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  1. How did Chiefs pick fans to attend?
  2. How many leagues?

    11 this yr 2 best ball 2 big play idp 2 superflex 2 32 team idp single copy leagues 2 typical scoring idp 1 victory points league
  3. How did Chiefs pick fans to attend?

    I think I heard they were about 22% of ticket holders. I'd guess that everyone gets 2 home games
  4. Titans first rounder arrested

    Obviously not mature enough, congrats, on being stupid enough to deserve to be fired prior to actually ever having played a game in the nfl. Glad your chasing your dream
  5. Am I being petty?

    It should be an even number of rounds in a snake draft to ensure you have both the up and down of the draft order.
  6. Message Board League Draft 10 Team

    I started my new job this week and one of the owners and I where talking, and he mentioned his dog, so I asked how old she was and he said 23, I felt so awkward as a mid 40's father of 2 daughters correcting him and saying I asked about your dog, and not his daughter (who also works for the company) and is part of the team of people whose work I review
  7. Message Board League Draft 10 Team

    Just gotta say, yuck.
  8. Message Board League Draft 10 Team

    With the turn, I always trying to predict who will be there in 20 picks, and making picks based on bpa and positional scarcity.
  9. Message Board League Draft 10 Team

    Did you at least shoot a good game?
  10. Message Board League Draft 10 Team

    Hey congrats on the new job. I start mine on Monday, got tired of waiting around for my old boss to call me back to work, as he is too busy with his toys (and his image) to actually focus on growing his company (that was what i did). I'm excited to move on, and be back to work, honestly I was bored but it paid too well to rock the boat too much.
  11. Message Board League Draft 10 Team

    and we are through round 1....
  12. NEP RBs?

    He could be, depending on what round you find him still sitting around. I certainly wouldn't reach for him as you have no idea how long or what role Michel would have upon his return
  13. NEP RBs?

    Yup, continue to avoid them all.
  14. Fantasy this year

    Why not? Come on guys , bring the wife, mistresses and kids (or 1 of the 3) Let's get a full season in. Only 2 states in the continental United States have an infection rate (per million) lower then our entire country, and most provinces on the east coast have gone a month with 10 cases or fewer.
  15. Fantasy this year

    As long as you dont leave, it should be okay. The Jay's were allowed to play, the government didn't want different teams flying in twice a week from the states