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  1. Howard Jordan

    And on my bench...
  2. id go nelson then kerse
  3. Get RB Henry or Carson?

    I vote henry as well
  4. The Chargers are cursed...

    Fg with 1:10 remaining by miami after koo missed 2 this aftermoon
  5. Week 2 Milk Carton Thread

    For those idp'rs k toomer, d davis and donald and j crowder,
  6. Week 2 Injury Thread

    Next year club?
  7. Backup TE rest of season ?

    Clay, his numners are crazy good last 6 games..
  8. Devonta Freeman for AJ green

    32 team both league hardcore homers. Start 0-2 rb 2-4 wr (Single player pool)
  9. Top 10 receivers

    Show me yours and ill tell you mine,
  10. Devonta Freeman for AJ green

    Could you tell us a little aboit your league? Roster and startings requirments size... If you asking about a 8 team standard scoring or 16 team full point ppr makes a big difference....
  11. Best LBs to start

    No, stay put
  12. Elliott Vs. Mixon

    Mixon wasnt allowed to attend to nfl combine due to his history and wasnt subject to further nfl discipline as he wasnt yet in the league, unlike zeke, who i think now has had 2 cases against him. 1 prior to the nfl ( charges dismissed or crown decided not to file, ive forgotten) the other last summer
  13. Trade term Agreements

    Id also argue that the entire league accepted the conditions of the murray zeke trade when the deal was approved, and all owners had tje ability to raise concerns at that point. Right now, as the commiah you are only reminding the other owner of those conditions, and allowing him a second chance to back out of the deal. I hope your moving quickly in this
  14. Trade term Agreements

    I commish 2 leagues I've never seen conditions such as this allowed for conditional trades, and those leagues I'm in that allow conditional trades lock all the assets in the trade until the conditional aspect of the deal is gone. Personally i feel the conditions travel with the player,( and that murray should never of been allowed to be traded) The question the league must answer is, what happens if you send thomas back (due to zeke being suspended). How are you compensated. The other owner cant be able to void the condition by trading the asset.
  15. Week 1 Milk Carton Thread