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  1. Washington earned this loss

    I guess my explanation was honda....
  2. Washington earned this loss

    Under American rules a fumble may be confused with a muff. A muff occurs where a player drops a ball that he does not have possession of, such as while attempting to catch a lateral pass or improperly fielding a kicking play such as a punt (you cannot "fumble" a loose ball). Ball security is the ability of a player to maintain control over the football during play and thus avoid a fumble. Cousins never had possession of the lateral pass, that's why the play continued.
  3. Jay Ajayi

    So um is Ajayi any good or what?....lol
  4. She's got quite the set of lungs.....
  5. Bennett > Henry?

    Any input? Have like 10 minutes....
  6. Bennett > Henry?

    Both have tough defenses but I see Bennett is questionable with his ankle.....should I go with Henry tonight?
  7. These Thursday games need to stop!

    Super pumped for this Thursday, especially since I own Anderson, Gordon, Henry and Williams.....thinking about starting them all.....should be a total train wreck....already looking at week 7....
  8. Hunter Henry

    Gonna roll with him instead of Rudolph....
  9. Remaining Bell Cows?

  10. Don't know anything about your league....impossible to determine.
  11. Brees and luck trade! Plus more

    All right....I vote no to your posts where you RECEIVE a trade offer where Forte is involved....
  12. Brees and luck trade! Plus more

    We get it...you hate owning Forte...
  13. Milk Carton Week 2

    ^kinda premature.....