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  1. Qb, am I crazy?

    Follow up, I've also got kizer 9n dts, with Rodgers done for the year, there maybe a 3rd (go for broke option)
  2. Rogers And Cobb Done For The Yesr!!

    The week after Aaron Jones injury cost me a visit to the ship... it's a mess their right now, although it does mean I've got 3 options at qb this week (in another league) cam, driskel and kizer. LMAO, I think it's a toss up for who scores the most
  3. Qb, am I crazy?

    Seriously leaning to start driskal vrs cle over cam vrs the falcons. Taking on dynasty team (for the ship) thats gone undefeated for 2 seasons now, and cam seems off. Not sure I can stomach another poor start from him
  4. RIP 2018 Fantasy Football season

    Thank goodness they ( new orleans) is at home new week
  5. Week 15 Milk Carton (Playoff edition)

    Cam Kamara Thomas ..
  6. Ito Smith, knee surgery, done for the season

    That's too bad, took a flier on him late in rookie drafts last year, was happy to see he had an opportunity to show something this season,(hopefully enough to keep him relevant next season) (Falcons to hold off drafting an rb)
  7. What do you need - Quarter final Edition

    Monday morning update:
  8. Yeah, i know this is normally a Monday thing, but after struggling through your lineup with games this week on Thursday, Saturday Sunday and Monday. I held off even looking at "Live Scoring" till now. Of the 3 quarter finals i'm in, i consider myself still alive in all 3: hence the post.. League 1) down by 13, they have Will Lutz and Aaron Donald, I have Kamara, John Johnson (DB) and E Reid. 0.5 PPR League 2) Down by 42, they are finished. I have Newton, Kamara, M Thomas and D Davis (all playing tomorrow night) PPR..... League 3) Big Play IDP with PPR Scoring: up by 60 with Kamara Versus C Jordan (de) C Littleton (lb) R Douglas, D Jackson J Johnson (all 3 are db's) Need Kamara to have a Big evening tomorrow night (among other things) So, How about you...?
  9. Isaiah McKenzie

    I picked him up in a couple of leagues to dts stash, but quarter final round, no way. Have much better options to start/promote before he becomes a consideration
  10. Chiefs/Bolts

    I started William's where I started Allen, 28 points for the 2 of them is acceptable
  11. Spencer Ware Injury?

    Does this make williams now a must start? (baring true rb1 options)
  12. FF Playoff game on the line tonight. Will i win?

    Never over till it's over, an interception is -2 points... 13 min to go..
  13. FF Playoff game on the line tonight. Will i win?

    End of 3, and it looks like your at 13 points Approx 275 yards = 11 1 td = 4 1 int =-2 -1 yr rushing At this pace, you win by 1.. Although they are in the red zone right now
  14. I was being sarcastic, I love both my daughters, and often things move through thurs ans monday nights as well as Sunday's that impact my ability to set a line-up or refine one (set on tuesday). For years I capped myself at 50 buck leagues so that I was never too invested that I would consider missing out on life for FF. This year I'll drop 5 leagues and concentrate on the others (and see how that goes) . We all have lives (FF players and NFL players) its impossible to prevent the outside stuff from having an impact. Esp when they have a cult like following of fans who want to meet them and 6( to 8) figure bank accounts with minimal obligations and lots of "friends" ever ready to help them have a good time and spend it. It's a recipe for disaster, and I'm shocked we haven't seen more of it yet. Too bad it's not just the stars that are held to this standard... (I wonder how many of our league mates or work buddies have a skeleton in the closet that would shock us if we knew the whole story)