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  1. Scorned Owners....DND 2020

    That was me last season, was #1 on my dnd this yr (I would have in the 5th)
  2. Julio Jones inactive

    Thanks, saved me in 3 leagues today
  3. Bad calls for Sunday games

    Per 24 refs are full time as of 2018, however at $205,000 per year, even if they are part time, I doubt they are working at much the rest of the time Sorry, then I read that they went back to part time refs in July of 2019, but like I said above, after making 200K as a ref, are you really looking for other part time work at 20 bucks an hour?
  4. Landry also has 7 games with 5 receptions or less, didn't score his 1st ts of the season till 4 games ago, and 34 of his 59 rec this season have come in the last 5 games. It took a while for them to click, but they seem to be on the same page now
  5. Bad calls for Sunday games

    Makes me think of jacques plante (the 1st nhl goaltender to wear a mask) who said " how would you like a job, where everytime you made a mistake a red light went off and 18,000 people booed you"
  6. Bad calls for Sunday games

    Idk, the game happens in real time, not in replay, lmk how you feel when every play takes 3-5 minutes because they want to review the actions of all 22 guys on the field before making a ruling. Life isnt perfect, football isnt perfect, and the refs aren't perfect. Not sure I really enjoy the current product, not sold that more replay, and the cost to create a perfectly called game will be better.
  7. Just like odb and Landry, often 1 gets 10 targets, the other 5
  8. Trade ethics?

    I think the lesson here is dont accept an offer before the player has played
  9. Bad calls for Sunday games

    The refs don't want the rule, it was forced on them and now everytime one is challenged they get offended, and are trying to teach coaches not to challenge them. They will call the game as they see it.
  10. Colin trying out for NFL teams?

    I assumed this was part of his deal with the nfl, they settled his lawsuit against him, and now that a bit of time has passed they can "promote" him and say they did their part to help get him back into the league. As long as he gets a vet minimum offer there could be no further claims that he was blackballed or kept out of the league.
  11. What do you need tonight?

    Down 11 with Dak and J Peppers agaisnt Barkley
  12. Money League... reasons to quit midseason

    Isnt this the 2nd thread you have started about this, if your that unhappy pack up and walk. But with a friends and family league, suck it up, play it out, and respectfully decline next year
  13. wow. Never seen this before!

    Most of my leagues lock guys on wensday, no FCFS
  14. Dolphins vs Steelers (MNF)

    Who had money on the fin's scoring 1st?
  15. Game time decision

    This would make a great weekly cheat sheet