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  1. policy's mock v3.0

    Knowing how the Eagles operate I can't see them trading up that far to get a WR. Unless they really believe T.O. will not play next season. I would like to see them move up and add depth for the D-Line or grab a solid LB. I would even like to see them get a RB if one falls enough. But I guess that is the beauty of this whole thing, you never know until the next pick is due. Unless you are the Vikings of course. Then you don't even know when the pick is due.
  2. Seahawks Busy Today!

    Have the Seahawks cut Bobby Taylor yet? I hated to see the Eagles let him go but after what he did last year (or I should say didn't do) and what the Eagles got from their young corners I am glad they let him go.
  3. Eagles Chose Mitchell Over Wayne

    I hear ya. I even wanted them to draft Williams at #2. Thank god they saw something in McNabb.
  4. Eagles Chose Mitchell Over Wayne

    I guess I just don't see what is funny about that. Yes, I am a huge Eagles fan, but if they do something stupid IMO I would rip them too. Picking Mitchell was a reach, but all in all they have made pretty good personell choices.
  5. Eagles Chose Mitchell Over Wayne

    All that he said was that the Eagles made a mistake by picking Mitchell over Wayne. I don't think anyone would argue that now but hindsight is always 20/20. What about the 2002 draft for the Eagles: #26 Lito Sheppard #58 Michael Lewis #59 Sheldon Brown #91 Brian Westbrook That is 3 players who made the pro-bowl in their first 2 years and the other one could have arguably made it too. I'd say that is pretty good. If the burger joint joke was supposed to be funny it may have been 3-4 years ago. I think we all know Reid is fat by now.
  6. Eagles Chose Mitchell Over Wayne

    And your point is? I think everyone agrees the Eagles made a mistake there. It happens every year in the draft in every sport. Not every player pans out the way you think he will.
  7. T.O. wants a new deal?

    I think Dan Patrick had a good interview with Rosenhaus tonight. When Rosenhaus was spewing that crap about Owens not making top 10 WR money because he is only scheduled to make $3.25 million this year Patrick said what about the $9.2 million he made last year or the $8.5 million he is scheduled to make next season? I understand the 8.5 million isn't guaranteed but does he really think the Eagles will cut him if he is performing like he did last season? Think about it this way, Peyton Manning is scheduled to make about $665,000 this year because of how his contract was structured and he is arguably the best player in the game. So when Owens says he should be paid like a top player he is actually making more then 4 times what Manning will make this season. And I don't want to hear the crap about his family. The guy has been making millions of dollars for the last 7-8 years. His family won't be hurting for generations if he doesn't blow all his money.
  8. Shaun Alexander an Eagle or Buc?

    As of april 1, 2005 the Eagles have about 8.5 million under the cap. redzone
  9. Shaun Alexander an Eagle or Buc?

    I can't see the Eagles trading for Alexander. They will more likley sign Westbrook long term. If the Eagles make a move I think they will trade Corey Simon who is threatening to hold out of mini camp if they don't remove the franchise tag and sign him to huge money.
  10. Fred Ex could be traded or released

    I actually like Mitchell when the Eagles picked him. He was someone with personality which at that point the Eagles didn't usually go for players like that. It is a shame that in 4 years he couldn't break the starting lineup and he blames everyone but himself. He acts like he was wide open every play and McNabb wouldn't throw to him. Come on Freddie, good luck in the CFL.
  11. NFL Schedule

    Looks like the Eagles get a pretty nice schedule again this season. The games that concern me are: San Diego Arizona (depending on draft / FA moves) Oakland (depending on how Moss fits in) They will probably lose a division game or two. I think from the looks of it they should be anywhere from 12-4 to 14-2.
  12. 2005 All Fantasy Team

    I can see some of your points too, although I disagree. I noticed someone else has the same avatar as me too. It is hot as hell though.
  13. Ah, that whacky Terrell again...

    I don't think you can compare Owens to Keyshawn. Yes, they are both no-class jerks but Owens is consistently a top 3-5 WR. I wouldn't mind half the stuff Owens does because, fact is, he backs it up on the field. Problem with this situation is he may sit and hurt the team.
  14. T.O. wants a new deal?

    Your telling me neither T.O. or his agent didn't realize this until now? This is why players should actually be involved in their contract discussions. You can't tell me they don't have time to know what is going on about their contracts?
  15. Ah, that whacky Terrell again...

