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  1. The NFL is planning for a full season with full stadiums

    And how do things open back up again, before this is solved everywhere, (and even then, will you really believe it is) otherwise this may just happen again
  2. The NFL is planning for a full season with full stadiums

    There are in fact already documented cases of people getting this twice
  3. 1st round of Position changes out on MFL

    Yes, Help -> official stat changes -> player position changes
  4. ARI: Charles Washington from CB to S ARI: Jalen Thompson from CB to S ARI: Trevon Coley from DT to DE ARI: Caraun Reid from DT to DE ARI: Jordan Phillips from DT to DE ATL: Dante Fowler from LB to DE ATL: Kemal Ishmael from LB to S BAL: Jihad Ward from DT to DE BUF: Leterrius Walton from DE to DT CAR: Zach Kerr from DE to DT CAR: Juston Burris from CB to S CAR: Stacy McGee from DE to DT CHI: Robert Quinn from DE to LB CHI: Abdullah Anderson from DT to DE CIN: Trayvon Henderson from S to CB DEN: Shelby Harris from DT to DE DEN: Dre'Mont Jones from DT to DE DEN: Deyon Sizer from DT to DE DET: Frank Herron from DT to DE GB : Tyler Lancaster from DT to DE GB : Will Redmond from CB to S GB : Tramon Williams from S to CB HOU: Jake Martin from DE to LB JAX: Rodney Gunter from DE to DT JAX: Cassius Marsh from DE to LB LAC: Cortez Broughton from DE to DT LAR: Tanzel Smart from DT to DE LAR: Jake McQuaide from LB to DT LAR: Sebastian Joseph-Day from DE to DT MIA: Eric Rowe from CB to S MIN: Ifeadi Odenigbo from DT to DE NE : Tashawn Bower from DE to LB NE : Byron Cowart from DE to DT NO : Noah Spence from LB to DE NYG: Rashaan Gaulden from S to CB NYG: Julian Love from CB to S PHI: Jalen Mills from CB to S PHI: Albert Huggins from DE to DT SF : Jimmie Ward from CB to S SF : D.J. Reed from S to CB TB : Codey McElroy from TE to WR TB : Deiondre' Hall from S to CB TEN: Jack Crawford from DT to DE TEN: Vic Beasley from DE to LB TEN: Jordan Williams from DE to LB TEN: Kareem Orr from CB to S TEN: DaQuan Jones from DE to DT WAS: Simeon Thomas from S to CB WAS: Nate Orchard from LB to DE
  5. So what new thing are you doing?

    For almost 10 years, my boss at the time liked having a drinking buddy, 3-4 pints a night, 5-6 times a week, all on his dime.
  6. So what new thing are you doing?

    My wife's an addiction and mental health therapist. Trying to only drink on the weekends with her, don't want to start mid day with the kids around. Or get to where I'm drinking daily (again). That was me 24-15 years ago.
  7. The NFL is planning for a full season with full stadiums

    Funniest thing is say the other day, woman walking around with gloves, gets what she needs, walks out of the store and lights a cigarette and starts smoking with her gloves on. She should have just licked everything she touched the past half hour. And I loved the guy being so careful, (also with gloves) when his phone rings he gets it out and puts it to his face. Just a false sense of security
  8. The NFL is planning for a full season with full stadiums

    It was that way here 2-3 weeks ago, since then its been much better, inventory continued to arrive, stores limited hoarding (2 of something max) and people calmed down and started helping each other. We are in regular contact with about a dozen of our neighbors with kids the same age as our daughters (and the elderly) and we know what people are looking for or need. none of them will need for anything i have
  9. The NFL is planning for a full season with full stadiums

    There is no proof you can't get it twice, many professionals are expecting a rebound on this
  10. The NFL is planning for a full season with full stadiums

    Gloves are actually being shown to be a false sense of security and could lead to more widespread problems. This virus is droplet infectious. So gloves allow you to spread the droplet from location to location, your hands are built to withstand the droplets, the problem it that most people touch their face 20 + times an hour. when your hands have the virus on them, and then you touch your face that is where the problem comes into play. people wearing gloves just manage to spread it to each item they touch making it more widespread. Unless your working with a family member with Covid 19, let the professionals have the gloves.
  11. So what new thing are you doing?

    Pots and pans may have to suffice in order for that to occur at the moment Maybe with some chopsticks? I'm sure the downstairs Tennant would love that
  12. So what new thing are you doing?

    So, i have really fat fingers from my years as a cabinetmaker, i even have difficulty with bowling balls, my thumbs just dont fit. My daughter suggested a stand up base, just can't see myself doing that. My wife has small hands and a 3/4 size guitar, my daughter has a full size one, struggling to keep this going
  13. Mock draft, anyone?

    Sure, why not
  14. So what new thing are you doing?

    I've found some paint and primer laying around the house, time to get rid of some of the colors we got when we bought the place
  15. The right way to do Social Distancing

    As my wife works in a hospital, we have it at the door, everyone uses it as soon as we enter the house. I was reading they think the virus can live in the air (from a cough) for about 3 hours, and on the surface for 24-48 hours. Pump gas, get cash back etc etc, we passed 21,000 new cases already today, yesterday was the 1st time over 20,000 after days of 15,000 and we still have 8+ hours to go today.