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  1. Washington ????????

    Honestly doubt there would ever be a consensus, being "offended" is impossible to prove, and unique to the individual. I think we need to take the high road, and err on the side of respect. While we have never been perfect, lets spend the time and listen, rather then trying to change the subject.
  2. Washington ????????

    Washington Corruption ?
  3. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    I never asked for your CV, i asked you several questions, and your sources as nothing have ever read has said we are part of a second wave, Nor have i read, that an asymptomatic rate of 80% mean that 80% of all health care staff are infected (as you previously wrote) and we agreed that asymptomatic people can pass it onto others and cause them to be symptomatic. Please cite your sources, you haven't bothered to actually reply to me, you keep saying "I'm a doctor" having conversations with friends and co-workers. I have those too, Can you link something. You asked how many Md's and Rn's are getting tested,and no-one recently you know has been positive, I said plenty of testing where i am and unfortunately some positive results.. Also you said this is following a predictable path of prior corona viruses, which ones? And if it has been so predictable, why hasn't it been stopped yet? And why did the states open back up so early. How can wearing a mask be against your rights, but everyone respects a sign saying "no shirt, no shoes no service". I think i know what your trying to say, but honestly still shocked that you can sit here and say you have been involved with this since before it hit the shores of the united states and since we don't know what asymptomatic means (and by that i take it, you are saying, you don't know how well they transmit the disease, if they actually produce antibodies or how long they stay in the system for) the "fix" for the NFL is to just not test, as we did agree, that asymptomatic people can pass it to others, and those who get it, may be symptomatic that isn't a "fix" is it. As those asymptomatic people may cause more and more symptomatic cases. We are seeing a 5% infection rate in testing on NHL and NBA players, ( approx 300 of each tested) I'm asking questions, of your posts, and you said this is a FF forum and not here to debate anyone, and that your apart of plenty of other groups to discuss covid. honestly if you can't be bothered to answer a few questions, about what you said why post. Also why is your post in 2 different fonts?
  4. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    No, i didn't. You came in here almost 2 weeks ago banging your chest spewing out "its anticipated path" and the problem of testing asympotmatic people. You then implied your an infectious disease doctor and now, you want to say this is a football forum, and not a place for Covid. Feel free to try and rewrite your own history, but your words are there for all to see. You didn't have to do anything other then answer the OP, but you wanted to, and now 2 weeks later as the numbers in Tennessee have increased by 28% you attempt to belittle what you started, and backtrack on your own statements. That Lunacy you spoke about doesn't only happen on FB, We just saw it happen here. After being part of the problem, you want to walk away from the conversation, and pretend you where always on the side of caution. Why do you feel the problem with Covid is that you have to quarantine if your positive? as in your own words the solution, is to not be tested.
  5. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    No, you argued that the asymptomatic rate of 80% would result in all medical professionals out of their workplace for 14 days, I disagreed as 100% of all medical staff haven't caught this. So an 80% asymptomatic rate wouldn't equal 80% of the workforce. So your argument is that Seattle is seeing its second wave, and not a dip in numbers from lower testing, (as you, a doctor previously recommended mild symptoms not ger tested) or from testing the wrong groups of people/ or those who had milder cases just stayed home and never got tested. while Texas is still seeing its 1st wave (I wasnt thinking on such a micro level) Honestly, 122,000 dead, and a doctor recommends not being tested, unless your really in bad shape. Go run your small business, go infect your staff, co-workers, their parents, dont you have an oath to save people? I thought you where an otolaryngologist and not an infectious disease doctor. Most of the southern states numbers seem to be rising with their dis belief of this.
  6. Deebo Samuels broken foot

    I've been here for awhile, I'm enjoying drafting, but certainly can't pull the trigger on a win now type of deal
  7. Deebo Samuels broken foot

    Congrats, now donate yourself to science and let's get a cure going.
  8. Deebo Samuels broken foot

    He has a difficult job, and his boss has been saying for months this (covid) isnt an issue. Hospitals by nature take more precautions than elsewhere, and newer hospitals likely have less staff infection then older hospitals (less ward rooms, larger nursing stations, more room to distance). I'd be willing to bet he has been walking a tightrope for months, and at the end of the day we are all safer with his experience and expertise in that role, then a hand picked puppet. Aside - I dont believe any elected official speaks the truth on a daily basis. And in my last 6 years as a customer service manager, most of the public isnt much better. ( I'm done ) back to the matter at hand (or foot, rather)
  9. Deebo Samuels broken foot

    The guy is doing his job
  10. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    Yes it will, I just disagree that it was declining in most metro area's. I think a few large cities were declining, and the rest just really hadnt seen it yet. If there was a dip in #'s it could also be that the state was looking at the wrong people. Also as you wrote, people may not have wanted to be tested (and lose a paycheck). The better # is hospitalized, if your sick enough (with health care) you will go. Some (business) didnt have the patience to let science do its thing and get us through this. In feb we were told the "15 cases will be 0 soon" we saw slow movement to some of the less populous area's, and by the time we actually saw this thing actually spread things were already open in some area's (as they assumed they had already seen it go) Not sure I've seen anyone (in the scientific community) Express that we are in the 2nd wave, in fact Fauci recently spoke about being able to avoid a 2nd wave if we can be smart about things. As our understanding of the virus expands it doesnt surprise me that fewer health care workers are getting in. But in my urban area healthcare infections are about 25% of all cases. My wife is at the hospital that has 22% of our states hospitalized cases, and is responsible for almost 8% of all testing. They have had 3 outbreaks, they have a testing center open 12 hours a day, just for staff. Anyone who spent 15 min or more on a floor that had an outbreak, or staff member who wakes up with a headache or cold, or any social worker (who maybe required to be in a full suit holding an iPad so family can say goodbye) can be tested. And 80% of all health care staff wouldn't be out of the hospital, (just those who test positive, you assumed everyone was asymptomatic)
  11. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    And just because your asymptomatic, doesn't mean you passing it on to someone else will lead them to be asymptomatic as well. You could very well cause the death of your parents or partner.
  12. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    When did the 1st wave end? I dont recall seeing the numbers below 20,000 new cases a day since the beginning of March. All that it looks like is its moved from high density area to the lower density parts of the US, and to those area who opened up early
  13. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    FROM MFL - you purchase your MFL league and the NFL cancels the 2020 season completely, then your league payment will be automatically carried over to the 2021 season. -If the NFL plays at least 7 weeks of the season (whether it is a continuous 7 weeks or broken up into several periods), then we will consider it to be a full season, and your MFL purchase will be considered as payment for the 2020 fantasy season as usual. -If the NFL plays at least 1 week, but less than 7 weeks, then we will consider it to be a partial season, and your league payment will be carried over to the 2021 season.
  14. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    I'd roll it forward to next season. I believe MFL is free if they play less then 7 games, so I'd likely not charge any fees for year 2021 (maybe MFL charges only) and play out the (21) year for what's left of 2020 dues.
  15. Quarantines and Handcuffs

    Still killing a 1000 a day in the states, (10 times that of cars, and just less then tobacco, but typically tobacco takes decades, not months ) . Btw, this maybe the new normal till a cure is found. I love Trump saying there is nothing to worry about, but if you get Corona at my rallies I'm not responsible. Look at Florida and Texas, 2 of the 1st states to open up. They are flying up the charts of infectious persons (and dead). Texas has nowhere near the density of New York, new Jersey, Illinois, but is 6th in cases. Hopefully such a cavalier attitude to this virus doesn't kill one of my relatives or friends, I really don't care what consenting adults do, as long as my family is safe from others stupidity.