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  1. Hyde, Abdullah or Kamara this week?

    Abdullah isnt consistant enough to roll with in small leagues (12 team) i know its a flex spot but in standard scoring id bench him till we see regular productuon. Kamara is seeinf an increasing roll and they just moved ap, but its a timeshare with ingram, so id gi hyde
  2. Trade for Kamara?

    Hopefully he isnt also on the site with us all thinking he is an idiot for doing so...
  3. Sketchy trade?....LM getting a good haul here

    would also help to know more about the 2 teams in question and the league, if its dynasty or redraft. Makes a huge diffenece in this type of trade (also contracts etc etc.) If owner b gets to keep gallman for 3 plus years and pryor is a free agent end of season.. Or team b is 4-1 and pryor is his wr4 and needs rb depth and a bye week qb, i can see a ton or scenaro's where this deal would make sense to 1 owner or the other
  4. Help with this trade

  5. In WR trouble, Recommendations? Possible trades I can do.

    grab kupp and amendola off waivers. Not sure how much id be in a hurry in a non ppr, can you package l murray (after tonight) or blount and a wr for anothwr wr2 type
  6. Bench My Defense?

    I did this once years ago in the championship game, if you can go for it, assumung if course you dont allow stat corrections that come out later this week
  7. In WR trouble, Recommendations? Possible trades I can do.

    How large is your league, and who is on the ww. How many wr's do you start. Hogan is fine as 1
  8. Trust J. Howard this week??

    Always start your studs.
  9. What WILL Brown do for you?

    Jaron browm has gone to almost 100% of the offensuve snaps in the past two weeks, after starting in the 70% range. He has 29 targets and 14 catches after not getting a single target the first week (14 205 1 line so far) and while arians may have said sont sleep om john brown, he said jaron brown was the teams wr2. (In my 32 team league,I've had him on my roster for 3 years) waiting..
  10. Week 4 Milk Carton

  11. Dolphins/Saints

    I guess it shows us how bad cutler really is
  12. Week 4 Milk Carton

    Cutler - rather then posting all the 'fins. against this secondary you shoud be doing much better
  13. Baldwin Risky?

    Williams is getting lots of opportunity, just hasnt translated yet. In my 16 team dynasty ive got paul r lined up to go in his place
  14. Jamison Crowder

    Not at that price
  15. Howard Jordan

    And on my bench...