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  1. Corey Simon on the trading block

    What Corey Simon have you been watching? Granted he is a solid player but he is by no stretch a pro-bowl caliber player. How bad has the run D been for the last few years? And who was the only constant in those years on the D-Line? Yup, Corey Simon. I think Simon is a slightly above-average player, but he seems to want to get paid a lot more then he is worth. Would you pay him upwards of $10 million in signing bonus?
  2. Eagle's Fans

    To try and answer the original question for this topic, I believe they will go one of the following: O-Line or D-Line: Reid believes in building both lines first and adding depth would help with injury problems to Andrews, McDougle, etc. WR: If the right guy is there I think they may grab a WR. I don't like this especially if you take Reid's track record of drafting WRs into account (Freddie Mitchell, Billy McMullen, and Todd Pinkston). Pinkston is alright as a #2 but the other two are brutal. RB: I think the Eagles will need some depth here considering the size of Westbrook and the injury history of Buckhalter. Just my opinion though.
  3. Eagle's Fans

    Yeah, because you don't have to win any big games to get to the Superbowl.
  4. Gates threatening to sit

    The best way to answer this I guess is for me to ask you what you would do. Would you actually play out your current contract or hold out for a better contract? If you say you would play under your current contract I believe you would be in a very small minority. This is a business and any leverage you can get you will use. Is it ethical? Not really, but then what business is?
  5. Gates threatening to sit

    Do you know what Gates' received as a signing bonus for his current contract? I doubt it was very "substantial". Also, what is the total value and number of years of his current contract?
  6. Marvin Harrison

    He doesn't seem that type. I stopped him in a art store in Philadelphia and he was more then happy to give a few autographs.
  7. I guess we will just have to agree to disagree. IMO I would take Brady or McNabb over Peyton now.
  8. Maybe some of us look at this question differently then others. I think Peyton is a great QB, but if you notice in this thread all that people use to back him up are his stats. Yes, he does have great stats but if it was up to me I would want a guy who would carry a team on his back and do what it takes to win. You see Brady stand in the pocket until he gets drill just to make a throw or you see McNabb pitch the ball and then be the lead blocker for the RB or WR down the field. I just don't see Peyton do any of that.
  9. Isn't the whole idea of building a team around someone to win? I understnd those who say they would take Peyton, but I find it funny that hardly anyone says Brady or McNabb. Although they may not have the lofty stats of Peyton they both are proven winners. Brady has two SB wins and Mcnabb has taken his team (pretty much by himself) to the NFC championship game 4 times in a row including one SB appearance.
  10. The Roy Williams Rule

    Jackshi17 said that if the NFL wanted to cutdown on WRs getting injured from these types of tackles they should make the WRs wear more equipment. I fail to see how that would help in this case. Getting pulled down from behind and twisting your leg cannot be stopped by equipment correct? Maybe it would help with other types of tackles but not in this case IMO. And thanks for the AV props.
  11. The Roy Williams Rule

    Although I agree with you that the new proposal is ridiculous, how would more equipment help?
  12. NCAA tourney

    I also went 28-4. Lost Alabama, Penn, Kansas, and Charlotte. Everyone I know was ripping me when I said Vermont would beat Syracuse. Hopefully my luck keeps up.
  13. Derrick Burgess to Oak-Town

    GHopefully that is sarcasm. Although Burgess maybe a nice player, he hasn't been heathy for an entire season for the last three years. I would have liked to see the Eagles keep him for depth since McDougle doesn't seem to be the real deal and Hugh Douglas is basically done. Oakland gave him too much IMO.
  14. Coles threatened by Snyder?

    That has to be great for their free agency. Way to go moron.
  15. Eagles enter bid to steal Burress

    I just can't see the Eagles spending the money on another receiver. Plus I thought Plaxico wanted to be the #1 guy.
  16. My problem with Freddie is he has had 4 years to prove what he can do. He complains that he doesn't get opportunities but he has to make some of his own opportunity by getting open more. If he was any good he would have beat out Thrash or Pinkston for a starting job. Now he realizes with T.O. here in Philly there is no room for him to move up past the #3 WR and with the emergence of Greg Lewis being #3 might be tough for Freddie. I actually used to like him but now he is just being a jackass. Hopefully he is somewhere else next year.
  17. If you were an owner an NFL team

    I've seen a few people mention Andy Reid here but a lot more don't have him in their top 5. Now I bleed Eagles green but what Reid has done merits a top 5 IMO. He turned one of the worst teams in the league around to a team that has made the NFC championship 4 years in a row. Granted they haven't been able to get past that game yet but getting there 4 times in a row has to mean something. And on top of that he is the team's GM who has made a lot of good moves. Yes there are some bad moves but the good out weighs the bad by a long shot.
  18. Keeper Rankings

    Does anyone know of any sites that have keeper rankings (including rookies)?

    I like it. Really makes it hard to pass on some guys since you don't know what will be left. I got screwed by getting Jamal Lewis and Koren Robinson. Culpepper S. Alexander J. Lewis Moulds KRob Gonzo Kasay
  20. Who goes to the Pro Bowl

    I'd have to say: McNabb Owens Dawkins Kearse Michael Lewis (maybe) Maybe even one O-Line (Fraley, Thomas, or Runyan) I doubt all will go but I think all deserve consideration.
  21. I'm starting ? over ?

    I have to choose between David Carr and Matt Hasselbeck. And I have to start one of the following: Jerry Porter, Santana Moss, or Lee Evans.
  22. Playoff Tie

    That's tough. In one league the higher seed gets 3 points for "home field advantage". Maybe you give it to the higher seed. Or just flip a coin. Or take the total points from each teams bench players. Either way it is a bad situation.
  23. Bet no one has had a worse week than me

    Guy in my league had the following: Chris Brown benched due to uncertain playing status. Ahman Green's TD called back. Reuben Droughns for only 1 half. Issac Bruce's TD called back.
  24. How much should tice be paid?

    I blame that 100% on Tice. When you have one of the most dominant players in the league and you are fighting for a playoff spot you do not take him out of position on a trick play.
  25. Good lord, Green Bay is getting rolled. . .

    McNabb should not have been in there after the third quarter. Maybe even in the third.