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  1. Bump
  2. Ibl is still up and going, still need a few more. Pm sent to you
  3. My gibberish to English dictionary translates this as: he would love to see calvin back, but doubts the impact of either lynch or calvin
  4. Bump
  5. Can you link the scoring, and what format do you use for waivers (fcfs blind bid team record )
  6. Sorry, i thought you wrote this was a 16 team league. Must have been a different post. How many teams?
  7. What? Start 20 and have a 30 man roster? A backup qb rb wr te dl lb db would take 7 of the 10 spots
  8. 3 more needed
  9. 4 more needed
  10. Thats a question for your commish, not us
  11. Bump, looking for experianced redraft players who enjoy trading and have thw time to draft.. seeking 5 more (idealy experianced huddle folk). This is a truely unique setup and a ton of fun Looking to start the first 3 drafts july 31... in total 80 of the 96 spots are taken
  12. ( with all due respect ) What does this have to do with the OP subject?
  13. This has been done before - Barry Sanders