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  1. Do people not like Joe Mixon?

    Looks like he slid a bit, but that's likely a factor of your league size and safer options in a start up. Rb appears to be quite deep at the moment, look at the last two rookie drafts, we had 8 first round rb's this year and fournette cook cmc Mixon Kamara and hunt, last year. Add that to Zeke DJ bell Gurley foreman Freeman Howard and you get personal preference (as well as drafting style : win now, vrs build for future) and Mixon falls in that group of owners.
  2. Huddle ibl looking

    Bump, need 2 more for this years team
  3. Huddle ibl looking

    We are back for 2018, looking for a few to play...
  4. Is MFL doing maintenance?

    Taz, should be able to pull in some A Listers - and throw around a few liberal generalizations about everything and make this the next viral hit of 2018. better get on this Taz, expectations are growing.... you have a reputation to uphold
  5. Is MFL doing maintenance?

    This needs to be made into some thing taz, grab a couple of buddies and shoot a short of you freak g out that you can't add a pk and the effect it's having on your life...
  6. we have a problem

    Going through this in a few leagues. In my own ive allowed overseas owners to post on the mfl board. Although i do auctions on mfl (not the huddle)
  7. Deeper Sleepers

    As i'm mainly in Dynasties and certainly wouldn't chase any of these guys in a trade, why not: Quick scan Hurns seems low on that list Paul R - love his route tree vrs that of where Smith likes to throw Hooper - year 3 for a tight end - he may yet get it J Mathews- what is his role with NEP? Yeldon - PPR back, they finally started to trust again 2nd half of the season. remember last year those numbers where over 6 games K Cole - does he continue where he left off Blount - 3rd down and goal line back in Det? Cook - Carr may need an outlet after cooper and Jordy A Wilson - does he take Landry's role in Mia Mitchell - Is he the next go to guy for Brady
  8. changing the franchise tag system

    The inability to follow this forum is huge, typically i follow all the bids on my own players, know when are closed and can check in. Without being able to follow this league, no-one other then the current participants knows its happening...
  9. changing the franchise tag system

    I'd agree If it was waivers or something critical, i dont see the crutical nature of franchise bids, worst case you keep the player. Which was sort of the point of franchising them... And.yeah I know we all can't use our phones at work.
  10. changing the franchise tag system

    I don't mind the idea of using the same assets for each bid, just make accepting a bid FCFS - or allow the bidding team and accepting team 48 hours to make a deal. If i franchised L. Bell, and had a bid on Kamara ( had someone been silly and put 1 yr on him) I'd like to know the outcome of my bid, prior to choosing what i do with Bell
  11. Dynasty, want 1st pick

    Didn't bother to read all of that, and you keep going to rg3, football picks do go bust all the time, but let's remember fantasy football top picks and NFL picks differ. rg3 wasn't a fantasy football 1.01 pick, luck was the highest rated qb that year and still wasn't the 1.01 in any of my qb1 leagues. Your not asking about guice or penny, you want Barkley, and why do you want him? You can lecture us all you want about name hype and how silly it is that we want him and would pay that much for him, but end of day you want him too....
  12. Rashaad Penny

    And yeah, rookie draft, I hope it's too early for the redraft crowds.. 1.03 will be guice, leaving me otc at 4 - needing a whole bunch of help everywhere on this orphan
  13. Rashaad Penny

    Just saw him go 1.02 ...
  14. Dynasty, want 1st pick

    So if the 1.06 and 1.10 = 1.01 and personally (as picks 6 is likely the last of the tier 2 and 10 being a 3rd tier rookie) i see that as light, and funchess and lee are worth the 1.01. You see Funchess is worth the 1.06, and lee the 1.10? Funchess just saw his value take a hit with Moore being picked, and I have him somewhere in the wr20-30 grouping, lee is wr 55 -65 for me. I wouldn't be being buying either guy from you at those prices
  15. Dynasty, want 1st pick

    Let me ask @FastSteve this, if you packaged both your 1.06 and 1.10 what pick would you expect to get back?