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  1. 2020 Huddle Superbowl Box Pool

    Just think of it as 1 Starbucks latte per square.
  2. 2020 Huddle Superbowl Box Pool

    I'll take 4 (8) max etc
  3. Almost a million a week to tell us what's going on, on the field, of a game we are watching. Wow!
  4. Titans vs Ravens

    Tannehill was fantastic the 2nd half leading the Titans, #4 qb in scoring from weeks 9-16, and #2 in average points per game (as the titans had a late bye)
  5. 2020 Huddle Superbowl Box Pool

    In for 4 on each board
  6. Message Board League #1 Chat

  7. NEWS Thread

    I still need to trade him in one league, keep the news coming
  8. Milk Carton -Week 16

    M brown, 6 yrs? Come on down
  9. The waiting is the hardest part

    Only 2 really in doubt: Down by 5 with pascal, Kamara and Thomas again a walker (lb indy) Down by 20 with Kamara and Leonard (lb) vrs Thomas- big play idp, certainly doable
  10. Pick two WR full point PPR

    Likely sutton and pascal for me. Gallup would get some consideration here to
  11. Venting: Never bench your studs BS!!!!

    Reading this as I sit here and ponder d Adam's or z pascal. With Hilton a game time decision I cant pull the trigger and start Pascal . (My other 2 are Landry and woods)
  12. Milk Carton

    Thank you magic milk carton, thank you
  13. Milk Carton

    M Brown, where are you?
  14. Dynasty leagues, FAAB and roster size

    All I play is dynasty, but all my leagues differ, the salary cap and contract cap have alot more turnover of talent then the 40 man (idp) keeper style dynasties. Like you said, the Kamara owner was dominating for the last couple of years, and you didnt mention how you ended the year, just that you had been in 1st at some point after being 9th last year. And I posted 12 1st round picks of the last 3 years that have had almost no impact on any fantasy team. That's a 33% failure rate on 1st round picks (which is how many bottom teams get better)
  15. Dynasty leagues, FAAB and roster size

    This is why i prefer salary cap or contract cap leagues, where you give the players a contract, and they become a free agent at the end of a couple of years. if i was able to hold players indefinitely i don't know how a bottom team would be able to improve ( or a mid bottom team) the owner at the bottom got zeke, got jacobs, Gurley etc, but the owners who finish 8,9,10,11th and don't get the top guy (instead drafted: Guice, Penny, Ross, Perine, Z Jones, Coleman, Treadwell, Doctson, Yeldon, d Parker, Ameer, Green-Beckham) are still bottom dwellers, and what would you keep going if that was 3 of your last 4 drafts?