    This sucks on so many levels as an Eagles fan. We have been pleading for years for Andy Reid to get a #1 WR and he goes out and gets one of the best in the game in Owens. Plus Owens wants to come to Philly. Now he is starting crap after one year in the 7 year contract which he signed. I understand why some guys would want to renegotiate but he will make good money in this contract. He made about 9-10 milion this year, about 3-4 million next season and then he gets a 5 million dollar roster bonus in year 3 plus a base salary probably around 3-4 million. That is 20 - 23 million over 3 years. If Owens is going to cause problems I say trade him or let him go. I would rather see the Eagles try to sign some other solid #1 WR then go into a season with questions on wether T.O. will be there or not.
  16. 2005 All Fantasy Team

    I would take Brady and McNair but the way Favre has been playing lately I might take McNabb over him, maybe. But after that I can't think of a QB I would take over McNabb in the big game all else being equal. No one else has more experience in playoff games. Plus people seem to forget how bad the receivers were until Owens. Pinkston, Thrash, Freddie Mitchell, Billy McMullen, etc aren't exactly clutch receivers. McNabb has played poorly in some big games I agree but not all the blame can be put on him when the entire offense was horrible.
  17. 2005 All Fantasy Team

    You say you hate stats but your topic is 2005 All "Fantasy" Team. Don't quite understand that. Once again, how can you say those other QBs would do better in the big games then McNabb when most of them have never been there. I may be beating a dead horse here but I would really like to hear your reason for not having McNabb in the top 5 QBs. I also would like to hear some other people chime in on this just to find out what other people think. "I have my own opinons why, and I will keep them to myself...." is a pretty lame way to get out of the conversation. I can't stand Manning because I think he out thinks himself at times but I still would push my personal bias aside and take him top 2-3 QBs.
  18. 2005 All Fantasy Team

    By inaccurate I assume you are talking completion percentage correct? I believe McNabb has been top ten in completion percentage for starting QBs over the last 3 years or so. I believe it is somewhere around 60% or so. Obviously you have something personal against McNabb and that is fine but the stats and the winning percentage speak for themselves.
  19. 2005 All Fantasy Team

    I don't disagree that McNabb has come up short in the past in big games but he has also carried his team by himself to a few victories too. He has never had anything that comes close to a #1 WR and maybe not even a solid #2 before Ownes last year. Their running game seems to also come up short in big games which hasn't helped McNabb. I would take Brady and maybe Manning over McNabb but that is it in "real" football. In fantasy I would take Manning and Culpepper over McNabb. Either way I don't see how McNabb falls past top 4 or 5 in either category.
  20. T.O. wants a new deal?

    The Eagles have him signed for I believe 6 more years. If he wants to sit I hope they let him sit for 6 years. He is the second highest paid WR in the game I believe. What a joke. It is a shame he is such a great player too.
  21. 2005 All Fantasy Team

    Going out on a limb is fine, but if you are going to say Mcnabb is the reason why the Eagles can't get over the hump you have to give him credit for getting them there. When have Culpepper,Brees,Pennington,Hasselbeck, Manning, or Trent Green ever been "money" in a championship game or Superbowl? Favre is one year away from retirement yet you would still take him over McNabb to build a team around. I'm not trying to bust your stones here and yes I am a Philly fan, but look at the stats and the winning percentage. Look at the Eagles playoff wins over the past 4-5 years. And lets not forget a few of those years McNabb was the only offense the Eagles had.
  22. 2005 All Fantasy Team

    Please list the 6 QBs you would take over McNabb in "real" football. I can name maybe two (Brady & Manning). I would take him #2 behind Brady but I can see the argument for Manning as well but no way there are 6 QBs better then McNabb now.
  23. 2005 All Fantasy Team

    I thought the title wasAll Fantasy Team? If so, don't you go strictly by stats? How can you say McNabb is not top 6? I would love to be in your league if everyone thinks like that.
  24. T.O. wants a new deal?

    I am usually fine with players wanting to renegotiate their contracts since they are not guaranteed. But that is for situations where a guy signs a small contract and then starts playing at a higher level. T.O. signed a big contract and now he wants even more. Yes, he had a great year but that was somewhat expected. Also, he did end the season with an injury too. IMO this is more the agent then T.O. but that is only my opinion. From what I hear the last time Rosenhaus tried this (Hugh Douglas), Reid ripped him apart. And looked what happened to Hugh, he went to a team where he didn't want to be and wound up back in Philly anyway.