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  1. Who would you take at QB?

    I would wait until all the running quarterbacks are taken, and get someone like a Stafford, Luck, or Romo, all great value in later rounds and have a smaller point differential gap from their peers than wide receivers or runningbacks
  2. Jamaal Charles carted from field

    So, the real question is... how many draft spots will Knile Davis move up ths week? lol
  3. $100 H2H 12 team league.
  4. Keeper league - McCoy, MJD, SJax, or Amendola

    Definitely SJax, with McCoy probably won't be worth the first rounder and MJD can be found in the latter round 3 or 4 again IF you decided to take the risk
  5. Aaron Hernandez

    Who is a murderer?
  6. Penn St recruiting

    Best believe that I bought season tickets this year. We Are!
  7. Morris is the more explosive pick, Dez might be the safer pick overall though in case Shanahanigans decides to go RBBC again. Call me crazy, but I'll never fully trust the man.
  8. Aaron Hernandez

    I will be picking him up in the very last round of my 15+ round snakes, out of memory of the very first TE i have drafted
  9. League sounds good, i'm in! What are the payouts like for the league?