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  1. I think Miller is a 'safer' play. Collins has a higher ceiling almost always but he's splitting carries with Buck.. I hate watching my RB play on Thursday and I have to watch Mixon tonight I hope he doesn't 'S' the bed otherwise it makes for a lot of weird roster upside/boom-bust players for Sunday/Monday football. My pick is Miller but Collins is right there.
  2. Pick 2 QBs Wilson / Watson / Rivers

    Yep my gut says Rivers as well that's why I picked him up. I know Wilson is on the edge of the no bench list but the loss of Baldwin and Graham I know he did good last week but it was sloppy and that o-line kind of stunk, I just rather exploit hopefully BUF with Rivers over Wilson. Thanks
  3. Pick a wr

    Yeah this is tricky because Hogan should've been better last week but wasn't and it became more of a Gronk/Dorsett show which sort of worries me, although that's the PATs. Woods has a lot of competition. Enunwa was a decent play and seemed to get some check-down passes which is nice. This is a tough one. I'd think Hogan would still be a good play although the lease is shorter.
  4. Spin Conner for Gronk?

    It's an interesting trade, I think I'm holding out though.
  5. Trade Hill for Hopkins?

    I mean I like both these dudes a lot but I think week to week I'd rather have Hopkins down the stretch, buying Hopkins now for Hill at his highest value is smart. I will say a lot of experts yelled 'regression' but when they saw the preseason with the connection of Hill and Mahomes they squashed that rhetoric.. doesn't mean that he won't have those peaks and valleys, whereas Hopkins typically is very consistently top 10 or top 5 weekly. Hopkins on a bad day 8 for 78..
  6. Kelce or Reed? Non-PPR

    It's pretty close when Reed's healthy and considering the QB that liked throwing to Kelce is now throwing to Reed I might edge Reed on this one.. although it's very close. I like Reed a little more vs a bad-ish IND defense, Pit might be difficult but also people are saying this one is primed for a shoot-out, who knows though. coin-flip it.
  7. Wilson vs CHI (in Chi-town) Watson vs TEN (in TEN) Rivers vs BUF (in Buf) I'm not big on the distance between LA and BUF and time difference but I'm leaning towards Rivers and Watson. Wilson's floor is so good usually no matter what that it's hard to bench him and this matchup will be close. Also 4pt per TD. Rivers / Wilson seems super safe, and I don't like Hopkins having an injury going into week 2. Let me know and thanks!
  8. Trade question

    no one knows how many weeks he will miss it could be one.
  9. J.Crowder or S.Shepard.....WDIS...PPR

    No clue, I guess Crowder could have the edge but he's going vs a decent AZ defense Peterson typically covers the WR1 but also has been known to also shadow the slot dude if so it would prove to be a tough day for Crowder. You also have to consider Crowder didn't play in the preseason at all so how will he do with the new QB A.Smith? Shepard seems probably more vanilla and limited going vs JAX but Crowder might be the lower floor / higher ceiling dude of the two.
  10. WDIS week 1 - Bell Dilemma

    I'm leaning Breida and Conner for sure if no Bell. I think I'd hold tight on Cole, I like him a lot I just want to see how the Moncrief / Cole / Dede shakes out and who's dominating the targets, plus how much they throw vs rely on the defense to shutdown everyone.
  11. Anyone trading Bell? Keeper league

    You have Howard and Hunt I don't know if you need to make this trade.. L.Bell on the field is the best, you really think he's going to cost himself 14 million to prove a point?
  12. Bell trade offer

    Cousins could be top 10 without a doubt should Cook come back strong, Diggs, Thielen and Rudolph.. MN is a total upgrade over WAS. Maybe not the Watson ceiling but Cousins has proven to have a decent high floor, he's typically not going to kill you in FF.. although his schedule might make it bumpy.
  13. 1/2PR Flex

    Rhodes is limited in practice with a hammy still.. Still I might go Rex out of the gate, and like MIDM said Hyde is pretty safe as well week 1.
  14. Who would you take?

    I wouldn't sell yet on Watkins but I do like Fuller.. I think both have higher ceilings than Crabby, Crabby would be a safer option probably but limited ceiling. Watkins could be the best of the three, Fuller could be a TD machine, Crabby is the WR1 in BAL for what that's worth although there is John Brown in a low passing volume offense.
  15. JuJu over Robinson?

    I like JuJu a lot this week. I think I would probably also agree to start him.