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  1. Cheat sheet tiers?

    Come on people!! The Cheat Sheets have Fantasy Point Projections now listed next to every player! This is frigging awesome and it's not that difficult to estimate where the tiers would go based on their projected points.
  2. Should I trade Parker for P. Manning

    Do it! Manning will do better than the first two weeks
  3. secret pick up

    Taylor might be good for a week or two if Burleson is hampered by knee sprane
  4. Drop Chris Brown for Shipp

    I have Chris Brown on my roster. I've been considering dropping him or trading him away if I can. [i have two solid starters though [Cadilac, E.James] and one potential [C.Benson of CHI]. I'm so tempted to dump or trade Chris Brown. So if the defense scores you a lot of points, I'd lean yes to that, but still, it's only week two and you may just want to see if anything developes with him....
  5. what a good prank! I posted this article on my two leagues I'm signed up with to make them all worry.
  6. Mike Tice

    This has to be the first year I have been optimistic with Tice as head coach. Can he take the team to the super bowl? hummm, I would have to say no at this point as I do believe he makes many bone head moves. I think trading Moss was the worst thing he has done, but after seeing what they got for the extra salary from trading moss, plus the other off season pick ups, I'm feeling a lot better about the guy. This will be the pivitol year though, if he doesnt make it far in the playoffs [or doesn't make it for that matter] he needs to hang it up. Too much talent on the team to not make it far in the playoffs.... I am hoping for the best this season....if it's the same as the past few years, I will change my mind and forever call him a an idiot as you've called him.
  7. Vikings

    Vikings fan here.... Losing Randy Moss in the off season I was worried, but after seeing what they've done with his salary and the defense pick ups, plus the receiving core they have. It might be a good thing for Koren to be with the Vikes. Donte has one of the highest completion ratio, so it may make it easier for Koren to catch the ball [wishfull thinking]. They have a rather decent receiving core now or at least the players they do have now, have had some good numbers in years past. I believe I've had everyone of them on at least one of my fantasy teams in years past as well.... we shall see as the season will be interesting year with their off season pickups/trades
  8. Randy Moss?!?

    Although they will NEVER admit it, the NFL is loving the press that Randy Moss is getting. Why? Simple....what game this weekend do you think will get the most viewers? YEs, the Eagles and Vikings. Mainly to tune in to see what Randy does next to embarrass himself. Bad publicity is still publicity and the Eagles/Vikes game is getting one heck of a promo this week. Just like week 17 with Randy walking off the field early. All of the press he received the week before the last game. Can someone tell me what game had the highest viewership of the four games that were played?
  9. Randy Moss?!?

    you spoke my words exactly....shows like: Temptation Island is one that comes to mind and I know there are many more shows like this on their network.
  10. Favre or Brees?

    Favre for sure unless there is snow....[then start Amhan forsure] Whenever the Central division plays each other, it's 99% a battle of a game, lots of points scored....
  11. How many started FAVRE over COLLINS

    I dropped Carr for Collins before the Sunday game. I started Collins over Michael Vick. however, the previous week, I had Willis McGahee [4 TD's], Brandon Stokley [3 TD's], Rudi Johnson [2 TD's, 200 rush] all on the bench....actually had better "stud" starters [8 team league] I left 86 points on the bench....I made up for it a little by picking up collins....but only a little
  12. Do I drop Carr for Collins

    I am in your shoes actually. I have Vick and Carr. Somehow I ended up with both of them in the 2 leagues I am in. I dropped Carr for Collins last week in one league and will drop Carr in my other leage if Collins is still available this week.... go for it
  13. Vick or Carr

    I have the same to QB's....I'm going with Vick because he has scored more points the past couple weeks....[finally]
  14. Best Buy Fantasy Challenge...

    I tried to change a player on Friday evening and was locked out at that time as well. I have changed players other weeks in the past weeks after games have started. So I'm not sure why it wouldnt work this week.... Kinda stinks. I wanted to change Nate Burlson out since Randy Moss was playing this week. I can't recall whom I would have played at the time, but I ranked 2139 for the week. I would have scored more points I am sure as Nate gave me 2 points. ahhhh, so close....