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  1. Mike Vick

    Yea, during the interview he talked about how they have been drilling him on decision making all off-season, with Knapp and other coaches forcing him to make quick decisions. Based on his tenor and tone, it didn't sound as though it was going that well. I agree, quickly reading the defense, deciphering coverages, and making quick decisions finding the open man DEMANDS intelligence. I wouldn't call Vick quick witted! With the special drills, one would have to conclude its a major concern for the team management as well. I don't think you can teach intelligence, which will render these drills moot IMO. I will be watching to see if he demonstrates he can make quick reads under pressure like many of the aforementioned QBs.
  2. Javon Walker won't report

    I agree and I did see a report indicating the entire league (owners) have privately agreed to hold the line on all hold-outs. The mindset is, if they give into these now, the entire system they have in-place now may fold as every player with a big season will employ the tactic. I agree that Walker is underpaid using just the one season as a "Snapshot", but as Hook puts it, rookies usually don't play up to their contract until year 3. Understanding the owners and league are holding the line in an effort to set a precident for the future, I suspect no one will give in to these hold out demands. On the Grady Jackson front, he already threatened to hold-out, but it gets even more laughable. During the season, he contacted the Packers front office indicating "he needed money". The Packers advanced him a portion of this year's contract. Under the rules of the CBA, that COUNTED as a restructuring preventing Jackson and the Packers from reworking the deal again according to the player's union. I guess a contract can only be reworked once under league rules and his advanced counted as a rework! How you can make millions and need money is beyond me.
  3. Travis Henry

    If things continue as they are assuming they outplace their deal, they will mostly hold-out after hiring Rosenhaus!
  4. Travis Henry

    Ah! My bad, sorry. I agree on your take on the Titans. Giving up a 3rd rounder for a guy with 3-4 good years left seems counterproductive at this point.
  5. Dallas Cowboys to trade CB

    Based on what I have been reading, Hunter was refusing a move to safety, which prompted the trade. With Henry and Newman as the starting corners, Parcells asked Hunter to move to Safety. With Hunter a FA after the season, his agent apparently was against the move based on the lower market value for the safety position.
  6. Travis Henry

    Why? Makes sense to me. Henry is younger and would come at a substantial discount to Alexander, who is demanding a bank breaking deal. IMO, signing Henry to a 3 year deal, saving money, and letting Alexander walk would be a good move. At 29 years of age, Alexander is no spring chicken and he would still demand big $$$ in a market with a glut of RBs.
  7. Alexander won't sign tender

    I dunno. For my money, I would give up a 3rd rounder, obtain the services of Travis Henry, sign him to half the money and let Saun walk. Alexander will be 29 years of age on August 30th as well. With Henry more than a year younger, along with being a more cost-effective option, I wouldn't give in to Shaun IMHO. If he sits, he forfeits Millions. I don't see him being stupid enough to miss any regular season games, period. Pre-season is one thing, losing a huge game-check is another.
  8. What makes CBS a joke? IMO, their interface is the best out-there from a technical perspective and their lay-out and live-scoring is the best I have seen period. I agree, MFL is great for the money, but their live scoring isn't as perfected as CBS and they don't offer gamecenters. CBS also allows you to instantly drop any stat or league info right into Excel for record keeping purposes. From simply a league-hosting service standpoint and cost aside, CBS is at the top IMO. For the money MFL may be the best value, but what makes CBS a joke from a league host perspective?
  9. Horse collar tackle

    Exactly, they allow cut-blocking, which a much higher probabilty for injury, because it allows the offense an advantage. You can't touch a QB, hit with your head, or bump a receiver. The NFL is walking down a very slipper slope which eventually leads to a boring 2-hand touch game. FA, the cap, and expansion have reduced the quality of play, which is why sustained offensive drives are a rarity. The horrible offensive play and constant flags make me sick. This rule is horrible. Its tackle football for heavens sake. You can grab a guy by his hair to take him down, but not his collar. What next?
  10. If you space the double-header weeks out over a number of weeks and avoid by-weeks a bit, you can reduce the luck-factor IMO. Our 12 team leagues play a 17 game schedule, which encompasses 13 NFL weeks. Each division will play each other a total of 9 times with the 8 remaining games to be played vs. the other two divisions in 4 double weeks. Double weeks are weeks in which your weekly starting lineup will play against two opponents simultaneously. Double weeks are indicated with an A or B after the week. (Ex. 5A & 5B). We place two double weeks outside of normal NFL bye weeks and two inside the bye weeks to ensure equity in the schedule. The double weeks are weeks 2, 5, 7, and 11. Having the double weeks ensures that almost all teams are still mathematically alive for the playoffs until completion of the final double week (week 11). This ensures a more competitive and inspired league and helps eliminate tanking and mid-season orphans for dynasty leagues. Just an idea!
  11. NFL Total Access

    Wow, I thought I was the only one who wants to vomit when he fumbles and stumbles through any "improvised" live interview. Clearly, the guy can't think quick on his feet and his pure lack of conversation skills are becoming more and more obvious. He says some of the lamest things even when he is talking with the articulate co-hosts. Its very painful to watch. ESPN scripts everything and they only have to read off the teleprompter as an anchor. Daren Hornton, who fills is on occassion is much better. Its clear, Eisen is a social misfit who can't think quick enough on his feet in a live setting. You would think these guys could simply talk football as millions of people do each day. The questions they ask the players and coaches on the team cams are juvenile at best. Eisen needs to go, but I bet he negotiated a long-term guaranteed deal with the NFL to pry him away from ESPN.
  12. Frank Gore or Kevan Barlow?

    Actually, I heard and saw many people comparing Barlow's "situation" to that of LT's, asking the question: "Can a RB succeed in an offense with no real weapons?" That comparison is why Barlow went late in the first round or early 2nd in most drafts last year despite his horrible surrounding cast. Most pundits and people, including myself (who didn't draft him) thought it was a fair comparison based on LT succeeding despite no real WR or other weapons on offense prior to the start of the season. Before last year, Barlow was considered a talented RB on the verge of stardum with the departure of Hearst. In looking at his ADP last year, I think its clear others felt the same.
  13. For all of you wondering

    What makes you think he is an injury risk? Does he have an injury filled past? Based on the highlights I saw of him at the Combine, he blew up guys who tried to jam him on the line and with that size & speed, he should be able to handle linebackers or physical play much better than most. At 6-6 240 pounds, he is much taller with some serious weight. I agree, it takes Wideouts a few years to come up to speed, but this kid's size and speed will most certaintly reduce the learning curve. Based on feedback from the senior bowl where he played WR, the NFL talent guys were raving about his route running ability, which is usually the most challenging apsect for rookie WRs. Based on the limited # of catches we have seen, I don't think his hands are an issue. For heavens sake, can someone that tall, fast, and big fail? The speed and leaping abilty of Randy Moss, with about 30 more pounds.
  14. Frank Gore or Kevan Barlow?

    I watched Gore last year playing here at NC State and he was "less" than spectacular conservatively speaking. From what I witnessed, he showed no elusivness and break-away speed. In-fact he was tackled behind the line on numerous occassions. Overall, he didn't even look good enough to be drafted and was outshined considerably by McClendon who was an undrafted FA. I hear he has lost some weight, which may help, but I wouldn't expect anything on the pro level. I have been wrong a few times before FWIW, just MHO.
  15. Winslow is now Winthrown

    Right, how about some riding lessons in an effort to allow you to successfully avoid curbs in a parking lot? Only a complete tool crashes in a parking lot. Clearly, he can't ride! What a complete fool this guy is. Must feel pretty cool out scoping for community college coeds and taking a sh1tter over the bars!