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  1. Josh Gordon fantasy wagon

    Edelman is suspended 4 games (2 more to go) but he hasn't played since the 2016 season at this point, its anybody's guess what he is able to do at this point
  2. Week 2 Milk Carton

    Howard Earl Thomas...
  3. Lincoln Riley (OU)

    He is already paid like an nfl coach, so does he want it? His name at this point sells recruits on his program, why go to an nfl bottom dweller and lose for 2-3 years to see if you can build it up (it's all risk at that point). If he goes I bet they would have to have draft picks, cap space and a few key cogs in the system already ....
  4. Is It Fair To Implement This Rule Immediately?

    I was shocked by the title as I have many opinions about the role of a commish, and i went to read it, but I've blocked your content so I cant.... Feeling better, dealing with your drama isnt in my life
  5. LMAO, at the above, was thinking the same thing. Are you writing a novel "the idiots guide to being a commish?" So glad I blocked your content months ago, because your FF life is obviously too full of drama...
  6. Vontae Davis walked out on the Bills at half time

    You know you suck when....
  7. Pick one: Agholor, Jones or Allison?

    It would help if you have the scoring system Ppr I'd go agholar Standard I'd go jones
  8. Fournette - Any update on his condition?

    I think den has a 3 headed monster for the short term, I'd stay away until a leader shows up. Booker lindsay and Freeman each had 19 -26-29 snaps respectivly
  9. ESPN says Browns releasing Gordon on Monday

    I wonder if it's a coach versus OC thing. "I told you he wasnt starting last week" "Going to put the best team on the field" "Your going to play who I say you can play" "J.G. will be on the field..." " No, he isnt, ill have him released then..." With Hue needing to show he controlled the room (Long shot, but hey, why not?)
  10. Report: Lions veteran players are mad at Matt Patricia

    I like how rotoworld still has him listed as a DL. Shows me it's not only MFL, that needs to get caught up this season.
  11. Week 1 Milk Carton

  12. The replies to This thread almost make me want to unblock the lone star content l, so I can actually read what the questions is, but I'm sure I'll just be disappointed so I guess I'll have to stay marginally curious....
  13. Reaching a new low

  14. Falcons / Eagles

    Over/under on "... not cleared for contact yet" Are we at 40 yet?
  15. Falcons / Eagles

    I thought that was going to be overturned as well...? New year, same questions
  16. Baron Samedi 2018 Contracts

    (Final @ Deadline) New Contracts - 19 total players McCown - 1 Thompson - 2 Matthews, R - 2 Peake -1 Pryor - 1 Hodges -1 Vannett - 3 Bengals - 2 Cuts: Ivory Adeboyejo, Q Hardy, J Marshall Mitchell - Dead year (This year and next) Anderson (te) Hill, J Bailey DTS - AS is
  17. Baron Samedi 2018 Contracts

  18. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    Glad I passed him by when he was there at 2,
  19. why does the NFL have roster cap (53 playes)?

    The 11th cb isn't going to be a top tier guy, not all players are equal, he will be someone hoping to stay in the nfl, i sign a bunch of them waiting for yours to get injured so i can get a 2nd. By limiting the number of players, you leave room in the open market for teams There are ways around the cap, moving money to signing bonuses, extending deals till players are in their 40's. There will be home team discounts, teams that are able to build championships because players want to sign and play with others, they will leave money on the table to be apart of something, have the best/most depth. Imposing another challenge on the teams, do the best you can with X amount of money and W number of players. forcing teams to cut players due to other needs, and in turn helps other teams by allowing them to sign those players ( works to balance teams)