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  1. Lurie interview

    Swiss, What about the fact the TO was already under contract when the Eagles traded for him. The Eagles already re-worked his contract to give him a signing bonus and now one year later he wants to renegotiate again for more? Lets say the Eagles redo the contract to give him more money this season, what about next season? Is he going to want the renegotiate each year just to keep up with the top salary at his position? Fact of the matter is that TO has NO leverage. He is signed for 6 more years. If he wants to sit so be it. I just don't understand how TO can expect the Eagles to re-work a contract two years in a row. Maybe they should just pay him $20M a year so they won't have to worry about this crap every year.
  2. Lurie interview

    Swiss, how can you say Owens got a crappy offer. He made over $9M last year. If the Eagles were so worried about his health or character why would they have given him so much up front? Fact is that the Eagles and the NFLPA both went over the contract with Owens made sure he was aware of the situation according to numerous radio reports. Hockey let salaries get too high and look what happened. If the Eagles cave, then it will create a domino effect, not just for the Eagles but the whole NFL. I believe if Owens/Rosenhaus didn't blast the contract all over the television & radio the Eagles may have done something for Owens. Rosenhaus goes on all these TV shows and takes the whole thing public thinking the fans would side with Owens. Obviuosly he made a huge mistake. The fans want T.O. to play but Philly is a blue collar town who doesn't take well to players who make millions of dollars a year and then say they need more to support their families.
  3. Lurie interview

    Like Duchess said, when the NFLPA and the owners agreed on the last CBA, the NFLPA knew player could be cut for under preforming or being hurt. In order to hedge those possibilities the players get big signing bonuses. Owens made $9M+ last season and is scheduled to make I believe $3M+ this season. Next season he will make $7-8M+. That is about $7M+ a year. If the Eagles decide to cut Owens, thus not giving him the $5M roster bonus he is scheduled to make in year #3 then he can go out and sign with someone else and get another signing bonus or if he doesn't get cut he gets $5M from the Eagles as a roster bonus.
  4. Lurie interview

    So you want the NFL to turn out like the NHL. Yes, the owners make tons of money but if they start paying players everything they wanted you would get: 1 - A league that has problems like the NHL. Players are making too much and teams lose money. 2 - A lot more teams getting screwed by the salary cap because 2-3 players make up 70% of the cap space.
  5. I'm so tired of reading this.....................

    What about Moe and Fiason. If (when) Bennett goes down will Moore be the starter or will it be RBBC?
  6. Drew Rosenhaus' Ascension

    Being a Philly fan I hate to see T.O. hold out. On the other hand I would love to see the Eagles stick to their guns on this. Rosenhaus was completely wrong in going public with the T.O. thing and the Eagles hate that kind of crap. Also, ,and I know this is his job, but Rosenhaus is making it sound like Owens is one of the l;owest paid WRs when he is one of the top 3 if you take his salary over the first 3 years. It will be interesting to see how this pans out. I would love to see T.O. sit out at first and the Eagles go 3-0 or something. Especially if some of the WRs step up.
  7. Drew Rosenhaus' Ascension

    How about the deal he made with the devil for his soul. That has to be up there somewhere.
  8. FF 2004 winners speak up...

    I won two leagues and didn't have either Manning or LT.
  9. RBBC a big part of 2005? I hope not!

    I've heard people mention Buckhalter as a sleeper and that he will take some of Westbrooks carries and I don't get it. Don't get me wrong, there is always that possibility but the facts are pretty clear IMO: 1 - Westbrook is Philly's #1 playmaker at either thr RB spot or WR. 2 - Buckhalter has yet to shows anything special plus he has been hurt the last two seasons. As an Eagles fan I hope Buckhalter breaks out so that gives us more weapons, but I just don't see why people are counting on him to be something he hasn't been in Philly yet.
  10. LMAO @ you HAFAX team

    I'd love to see the link that shows where Westbrook is in danger of losing his job b/c of the contract situation. I am hearing on sportsradio here in Philly that it is looking like he will sign a long term deal. The Moats pick was just for insurance in case Buckhalter gets hurt once again.
  11. A thought on player holdouts from PFW

