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  1. Chiefs vs Ravens (MNF)

    I'm happily embarrassed
  2. Chiefs vs Ravens (MNF)

    Chiefs 17 Ravens 41
  3. D.J. Chark ruled OUT for TNF

    ^^ wow, you and me both. Thought I was cursed....love NFL, fantasy is starting to get old
  4. WDIS as my flex, full ppr

    I see Edelman getting a lot of targets today. Run with him.
  5. Not a huge fan of having 3 TEs, agree with ^ though.
  6. PPR WDIS with Evans Q

    Thanks guys!
  7. With Evans listed as Q and he plays later, which bum should I throw into that flex spot? PPR, flex can be rb/wr/te, thanks.
  8. Commish Question (time-sensitive)

    That really sucks! I'd try and find a replacement manager, give her to 7. Email/text/fax her what you're doing. Being an online draft makes things easier for you. Best of luck
  9. Patrick Mahomes or Lamar Jackson?

    I'll pick Mahomes
  10. XFL

  11. Superbowl: 49ers @ KCC

    If KC winds, i hope it's because Tyreek Hill.
  12. Victory Pants 2020

    I agree
  13. Titans Chiefs

    Chiefs vs anyone would be awesome in the SB