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  1. Vikes vs the Saints

    Just WOW
  2. Will be a dispersal draft, still awaiting word from 1 team. I do have some people already interested, and am looking for those with salary cap and idp experiance Auction for F.A., 8 round rookie draft picks will be in the dispersal draft. Salary cap $30 buy in through leaguesafe Rules Open team 1 Open team 2 Open Team 3 Open Team 4 3 1sts and 4 2nd round picks will be part of the draft (including 1.02 1.07 1.10 2.01) plus other picks (33 in total) all 2019 picks are in tact, 1 franchise player per team allowed for players on expiring contracts, as well as 1 contract renegitation (more or less years is allowed) for a player with more then 2 years left on their contract. we are set to get this going then proceed with all other offseason league activities. Send me a pm or post if interested.
  3. 3 spots have been allocated
  4. 2 of the team owners from my 12 team league has asked for spots, still looking for a few more experianced owners
  5. CA Huddler Meet-up

    When Gopher showed up in drag, it kind of changed the feel of it...
  6. DWII has at least 1 open team
  7. I can't help but vent despite winning the title...

    I thought it was becomming a Tron discussion
  8. I can't help but vent despite winning the title...

    Gotta pull tron out again soon...

    I got a 3rd this year. Got a Little better then tube socks ($20, but it doesnt cover the entry fee) gotta ask about that...
  10. I can't help but vent despite winning the title...

    You have to wonder where this came from, -honey I know it's our wedding day and I am supposed to be happy but... -Good work LB, you just saved the company a boatload of money, but your fired - Son, I am proud of what you have done, I just wish you would learn to do it well I have no facts on the validity or accuracy of any of the above scenarios. Any real similarity to actual real events is by chance
  11. What do you need on Christmas?

    I need to be less conflicted. L bell to outscore Hopkins crabtree ertz and McKinney by 25 in 1 league (lol, xmas miracle where are you) And I'm up by 50 with Boswell and bradham vrs l bell and McKinney
  12. Pick my WR... Please!

    Thomas/ hill And how is Sheppard available?
  13. Deion Jones to score less then 22
  14. Keelan Cole JAC WR

    I think i am glad i grabbed him where i could in Dynasty, but not sure i'd be willing to spend a high enough pick to get him in re-draft next year if his production keeps up this year.
  15. Keelan Cole JAC WR

    Isn't Robinson a free agent end of this year?
  16. Antonio Brown injured

    LMFAO I had forgotten all about him..
  17. Week 15 Milk Carton

    Right now I'm looking at 5 points from brown Baldwin and richardson (and mark barron)
  18. Week 15 Milk Carton

    Baldwin Paul Richardson and gronk...where art thou?
  19. I you got Kareemed, how are you adjusting

    Down 45 to 12, luckily he had 2 others start so far (.5 ppr) and not do much, so I've got 2 players in hand to help make this up . As I've got 15 more to play, it's only a couple more points per player to make this up. I'll be sticking with my line-up.
  20. Week 14 MNF what do u need ? Playoff edition

    No, its bragging, as no one asked what you need next week, Again, nope. Bragging, next week wasn't asked about. You could have stopped at " i've got a bye this week" (as do I in several league's,) the rest of us answered what was asked...
  21. Week 14 MNF what do u need ? Playoff edition

    Well, that's useless posturing in this thread. Ask Muto how many of his 70 plus leagues he has a bye in... each weeks win is great and the next round of the playoffs are even better
  22. Week 14 MNF what do u need ? Playoff edition

    Landry butler and McCourty to outscore reshad Jones by 11
  23. The 2018 Browns will draft a QB @ number 1?

    Maybe they use BOTH picks in the 1st on a qb
  24. Antonio Brown missed practice again

    Good I need this win as I just lost gronk for next week...