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  1. Cole Beasley deep league value

    And honestly, even if drafted do you ever feel comfortable starting him? He is 30, comming off a wr44 season, I'm sure I can find youth I'd rather gamble on, versus a career year at this point
  2. Remember, with 12 keepers your 1st round is basically the 2nd, so while you have pick 3, cmc, Kamara, Barkley, mahomes, etc etc wil be kept.
  3. Message Board Leagues

    Haven't seen my notice for board 2, but I'm in!
  4. 14 Team League

    Just remember, the larger the league, the scarcer talent is, you can easily win (or lose) with the fliers at the end of the draft. Research,
  5. If you trade 2 of your keepers for 1 and the pick bump, who else will you get to keep?
  6. Best drafting position?

    Depends on how you a see the tiers, do you want 3 of the top 25 picks, 2 of the top 13 and 4 of the top 37, or... 3 of the top 30. If you dont care which of the top 4(6?) backs and trust at least 1 wr will go take spot 7 and better a higher ranked player on the return. Once you have your own rankings (or rankings you agree with) you can determine where you want to be
  7. If it's a paid league then there is no veto, however, I dont mind owners having to pay a year ahead
  8. Take WR WR with my first 2 picks?

    Only 3 owners get points regularly from the te spot, I'll take quantity here, and work a deal a little later in the season. Typically I draft 3 te's, and 1will hit.. last year it was ebron and cook around round 12/13 that paid off for my redraft teams
  9. Take WR WR with my first 2 picks?

    The later I am in the draft, the more willing I am to go wr/wr and then look to go rb/rb/rb. I find after landing 2 stud wr's, I am able to stream rb's this way fairly easily, and be able to count on weekly points from all positions.
  10. Dynasty Jackson Trade

    I certainly hope your not in a superflex league, Otherwise still no. If your building, why would you trade a young qb, for Arob? I'd move Ben 1st,
  11. The 1st couple of rounds are sure bets for me, start taking risks with a couple later picks, who would you get in the 7th (rather then Thomas) that makes William's in the 17th worth it? And with 24 keepers, that 7th is actually a 9th, so what rb3, or wr3 makes you happy to go from William's to Thomas
  12. Thomas and Kamara for me, although Luck would also be in the conversation. Im going for the 2 players that have a 1st/2nd round replacement value, and dont cost me a high pick. So you end up with 4 players worthy of a 1st or 2nd. To start your draft, and you can then afford to draft luck (or another qb in the 3rd). Etc etc Yeah, I'd be selling for whatever pick bump I can get, although your target audience in limited to a couple keepers each, and guys could easily just draft them, so imo bell had no market as a 1st. Williams, drake, luck have the most value
  13. A.J. Green carted to the locker room, ankle injury

    Training staff, medical: strength and conditioning ?
  14. Rumor: Ezekiel Elliott planning a training camp holdout

    I'm glad I dont have EE anywhere. For F's sake, the owner (JJ) is actually negotiating with you, while your under contract and your not showing up. D*** move, shows the world your true character. Show up, be a part.of the team, and have your agents work the deal while your working for the best interests of the team. I'd let him sit on principle now.
  15. D'Onta Foreman released

    The Guy has averaged about 950 rushing yards and 225 passing yards with 6 td a year for the last 3 seasons in Houston. By no means spectacular, but certainly a useful rb2 (in 16 team leagues) rb2/3 in 12 team.