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  1. I sometimes imagine you naked.

  2. Bier is having sex with my wife AND my mother. It's twice as bad because he's always talking about it when we go out for drinks.

    1. rajncajn


      The sad part is that he'd rather have you.

  3. You are a stinky mcstink face. Take that. Jerk.

  4. OMG, u suxorz teh big one11!!!11

  5. Ron Dayne?

    You're all ignoring Kyle Johnson...
  6. Your Team.~~.Who should we be watching?

    The same could be said for Kyle Johnson and Joe Jurevicious.
  7. Your Team.~~.Who should we be watching?

    I'll try to take this seriously... On Denver: - Rod Smith is almost dead, and Ashley Lelie cannot... CANNOT be the answer at WR. They need someone with hands. I think WR Charlie Adams may take that role, possibly this year. - RB Ron Dayne obviously is getting some attention now that both Bell and Anderson are a little dinged up. Shanny seems to really be taking his time with him, but he could pay off... possibly... - Shanny is so hesitant to use Dayne that he went so far as to give a critical goalline carry against SD last night to FB Kyle Johnson... it was Kyle's FIRST EVER carry in the NFL. He scored. Last week, Kyle caught 2 passes, 1 for a TD. Last year, he was on the practice squad until mid-season, and then he finished the season with 2 receiving TDs on 9 catches. I think that Kyle is winning Shanny over. Is he the next Reuben Droughns dark horse FB conversion? If you are in a regular league, and you suck... and everyone else is taken... You might want to try Ron Dayne. But, only if you are desperate. If you are in a dynasty league, and you suck... and you are desperate... you might want to cut a loser like Hakim, or Terry Glenn, or whoever just isn't panning out and pick up Kyle Johnson or Charlie Adams. EDIT: Whoops, I missed the "short term" part of this thread. Oh well... screw you all.
  8. Did anyone watch the Denver Game?

    Anderson was sore... and Bell hurt himself on a special teams play earlier in the game, and Superstar Kyle Johnson already had his TD run... Dayne did a good job. His long run was a 4th and 1 fake up the middle, pitch play to the left that fooled the defense completely (kinda like LdT's did earlier in the game to us). All in all, as a Denver fan I hope he does get more carries. He got the job done when we needed it. Anderson is looking mighty weak these days, and the holes aren't quite as wide as they were last year, so Dayne provides some nice muscle to break through. I think the days of the unknown 1500 yard rusher are over in Denver though. Our running game doesn't look quite the same as it used to... so don't expect anything crazy.
  9. Best fantasy scoring Denver RB?

    I signed Kyle Johson last year in early November (in Fusion)... before he was cool. Run... don't walk... to your waiver wire!
  10. Forum post indicators

    I have that problem all the time. I have gotten in the habit of clicking the "Mark this forum as read" link to get the light to go out when it doesn't do it on it's own.
  11. Connecticut Huddlers

    Get Dr. Mel's autograph for me!
  12. 70's Show

    Donna = boobies. Jackie = squat.
  13. I am a pain in the hindquarter WDIS

    I like Parker and Jones, but I'm conservative. The Jets looked awful, and LJ got all his yards on only 9 carries, so I'm not sure he'll do that every week. Whatever you do is going to be wrong... so I'd go with the safest play.
  14. Pwn'd. Twiley re0xx0rz teh big111, moran.
  15. Can I be your friend? I can't imagine why nobody helps you. Last night I walked into a bar and I didn't get served a beer right away. So, I started yelling and screaming about how the bar and everyone in it sucked. Then, nobody gave me a beer. What a bunch of jerks they were.
  16. NFL Player Criminal Records

    Regarding the year 2000: So it sounds like Tag was saying in year 2000, there were less than 21 percent. There was a book written that claimed that 21 percent of NFL players had been convicted of a "serious" crime in 1996/1997. But, the statistics used to compile those results have been called into doubt. Then, a number of reporters who apparently can't read have used that same "21%" statistic to say that 21% of the guys in the NFL have been convicted of any crime. Which ignores both the original claim of "serious" crime, and also the debate over it's accuracy.
  17. SOFA

    What's up with Fox Sports and Football Diehards not putting in a lineup?
  18. SOFA

    I take Sarge's opinion on IDP very seriously... and I have no doubt he will do well in that league... But letting him represent the Huddle among outsiders? They better have good language filters on that message board.
  19. Tables in posts

    You know who would know? Skippy. Check out his work. He HAS to be exporting that from Excel somehow. I don't know how he does it. ts does the same thing for a contest he runs. I bet if you pm'd one of those guys, they could let you in on the secret. Then, post it here for us...
  20. L. Johnson

  21. Jake Plummer

    We like to call him "Chest Rockwell".
  22. Why I hate Lelie

    From DMD's statistics page: WR Lelie, Ashley - Thrown to 14 times - Caught 2 passes ?!?!?!??!? - for 17 yards. Can anyone find worse numbers somewhere??? Anywhere? Koren Robinson was better than that! And before you blame Plummer, I watched Lelie slow down and jump up in the air to miss a long bomb that would have hit him in the head had he just kept running... and I watched him let two more perfect passes slip through his elbows later on. I friggin' hate this guy. He is not improving. He's always been a ball dropper.