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  1. Grab Lee and drop who???

    Not a bad option.. I still am having a hard time getting rid of him because he could be very good down the stretch.. I did notice that when Amendola was out he was a beast, when Amendola came back from injury his red zone targets and overall volume sort of tanked, but the good thing is Amendola is no stranger to injuries.. I think Hogan is a good option with or without Amendola.
  2. Grab Lee and drop who???

    sometimes that works out well too.
  3. Time to Drop Fuller?

    no worries.
  4. Time to Drop Fuller?

    I thought he was coming off IR ..eep.
  5. Martin or Mixon ROS?

    Mixon even with that bad o-line he's been pretty decent, low ceiling, modest floor.. viable RB with some upside should he be able to break into the second level. TB is a mess Martin is wildly inconsistent as is the running game as a whole in TB again.
  6. Grab Lee and drop who???

    I agree with @Montana is da Man, although I'm not dropping Benji I'm not playing him anytime soon, he is the first to go on my roster should I see something I need off Waivers I'm playing Agholor, Kupp, Jimmy Graham, Shepard over him pretty much weekly depending on match-ups. I have no idea if it's true but that knee might not still be right with him either way BUF WR's are in a bad situation including Benji at least for this year.
  7. Time to Drop Fuller?

    I'd take a flyer on Coleman. I'd watch also Dede Westbrook (keep tabs on his status and news) might be a stretch but it would be interesting to see how things pan out in JAX at WR2.
  8. Tyrod Taylor to be benched

    completely agreed. McCoy remains must start, everyone else I'd be concerned.
  9. Diggs or Keenan Allan ROS??

    Allen = safe floor (typically) // PPR Allen is better but the TD's aren't there. Diggs = upside (yards and TD's, higher ceiling). Diggs should he stay healthy I would say ROS he's better.
  10. Peterman or dalton this week?

    Peterman seems like a wait-n-see it would be pretty risky throwing him in over Dalton.
  11. Brees for Sanders?

    I think this is a decent trade in Dynasty. Brees never will get what you could get from Rodgers or Brady. Should this be someone that could help you this year immediately I would do it, you could shop for like JuJu for Brees or some other maybe desperate owner with lackluster QB's with some young upside talent but I like Sanders, when healthy he's pretty darn good (high volume receptions usually).. his schedule is much softer coming up if you're looking for an uptick in production from your WR core he could be pretty decent.
  12. Buy low QBs

    exactly! can be hard sometimes finding a weekly stream but most likely there is always someone to get 18 with some upside.. plus owners late in the year will sometimes drop some QB's and run thin to have a deeper WR/RB/TE core for playoff options. There's always hope on sniping Rivers or someone. I lost Watson but didn't draft him, dropped Winston because he is a bust and ended on Goff none of which cost me anything.. ok Winston cost me a 10th pick.. pennies. But I also gave up on Rivers early. In another league I thought Rodgers late 4th round was awesome value so I reached and it burned me worse in the end. Fool me twice Fantasy Football (*shakes fist and looks at sky).
  13. RB question

    Upside = Burkhead but still a share Collins or Buck takes a hit with Woodhead coming back (should he be available I would put him closest to Thompson but risky because he can get injured). Duke, Mart, are modest spot start flex but I wouldn't rely on anything big from them. Burkhead has the most upside and still has decent snaps/volume.
  14. RB question

    Agreed, that seems wacky to have Thompson available..but I guess Standard it makes some sense sort of.. overall he's still really good and his situation won't change ROS, if anything it will get better.
  15. Buy low QBs

    wow that's a lot for any QB. I'd stream Dalton before I shipped away WR1/RB1 talent for a QB. Even the Cutlet is getting it done with multi-TD potential and 200+ yards.