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  1. My other RB's are pretty avg with smallish upside (Conner, Jacobs, Fournette). I went WR since we start 3 and only two RB's. But I cut bait on Singletary who I could get again or Coleman, I've been just benching Miles (Obviously) I'm looking for someone ROS that might be worth at least spot starts.
  2. QB Stash

    Brees is solid.
  3. 2 FLEX LEAGUE / .5 PPR

    Hollywood for sure. The other is close... Dorsett the matchup is soo good. I like MVS and Geronimo... I'm not totally buying this DAL defense btw, I mean NYG, WSH, MIA complete soft schedule teams, they play NOS vs Teddy who throws a league worse 3.3 avg per pass.
  4. Old man time - Walker still gets it done somehow.
  5. With Ross IIIIII on IR and vs AZ lines up nicely for Boyd but there is Tate now emerging I still think Boyd is pretty solid. AJ would be ok as well if you believe he will get 15+ ish carries and a few catches he could be decent... if you think GB abandons the run then he's so risky.
  6. Lamar for Hopkins

    With the other guys you have getting hopkins is pretty nice.. Andrews is hard to lose but Waller fills in for the most part and Hopkins is an upgrade.. HOU starts losing when Dhop doesn't get the ball in his hands maybe someone will realize that... 8 targets with 5 catches doesn't keep HOU in any game, that should change because DHop is incredibly elite.
  7. JuJu worth trading for while low

    probably worth inquiring from the owner what he's wanting for JuJu.. he's pretty risky but should be played still weekly.
  8. DUMP - Miles Sanders for T.Coleman?

    Thanks! what I was thinking as well just don't have a bead on him really, but I like the direction of the offense in SFO.
  9. Chubb trade?

    I like this return a lot.. two solid guys with decent upside.. easy trade imho.
  10. Diggs

    Yes but I'm not happy with Diggs or the outlook.. They might actually trade him but lets hope it's not BUF, NYJ, MIA or JAX..
  11. Quick...woods or thielen?

    Thielen. Watch me be wrong because this LAR in SEA sets up to be a bad game for Goff but this is where out of no where they do insane and Woods goes off. I'm thinking MN will balance run/throw and be able to do both vs NYG. NYG is 28th vs WR's allowed already 6 WR TD's with the exception of the pathetic WAS performance.
  12. Pick 2 RBs

    Top2, bottom two are awesome if you could flex one I would probably flex Mixon with my fingers crossed vs AZ but Fournette should be decent CAR is a pretty ok DEF.
  13. Ekeler

    Should be relevant still with JJ moving down to RB3.. Ekeler I would hope still get a decent amount of work.
  14. add/drop

    for sure go vikes but I feel the ship is sinking especially with Diggs acting like a baby now.
  15. Week 5 Lineup Help!!

    Sanders/Thielen Gallman and Conner or Ekeler.
  16. add/drop

    Probably yes, but I'd be ok with Hoops vs Gallup if you played Hoop at the flex.. I think it's close though, Gallup might be a little riskier but I like the upside. ATL throwing a lot so Hoops is looking pretty good ROS. I'm really on the fence. If anything keep Chark, punt Gallup.
  17. add/drop

    Personally I like Chark's volume too much vs Gallup ... if you want the Hoops I guess bye bye Gallup.. Maybe someone else will chime in. I could be totally off on my point of view. If you can only play one TE Andrews seems to be the bigger upside guy.
  18. add/drop

    So back to Hoop vs Gallup.. I like Hooper, but hard to start Hooper over Andrews and if you're only playing one I'd probably keep Gallup with the chance that he gets back and is involved because he had a pretty hot start and he's pretty good actually.. I see Gallup as a weekly flex with a pretty big upside. That's only my opinion. I think Dallas needs more catching talent and that will balance the run first attack although Dallas will still need to throw. Dallas is averaging 32 pass attempts per game which is low compared to the rest of the league (doesn't mean Gallup still wouldn't see WR1/WR2 targets a week though).. and I'm not worried about lower pass attempts the are successful moving the ball on the ground so they are balanced. I personally would keep Gallup because you have Andrews but up to you.
  19. Gallman hit with Questionable tag?

    Hmm.. shouldn't be a neck injury should just be a shoulder one since he carried the team. But I do see the Q by his name I guess I'd wait and see about Friday's practice too early to know his status for the weekend but he will be going vs MN.
  20. I might but I'm wacky like that. I like D.Robs chances and Tate could still be viable always as a flex dude with upside (plus if used properly he's a PPR machine).
  21. Corrupt Yahoo League

    Main thing to do is quit end of year, because if a precedent has been set and the Commish hasn't addressed it then it will continue. Money or no money there should be zero tolerance for it should it be blatant collusion. One other side-effect is that other trades seemingly innocent also get heavily scrutinized not just by you by others.. it's a bad deal all around.
  22. add/drop

    So you can play both Hooper and Andrews? I get Thielen stuck with frustrating MN offense.. NYG is juicy this week are you moving away from Thielen this week?
  23. Flex spot Open - Edelman or Freeman

    Edelman mos def.
  24. add/drop

    Hooper seems to be a staple in the dump off pass.. he's crushing it for ATL. IMHO I think Hooper is a must add. Who is your TE and your other WR's?
  25. Too much for Elliot?

    zeke and CMC's floors are sooo damn high.