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  1. Game time decision

    This would make a great weekly cheat sheet
  2. KC vs Broncos (TNF)

    Yeah, but when? Next week, month, season or with his next career?
  3. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    Looks like he is going to get a real slow and gentle introduction to broadcasting. Well scripted, nothing to do with the evening, just a couple of lines
  4. Anyone else smell a Gronk return

    Well his halftime commentary was REALLY interesting, (kelce and kittle are the 2 top te's now)
  5. Monday Night Football Browns/49ers

    12 targets between them tonight, little less then usual, but they certainly showed that they are not close yet...
  6. Forced Acceleration Of Dues Payment To Process A Trade?

    so happy i blocked his content a year ago writing a guide book, or professional troll, don't care either way
  7. Monday Night Football Browns/49ers

    cant believe odb, was that selfish, your down by 25 with 7 min to go. stop trying to do it all, and play it smart (don't fumble away the ball)
  8. John Ross to IR

    No, i'd go the Cannabis route. less permanent
  9. MB League #2 10 teams

    Hope it stays that way,
  10. Fumble on Moore?

    Will find out on Thursday
  11. DE roster help

    I'd run with Ingram, the colts o-line is awful ,
  12. Trade picks? Does this help or hurt me?

    No, the 9th could be your starting qb or te etc. Look at your draft board, how does X & Y player in the 3rd and 12 compare to A & B 8n the 5th and the 9th Do you see as much difference between the potential 3rd and 5th round picks as that from the 9th to 12th?
  13. Who keeps ending up on your teams this year?

    Only later round guys I I look for A Miller, Singletary, njoku,
  14. Where is Ekeler being selected?

    6.04 in a 12 team redraft, 7.07 in a 10 team best ball, (which is 64th pick in both leagues)
  15. MB League #2 10 teams

    Waiting for you to draft..