. Don't act like your opinion is so important that someone's comments are not worth your time.
  14. TO compares himself to Jesus

    Swiss, If TO was to under perform last season, would he have given the Eagles any money back? Fact is that TO was NOT a free agent when the Eagles traded for him. He was under contract. The Eagles renegotiated to give him a signing bonus. Why should they have to re-do the contract again after 1 year? If this is the case why did TO sign a 7 year deal? He should only sign 1 year deals if he consistently want to be paid in the top 5 WRs. I don't care if TO make $100M a year, it's not like I pay his salary. The point is that he signed a long term deal and wants to re-do it after one year.
  15. TO compares himself to Jesus

    1 - T.O. was paid about $9.2 M last year. Did he out-perform that money? The $3.25M he will make this year is for this season right? IMO he was paid very fair for last season. If he "out-performs" the $3.25 this season then I can see him wanting a little more. 2 - I just heard on Comcast Sports Net in Philly that if T.O. doesn't report by 8/1/05, the Eagles can take back $2M of his signing bonus plus fine him $9600 a day. If his family needs the money so bad how can he give up $2M+? 3 - T.O. has said the Eagles can trade him or release him. He said Atlanta would be a good fit for him. The Eagles would never release him and I doubt they would trade him to a team he wants to go to. They hold all the leverage here. Does T.O. realize the Eagles could just keep taking money back and have him sit for the next 6 years?
  16. Attn Eagle Fans - Need More Owners

    Free leagues suck.
  17. ESPN Fantasy Football 2005

    I don't know if Porter will be better then Burleson. Maybe we should open a topic just for that?
  18. Huddle MVP Challenge

    DMD, Any idea when the MVP Challenge will get going?
  19. Mr. Clutch

    I don't think there is a NFL's version of Horry. It is pretty tough in the NFL to have a guy who is a bench player all season come in during a playoff/championship game and make a difference the way Horry does. Most of the clutch players in the playoffs also are clutch in the regular season in the NFL. And if for some reason a back-up comes up big in the playoff in the NFL he most likely won't repeat that again. Horry seems to do it every season. My vote would go to Vinatieri as well if I had to pick.
  20. Freddy Mitchel Signed by KC

    He was a first round pick who couldn't break into the starting lineup for 4 years. Until Owens came in last season I think everyone would agree that the Eagles had bad WRs. All we hear is if Freddie just gets a chance. Shouldn't he have made his own chances by playing well enough to be a starter. If he was a starter, hence on the field most of the time, McNabb couldn't ignore him no matter how much he didn't like Freddie.
  21. So it's Vick's fault Price sucks?

    So even before Owens, McNabb had a higher completion percentage then Vick.
  22. Freddy Mitchel Signed by KC

    If Freddie Mitchell couldn't beat out James Thrash, Todd Pinkston, Charles Johnson, Torrance Small, etc. to get into the #2 WR spot why would you still think he will be a good WR? He may have solid hands, but there had to be a reason in the 4-5 years he was in Philly he couldn't break into the starting lineup. It's not like the offense was filled with superstars. BTW, it was 4th and 26. And yes, that was a great catch. But that is all it was, one catch. That seems to be Freddie thing, he catches 1-2 balls a game and runs his mouth like he actually did something. He averaged about 1 TD a year, and that is with being healty most of the time. In fact I don't think he was ever injured but I could be wrong on that. KC is lucky they only have to deal with him for 1 year.
  23. So it's Vick's fault Price sucks?

    Let me get this straight: 1 - 184 yards is Vick being his usual phenomenal self? Since when was 184 TOTAL yards from your QB is considered phenomenal? 2 - How can he have "over & over" turned broken plays into big ones if he only had 184 TOTAL yards? I think Vick is a incredible athlete and could possibly be a good/great QB one day. The fact of the matter is that he is not a very good QB right now. Also, didn't McNabb beat Vick twice in the playoffs already?
  24. Opening Drive on Sirius

    I just bought Sirius and was listening to the Opening Drive this morning. I'm not sure of the names of the hosts but did anyone catch it today? The one guy was trying to compare the TO situation to Warren Buffet or Donald Trump. He said if those guys can go out and make tons of money to support their families why can't Owens ask for more to support his family? Is it just me or is that a completely ridiculous comparison?
  25. Opening Drive on Sirius

    I guess you are right. I couldn't turn it off because I wanted to hear any other ridiculous crap he had to say.