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  1. i count 18 yes votes, with only the Eagles who havn't paid their '17 dues yet. (he said the cheque was in the mail) (had the rule committee allowed leaguesafe we would already know for sure...) The Bills and Seahawks don't have to pay for '17, the Jets have not voted
  2. I didn't even make you an offer and you called out my players!!! Recent article on dlf talked about allen robinson being worth the 1.01 and the 1.01 being worth the 1.04 AND 1.06. Not saying I agree with all their valuations but I don't think who ever came up with robinson for the 1.10 and 1.13 trade idea was grossly off base in their valuation
  3. What's wrong with my robinson and 2.03????
  4. No - motion passed
  5. I would like to see a rule where the league is able to run a vacant team for a year, as league dues are paid, all reasonable efforts will of course be taken to find an owner, but in such an event as one can not be found, the league (spearheaded by 3 owners -> the commish plus 2 non division teams) can manage the day to day operations (set line ups, waivers, erfa rfa's and reply to dts bidding), but can not trade, other then draft picks (during the draft), for picks at least 1 round higher then the pick otb, and not without a post "best offer after 4 hours (for example)", with no negotiations. They can also take part in auctions but contracts awarded can not be longer then 2 years - so the new owner can free them self of a player easily, any erfa or rfa could be signed normally to a contract up to 5 years. I have been apart of other salary cap leagues, where IMO the best thing for the team is give it a year to clear salary penalties let bad contracts expire and be a "lame duck". With a league of this size, little is available on the Wire and keeping 32 owners is exponentially more difficult then 12 and 16 team leagues. This may greatly assist the rebuilding efforts of a franchise, and not keep other owners held hostage over the poor state of any one time. I would also like to see any owner who takes over a team that had been vacant for a year, contribute 3 years of deposit to the league,to ensure its stability
  6. K.S Sends T Hill (TS) 1.12 and 5.10 (from GAF trade) ATWNN sends Allen Robinson Mark Barron $7 Accepted in MFL
  7. For #2, would that be for all teams, or just those still active (in which case, 1 year only)
  8. Philadelphia Eagles (ParrotTale) proposed a trade with TENNESSEE TITANS (MILLWORKGUY): Philadelphia Eagles (ParrotTale) will give Dixon, Kenneth BAL RB Gibson, Brandon NEP WR Dobbs, Demarcus FA DT Pierre-Paul, Jason NYG DE Thompson, Darian NYG S Year 2017 Round 1 Draft Pick from Minnesota Vikings (Nasty95) To TENNESSEE TITANS (MILLWORKGUY) for Walker, Delanie TEN TE Griffen, Everson MIN DE Brown, Zach BUF LB Weddle, Eric BAL S
  9. i've sent a trade offer for the cash and the draft picks they didn't move yet either, so i added the draft picks to this trade as well
  10. i re-offered the trade
  11. The cash was written in the comments section, as cash wasn't available to trade when first offered, similar to my 1st trade.
  12. I don't recall the nfl saying you have to start a qb, wr or te either but all of those are required, and the rule doesn't take effect to '19. There is no urgant need to add an rb, or any increase in their value tomorrow, this is 2 years away to give teams a chance to make some changes...
  13. Bootleggers send rights to Julio Jones 4.05 KS sends 3.05 4.13 $5 bucks
  14. It loaded for me just now