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  1. If your league mates tend to keep QBs, then by all means, keep Russel. Otherwise, someone will be available that will get you 20+ points per week. No one really jumps out at me. Crowder might be okay, Thomas as you like, might be okay. If there will be some good players available come draft night that aren't protected, I would drop everyone and get a top 5 player first.
  2. If I had that, I would keep: Evans Murray Howard However, if Dez Bryant is your guy, then Howard or Murray for your third. See what Oakland and Chicago look like next season and pick from the two.
  3. I've ran my league since 2006, eleven years, I have yet to even MAKE the championship game during that time frame. I've had several 10-3 seasons, including this year with the highest point total as well. I averaged 116 points this year with my lowest point total being 96. I lost week 15 by a score of 104-97. That bad Kirk Cousins game was the difference. I did win the 3rd place game by 117-106. However, not making the Championship game after 11 years is getting old....
  4. I need Malcolm Mitchell to NOT score more than 27.47 points and I will advance to the next round. I feel comfortable, but you never know.
  5. i have never managed anyone's rosters, though I have sent message out to update their rosters to make it fair for the rest of the league. We give a bonus to high scores and a debit for the low score of the week. Our transactions are $2 bucks, so you either pay $2 improve your team or run the risk of low score of the week. This year we have had one team have low score three times and high score twice. Per our league rules. 1.6 Weekly Credit Or Debit During the regular season, weeks 1-13 only, the two highest point totals for the week, win or lose, receive a credit. The lowest point total of the week, pays a debit. If the weekly high scores end in a tie, the credit is split equally between the tying teams. If the weekly low score ends in a tie, the debit is the same for all teams. First High Score Of The Week....................$10.00 Second High Score Of The Week....................$5.00 Low Score Of The Week...........................$-2.00
  6. Yes! I run an Auction League with two keepers. You must keep two every year with a three year max on eligibility. 4.2 Player Protection Each Franchise will be required to keep two players from their prior year’s roster and carry them over to their upcoming season roster. The protected players can be made up of any two players on your roster, regardless of position.
  7. Auction-2 Keeper-PPR League, $200 budget Currently I'm leaning $38 Antonio Brown (third year keeper) $25 Julian Edelman Leaves me with $137 for 13 players.
  8. I'm in a two keeper league as well. I'd go Thomas and Charles. D.Thomas because of Peyton Manning. Charles because KC doesn't throw touchdowns to their Receivers and Charles is not in a running back by committee situation. Jeremy Hill is splitting carries with Bernard. M.Evans, hummmm, rookie QB I guess is his only worry for him. And a running QB no less. I had Jeremy Hill last season, he was awesome! Keep in mind, Bernard was injured, remember? But I still think Hill is the better back, but with Charles as an option, Hill is second in my book.
  9. Hilton, do not think otherwise!!! Ellington, Stewart. Stewart will be injured soon. Ellington, is too risky. J.Randle, tough to say really. It's 50/50 if he will be good this year or will it be running back by committee? So Hilton is on a high scoring offense. Andrew Luck. Do not think about any others by TY.
  10. Forsett makes me nervous because he's only had one good year for his age. however, Ryan Mathews might be a surprise. And Yeldon and Gurley, might be good come mid season, as a lot of rookies figure it out by then.
  11. Hummm, interesting idea. Keeper league here as well. I will assume you draft your kicker and defense last. and I don't know how many rounds you have. But if this has been brought up by others in your league, is round 10 to late? I'd personally draft him last, because he's still a risk for next season depending on how bad this injury is. You have two IR spots, what's the harm? DRaft players that done have a history of injuries and you should be fine.
  12. Reminds me of Fantasy Baseball....there, I said it. April = Hamstring injuries in FBB. August = Hamstring injuries in FF.
  13. You mean I actually have to read? Fair enough, I'll give the article a look over or two.
  14. Will there be one this year, or have I missed the article?
  15. I haven't read the other replies to your issue, but this is our rules on keepers, protection status and etc. 4.3 Protection Rules A protected player can be kept on a roster for no more than 3 consecutive years (you can draft a player 1 year, then he can be kept twice after that). Undrafted Free Agents are always considered 1st year players. The “keeper clock” for a player (whether drafted, traded, or picked up on the waiver wire) begins from the time that he was first acquired as an Original Draft Pick or as an Undrafted Free Agent. The longest amount of time a player can be undrafted is three years. The only way for a players protection status to start over is, he must enter the free agent pool and be redrafted. Having a players protection status reset on draft night has eliminated this issue. I'm unsure what protection year AP is in your league, but in my league, he could be kept, as long as it's within the three year cycle. Add something into your rules to prevent this in the future.