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  1. WDIS Spreadsheet!

  2. Ode to Harrington

    If I'm not mistaking Brees is a free agent after the season.
  3. Top Teams in NFL?

    Hoge is a pud who is letting his obvious bias against Philly cloud his judgement. I'm a Philly fan but homerism aside I would put both New England and Pittsburgh above the Eagles right now. I don't know what Hodge has against the Eagles but I am getting sick of him saying the Eagles are not a good team.
  4. E-A-G-L-E-S--GOATS?!?!?!

    Mcnabb did rush for 100+ yards in that game am I right? He also avoided some sacks that 95% of the other QBs in the league wouldn't have been able to do and one of those plays he hit Pinkston in the endzone for a TD. Did he have a great game? No, but he didn't make just one play either. McNabb had a horrible game yesterday. But the O-line giving up 12-13 sacks in two playoff games and your 3 top WRs combining for 5 catches yesterday didn't help McNabb. McNabb didn't lose that game. He had a bad game but he got no help from anyone other then Staley. Get some weapons around him and I think he will light it up.
  5. GB the AL sportswriters

    I've been a member or 3 years or so now and I have no idea what GB means. I see it used often, but I cna't figure it out. Can you fill me in?
  6. start'em or bench'em

    Is there a start'em/bench'em list on the web anywhere for baseball?
  7. This is my first year in fantasy baseball and I could use all the help I can get.
  8. Need major help.

    First year in fantasy baseball and I am looking for the best sources for some information. Magazines, websites, etc. Any help would be appreciated.
  9. what are the best fantasy baseball sites?

    Thanks, I'll look for it. [ 01-14-2002: Message edited by: ebartender ]