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  1. Dynasty Draft Question

    Lol, wait for the draft for a better idea of value, how large is your league? Tour and suck for a 2qb. One of 5/6 better be a qb or your be stuck again...
  2. No emails for followed forum?

    Same goes for me
  3. General Rookie Chatter

    I've seen him as the #2 - 4 te, at this point I think landing spot will be a big factor between goedert Andrews gesicki and hurst
  4. Whats the Over/Under on this, 5 days?
  5. Jets Trade up

    Maybe the jets want to get to #1, and cle is willing to move back to hold 3 and 4, driving the price for both way up, and would then move back again... (having taken lessons from trading day)
  6. Jets Trade up

    And more importantly stopped another team from doing the same thing (Moving to 3)
  7. ConFusion - BOTH Dynasty Opening Contract cap 3 year dts
  8. TB TEs

    As a brate owner in multiple leagues, I hope they try to trade Howard
  9. Bell Making it impossible to sign long Term

    That's just re-mortgaging your house for another 5 years so you can go out to eat... Tomorrow never seems to catch up to today.
  10. Bell Making it impossible to sign long Term

    Such is the value of scarcity, bet you someone would pay it.
  11. Blood test for concussions approved by FDA

    I just don't ever want to see this being used for an advantage. A questionable hit on the 2nd play of the game, forcing a qb to the locker room for 30 min, has a much different outcome then the same hit 5 seconds prior to halftime...
  12. Blood test for concussions approved by FDA

    i wonder how long it would take to get the results, are we talking 2 min or 30 min?
  13. Alex Smith

    That's also part of the handshake deal, as they wouldn't give up a 3rd for a player they couldn't sign to a deal, kcc had the deal in place with Wash subject to them agreeing with him to an extention. Only once both parts where done, did we hear he would be on the move.. he is still in Oct and as of now has yet to sign the extention
  14. [dynasty] Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB

    LOL, just making sure thats what you meant... i'm not sure i want to imagine that 3some (both of them, trying like gophers to get in there at the same time...) Damn, now i'm starting to imagine it... gotta get away...
  15. [dynasty] Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB

    Because they liked to Brown nose?