    I think that is the reason why the NFL is the best league out there. NBA & MLB players are overpaid. NFL owners are smart enough so far to not let players salaries get out of hand like other league.
  12. Lurie to Owens - not going to happen

    Yes, but in the real world most employees do not have contracts and can search for higher paying jobs where as in the NFL you cannot go to another team until your contract is up, you are traded, or until the teams cuts you. The teams have all of the control. I don't mind when player hold out depending on the circumstances. But when you are being paid in the top tier of your position and still hold out I disagree with that.
  13. Lurie to Owens - not going to happen

    How do you figure? Did T.O. help the Eagles in the regular season? Of course. But he missed all of the playoffs and the Eagles finished better then the last three years. I'm not saying they wouldn't have made it if T.O. was playing but he did not help get them through the playoffs.
  14. Lurie to Owens - not going to happen

    He made more money last year then any receiver in the league I believe. I would also bet that averaging $7M a year for the first three years is somewhere in the top tier of WRs. If he didn't like the contract the way it was laid out he shouldnn't have signed. He decided to take $9M+ in year one and less in year 2 and then $8+M in year 3. You mean to say he didn't look past year #1 when he signed a 7 year deal? I would also like to see his contract compared to Santana Moss to prove your earlier statement. I can't believe Santana Moss will make the same as Owens. And don't try to pull that one year comparison crap. T.O. will make over $3M this year but you have to look at last year and the next year of the contract too. At least take the average of the first 2-3 years from both contracts.
  15. Lurie to Owens - not going to happen

    He received over $9M last season, he will receive $3M+ this season, and he is scheduled to receive I believe $8M+ in season #3. That is about $21M in the first three years (average of $7M/year). I understand that players get the short end a lot but it is not like he being under-paid. If Owens was making $2-$3 million a year I could understand.
  16. Cheatsheets?

    Like most replies here I use cheatsheets only for organization and bye week info. My draft is based on my own research and football logic. For example, one of my best moves was to draft Culpepper in his rookie year pretty early. My thinking was he is throwing to Chris Carter and Randy Moss, how can he not put up big numbers. I do my research all off-season by looking at what O-line has improved and then I might put that teams RB over another. Also, a lot has to do with the way other owners draft.
  17. Bucs Eyeing Freddie

    You do mean SOUP right?
  18. Mcnabb is a class act

    I keep noticing people saying if T.O. doesn't play the Eagles won't get to the Superbowl. I agree that T.O. is a great receiver and he played tremendous last season but the Eagles made it to the NFC championship 3 years in a row without T.O. and last season they made it through the playoffs with T.O. Obviously it would be a loss but saying it would keep them from making the Superbowl is a little off IMO.
  19. Javon Walker may hold out

    Rosenhaus is really trying to kill some teams. TO in Philly, Walker in GB, and I believe he is doing the same with some redskins or Ravens players.
  20. E-A-G-L-E-S

    Maybe I am wrong but I think the Eagles went to the NFC Championship 3 years in a row before T.O. was part of this team. Did he help them last year? Definitely. Do I think him holding out will hurt the Eagles? Of course. The fact ias this team has made it pretty far in the past without T.O.
  21. Anyone need a DE?

    I hate to say this being an Eagles fan but I think the Cowboys had a great draft.
  22. Skybox chatroom open for NFL Draft

    what is the "e" button?
  23. Skybox chatroom open for NFL Draft

    I've tried my username and password but I cannot get into the chat room?
  24. Henry to Philly

    Can the Eagles franchise Westbrook next year? I thought he would be an UFA after this season since he was a RFA this year? Not 100% sure how that works though.
  25. Henry to Philly

    I like the deal because the Eagles have more then a dozen picks but this doesn't solve their RB problem long term. Westbrook will be an UFA next season and I believe Henry is in the last year of his contract too. Knowing the Eagles, they won't pay one RB the 4-5 million both of these RBs will be looking for. So basically they will give up a 3rd round pick to get Henry for one year.