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  1. K Jones-Benson-Suggs-Shipp... HELP!

    Go with Shipp. Droughns is the man in Cleveland now.
  2. FWP and Lelie for Holt

    Sounds reasonable. As long as Caddy stays healthy you're golden.
  3. More upside?

    I realize that Dayne may just be the flav of the week. However, we all know that RBs in Denver can come out of nowhere and thrive. I'm considering dumping Benson for Dayne to be my 3rd or 4th RB (start 2). With TJ doing well in Chicago I can't see how Benson will become the starter any time soon. Not to mention they have a chance to compete in that dreadful division. Any thoughts?
  4. Who started Braylon Edwards this week?

    From what I've seen over the past 2 weeks, it looks like the Browns are really going to be spreading it around (a la NE Pats). It will be tough to rely on any Browns WR this year. Unless you're REALLY thin on WR options, keep BE on the bench until he strings 2-3 more good outings together.
  5. WDIS?

    Clayton should be your man until further notice.
  6. Jordan for arrington?

    My thoughts exactly.
  7. JJ Arrington

    Take a deep breath and step away from the waiver wire.
  8. Lee Suggs...

    This guy is starting to enter Michael Bennett territory. Stay far, far away.
  9. Start/Bench List: McGahee?

    Uhhhhh.... No.
  10. What's the deal w/ Anthony Wright

    Here's hoping that he makes the '05 Mason look like all of the previous Masons.
  11. Byron Leftwich Listed as "One Week Wonder"?

    Lets keep in mind that most that yardage came in the second half when Balt. was down by 17 and had all but abandoned the run.
  12. So who needs what?

    Crumpler = 6 rec/80 yds/1 TD
  13. Who wants to share the misery? Walker :(

    Guess the real question now is do we pick up Ferguson?
  14. Who wants to share the misery? Walker :(

    Did the same thing in my local league. Figured their numbers would be close to a wash anyway so why take a chance on TO.
  15. L.Jordan or Fast Willie?

    Exactly. Hence, my agreement with Avernus on starting him this week.