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  1. Whats the Over/Under on this, 5 days?
  2. Jets Trade up

    Maybe the jets want to get to #1, and cle is willing to move back to hold 3 and 4, driving the price for both way up, and would then move back again... (having taken lessons from trading day)
  3. Jets Trade up

    And more importantly stopped another team from doing the same thing (Moving to 3)
  4. ConFusion - BOTH Dynasty Opening Contract cap 3 year dts
  5. TB TEs

    As a brate owner in multiple leagues, I hope they try to trade Howard
  6. Bell Making it impossible to sign long Term

    That's just re-mortgaging your house for another 5 years so you can go out to eat... Tomorrow never seems to catch up to today.
  7. Bell Making it impossible to sign long Term

    Such is the value of scarcity, bet you someone would pay it.
  8. Blood test for concussions approved by FDA

    I just don't ever want to see this being used for an advantage. A questionable hit on the 2nd play of the game, forcing a qb to the locker room for 30 min, has a much different outcome then the same hit 5 seconds prior to halftime...
  9. Blood test for concussions approved by FDA

    i wonder how long it would take to get the results, are we talking 2 min or 30 min?
  10. Filled

    Will be a dispersal draft, still awaiting word from 1 team. I do have some people already interested, and am looking for those with salary cap and idp experiance Auction for F.A., 8 round rookie draft picks will be in the dispersal draft. Salary cap $30 buy in through leaguesafe Rules Open team 1 Open team 2 Open Team 3 Open Team 4 3 1sts and 4 2nd round picks will be part of the draft (including 1.02 1.07 1.10 2.01) plus other picks (33 in total) all 2019 picks are in tact, 1 franchise player per team allowed for players on expiring contracts, as well as 1 contract renegitation (more or less years is allowed) for a player with more then 2 years left on their contract. we are set to get this going then proceed with all other offseason league activities. Send me a pm or post if interested.
  11. Alex Smith

    That's also part of the handshake deal, as they wouldn't give up a 3rd for a player they couldn't sign to a deal, kcc had the deal in place with Wash subject to them agreeing with him to an extention. Only once both parts where done, did we hear he would be on the move.. he is still in Oct and as of now has yet to sign the extention
  12. [dynasty] Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB

    LOL, just making sure thats what you meant... i'm not sure i want to imagine that 3some (both of them, trying like gophers to get in there at the same time...) Damn, now i'm starting to imagine it... gotta get away...
  13. [dynasty] Garoppolo, Jimmy SFO QB

    Because they liked to Brown nose?
  14. Alex Smith

    Forgot where i read this, but cousins could also sign the tag immediatly , tie up almost 35 million of Washingtons cap space during free agency, refuse to do a long term deal with anyone and screw over washington (as the 35 million would be fully guarenteed)...
  15. They wanted a couple of bucks for the cheque (4 I think) and I had to scroll a bit to find it as an option. My wife and I use the same cc for all our online purchases (for points, as well as purchaser insurance) so I have no interest in another card, also I was redistributing money (to others) so I didn't want "other goods" . Funny how collecting money is so simple, paying it out is a real Pita. With all the "stolen data" these days i prefere not to link my bank accounts , even if it means I've added a step , that was my choice. Their complete lack of customer service is appalling and rather then telling me they would look into it and sort it out (process a cheque for me), they tell you to start the same process (which had already failed me) all over again. At what point does management step up and take care of their clients. I'm sure they invest our money for several months and make money using our money, and then charge us to take it out...
  16. So I have a about 40% of my owners overseas, a few years ago a commish (that many of us was in a league with) was subject to a paypal hack (or ran away) with the league winnings (about 1800) and I turned to league safe to ensure others trusted the funds would be around. Since they joined with fan duel last season all I've heard about is issues actually removing funds from them. At the moment I've been waiting a month for my check, after a week I emailed and was told there was issues with their check printer and I should have it in 1 to 2 weeks. 2 weeks passed, no check, I emailed, please give it another day or two, till we cancel and re-issue. Went away and upon my return, again no cheque. It's now been a month, they are willing to cancel the cheque, but want me to re request the payout and go through this whole process again. At this point it will be 7 weeks since I paid the winners and 6 weeks to see any payment from them. Anyone else having issues with them, any other sites starting up that can handle this?
  17. Alex Smith

    It hasn't been processed yet. It's a deal but on hold till the season resumes..
  18. Ugghh, Now I have to root for NE

    Yup, but it was premeditated. Got minimum 25 years... it's taken me a while to evolve in my feelings. Getting married, having kids of my own. I used to be alot more black and white, it was easy to speak up and be opinionated when it was someone else's family, someone elses son, daughter, brother...
  19. Ugghh, Now I have to root for NE

    Straight up, my cousin also murdered someone..still behind bars..i've never had a conversation about it with him, As he is still behind bars (almost 20 years now) i dont have to find a place yet in my head to put my feelings when i do eventually talk to him. But I also dont know all about the years of abuse he took as this man's hands (Nor was he the only one who suffered abuse). Ill never justify what he did, but my world isnt black or white either....
  20. Mfl Salary/years cap commish...

    Thanks, So mabye this is just a salary cap league issue then. As, in salary cap our salary isn't zero to search for, and i don't think i can set contracts to automatically zero ( as i need to do salary penalties after players are dropped) The search option does let me go down the waiver list and get it all from 1 page, but its still alot more work then "Last waiver run" where only those players would be listed.
  21. Mfl Salary/years cap commish...

    So i commish several salary or years cap leagues in MFL, and i hate the fact that in order to enter the contract info for waiver run players you have to go to each teams page. (Commish Setup -> enter players salaries/contract then drop down menu is a team by team) They also have an option to see free agents with a salary or contract, but there is no option to select rostered players without salary or contract. I've got a ticket in asking that they add "Rostered players without a contact/salary" or "players added in the last waiver run" to the drop down options. Personally i run waivers twice a week, have 44 teams between the 3 leagues and i'm tired of going to all these pages when they should be able to set this up fairly easily to save the league commish a ton of time. So, for those of you with salary or contract leagues, can you also request the same...Thanks
  22. Vikes vs the Saints

    Just WOW
  23. Filled

  24. Filled

    3 spots have been allocated
  25. Filled

    2 of the team owners from my 12 team league has asked for spots, still looking for a few more experianced owners