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  1. FF Playoff game on the line tonight. Will i win?

    Never over till it's over, an interception is -2 points... 13 min to go..
  2. FF Playoff game on the line tonight. Will i win?

    End of 3, and it looks like your at 13 points Approx 275 yards = 11 1 td = 4 1 int =-2 -1 yr rushing At this pace, you win by 1.. Although they are in the red zone right now
  3. I was being sarcastic, I love both my daughters, and often things move through thurs ans monday nights as well as Sunday's that impact my ability to set a line-up or refine one (set on tuesday). For years I capped myself at 50 buck leagues so that I was never too invested that I would consider missing out on life for FF. This year I'll drop 5 leagues and concentrate on the others (and see how that goes) . We all have lives (FF players and NFL players) its impossible to prevent the outside stuff from having an impact. Esp when they have a cult like following of fans who want to meet them and 6( to 8) figure bank accounts with minimal obligations and lots of "friends" ever ready to help them have a good time and spend it. It's a recipe for disaster, and I'm shocked we haven't seen more of it yet. Too bad it's not just the stars that are held to this standard... (I wonder how many of our league mates or work buddies have a skeleton in the closet that would shock us if we knew the whole story)
  4. Yeah, just last week, my wife told me I had to take the kids somewhere at 12:30 est on a SUNDAY. she should know by now I have to finish setting my teams, watch all the 4 pm pregame stuff and of course the wrap up and 7 pm pregame for when I want to swap out Sunday and monday night players. What's with family time effecting my FF time..
  5. they awarded the sack and ff to randy Gregory instead
  6. Best moments so far: First discovering FF, local league that my then gf fot ne to join with her, it was week 2 or something and I was losing again with only Dallas Clark going against their Miami def, and I started monday night down by 20 (ish points). Clark has almost 200 yards, a td Miami scores (-) points and I win. Cementing its appeal . My first championship (for obvious reasons) Of this season... losing earlier this season by 2.9 points ...... till stat corrections came out on Thursday, I got an assisted tackle, they lost a tackle and I win by .1. My 2nd smallest margin of victory ever.
  7. For all your leagues and all your previous teams, I'm sure watching someone else win isn't your best moment... (unless he is Irish jr....) However as I am 0-2 lifetime against mr muto, I will enjoy beating him (if we meet again this year in the finals) 1 regular season game, 1 playoff final over 2 seasons (this far)
  8. Week 12 MNF - whatcha need?

    I need m butler to do what he did last time they played the Texans...
  9. Dropping benched TNF players loophole

    I've only seen this when i first started and played on (Family league), I've i assumed it was allowed as it tends to be a gateway into real FF leagues, as thus beginner friendly for when you look to set your lineup Sunday morning and realize your players are on bye, then the rule can help maintain interest. Bush league IMO, and shouldn't be apart of any paid FF format.
  10. While still questionable njoku does carry a favorable match-up but has played poorly the last 2 weeks . I'd likely lean engram,
  11. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    Yup, that was what i was reading ast night, (across 6-8 outlets) even was saying it, as well that if it happens the Steelers and nfl are not planning to object to him being a 3rd time franchise player
  12. Lev Bell - Something is brewing in Burgh

    I am SO glad i moved on from him this off season.... Don't have him on any of my teams... While curious where/If he will ever show up, not holding my breath or holding out hope for anything....
  13. MNF - Titans vs Cowboys

    Some titans offense would be nice to see for a change, so long as it's not 10-3 I'll be fairly happy
  14. MNF - what do you need? Week 9 edition

    Are you really that far behind already in best ball?
  15. Undroppable lists?

    Yes, return Barkley to her team, league integrity is at stake. Dont invite her back. And set her line-ups if need be. The core 11 will thank you for it in the long run. Done
  16. MNF - what do you need? Week 9 edition

    League 1 ) up by 95 vrs beasley League 2) Up by 89 with sean lee vrs cooper and Davis League 3) Up by 94 vrs Swaim, Vander Esch and ryan (db) League 4) LOL, down by 170 (320 to 150) with beasley and butler to play (orphan rebuild) League 5) Up by 16 with Brown, lee, jones, Vaccaro and trawick (all IDP) vrs Dal qb, beasley, crawford, wilson League 6) Won both games League 7) Won League 8) Won
  17. Deeper Sleepers

    And for those who may question, what 2 pieces went with the trade (and esp those who are idp fans) it was: Penney and gallup for kamara and D leonard
  18. Deeper Sleepers

    So glad i moved him and a 2nd during my draft for Kamara and a 3rd...
  19. Veto this trade?

    1) i assume all leagues are money leagues, otherwise no-one would care to complain 2) dont run leagues that have the ability to vote on a trade. (I am saying enabling other owners to veto a trade is a bad idea and should be taken out of the rules) they paid their money, let them run their team.
  20. SF starting unknown Mullens at QB

    I would have like to have seen them go for it on 4th down at the end of the half
  21. Raiders vs 49ers Game Day Thread

    Many people sabotage themselves....
  22. 1 If successful, drop C Peake, and assign a 1 yr deal

    he will start this week for me at PK
  24. What do you need tonight

    League 1 - Down by 5 PPR with Gordon, Edmunds, White (db) and Chung League 2 - Up by 13 with Hughes and Chung vrs White (rb) League 3 - Up by 9 with Ivory vrs MCCourty and Poyer League 4 - Down by 44 League 5 - up by 24 Vrs Brady (4 pt td's) League 6 - up by 20 with Hughes (de) vs Flowers and Hyde League 7 - Down by 30 with White (rb) and Poyer Vrs Benjamin League 8 - Down by 2 with Brady and Edelman vrs Flowers White (db) and Hyde
  25. 1st ref to ever be fired mid-season in the SB era

    Hopefully the league is also watching tonight's game....more may be on the way...