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  1. Prioritize these WW adds

    Gabriel Cobb/ barber bassed on need
  2. Gronk.

    Really glad I traded him 3 weeks ago....
  3. Josh Gordon to the Patriots

    I plan on starting him next week
  4. Week 6 Milk Carton

  5. Oh, that's right. He said collusion wasnt a crime
  6. Wasnt that Donald trump's line...?
  7. Week 6 Milk Carton

  8. WR Help...

    Baldwin, 1 target last week, cant trust him yet
  9. Baldwin - Do you trust him?

    +1 not enough targets in sea, and he was a decoy last week
  10. +1 Integrity of the league is at stake, not them both, set their lineups for the rest of the season, and look for 2 new owners. Your rules should cover this...
  11. Need WR help!!

    Dont start the injured (out) ones! Not sure what else you really want someone to write about, you gave no waiver wire options, and as you pointed out, you may only have 2 healthy (playing) wr....?
  12. I'm starting Saquon. Right?

    Always start your studs!!!!!!
  13. Playoff Strategy/Losing on purpose

    No, I play to win every game. I may trade away assets on a rebuilding team, but I will not intentionally lose. FF is full of enough surprises I dont need to help it along
  14. Weird points question.

    McDonald did have 1 rec for 6 yards...
  15. Weird points question.

    Yes, on mfl click on the points and it should give you a breakdown 9n how he got it. Often I see it when offensive players get a tackle, or kickoff/ punt return yards etc