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  1. Am I crazy? Jones vs Boone

    If you have anyone else to drop definitely pick him up right now and decide before game time tomorrow
  2. Won my ship thanks everyone here

    Congrats! Same here, thanks everyone for bouncing ideas around this year Fitzmagic and Devonta Freeman got it done for me today
  3. Defense Colts or Seahawks

    Atlanta vs Jags and Washington vs NYG also options run heavy Carolina game spooks me a bit
  4. Defense Colts or Seahawks

    Really torn here, Seahawks game could become a shootout but I’m not penalized for points against as much in this league with modified scoring decision solely based on turnovers and sacks not points against
  5. Sit Fitzy with weather a concern ?

    I’m starting Fitz it’s not supposed to rain until around 3 and wind doesn’t look bad enough to bench him in my opinion
  6. Boone or Boyd

    How confident are we Mattison is out, Schefters report just said he thinks he won’t play but sounds like it’s just his opinion. Not sure I can risk playing Boone over Lockett or Allen Robinson unless Mattison is ruled out officially before the Sunday night game
  7. Defense Colts or Seahawks

    Colts play at noon at home vs Carolina Seattle at home later vs AZ pick one
  8. .5 ppr, which 3 rb

    Carson is automatic of course, I’d go with Freeman too. Then it’s Chubb or Boone, depends how confident you are Mattison won’t play but if Mattison is out then I’d go Boone if not Chubb
  9. Higbee???

    I stuck with Higbee but was very tempted by the Howard buzz glad I stuck with him. Now I need to survive the Lamar show
  10. Higbee or Howard?

    Torn on this one I have Higbee in right now but considering picking up Howard or Brate for the upside play, my take is this: Higbee - solid floor Howard - most upside Brate - TD dependent
  11. Higbee , Olson, or Brate at TE

    I’m torn between Higbee and Brate and OJ. In your case I’d lean Higbee right now but think Brate has a good chance at a TD, think he’s basically TD or bust though
  12. Dare I say it, pick up OJ Howard?

    Anyone starting Howard today? Debating Howard, Higbee and Brate
  13. Sexy D for the WiN!

  14. FLEX Help

    Start Boone, Mattison has a high ankle sprain i doubt he plays
  15. Higbee or Henry?

    Henry, I'm starting to get nervous about Higbee