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  1. Playoff Seeding

    Congrats SL, big week saved you I had a pretty good showing but some beastly IDP performances did me in.
  2. K Benjamin

    Yes, but at this point why not wait and see what that is? They are on the hook for the money anyway, so it's not saving them any cash. If they sign more than they lose then oh well, nothing lost. But what if they don't end up very active and lose the same or more players? Then they have now lost the opportunity to get a pick in place of Benjamin. Even if that's only a 6th rounder it's still a free asset. If someone had a free 6th rounder and had thrown the Phillip Lindsay dart with it that would be pretty significant. Silly of the Bills not to wait and see.
  3. K Benjamin

    Hmm, $2M to claim him. More likely they let him clear waivers and look to sign him cheaper afterward.
  4. K Benjamin

    And all they had to do was not re-sign him in free agency and they would have gotten some kind of compensatory pick for him. What a bunch of idiots. I bet the Ravens or Patriots understand this and claim him.
  5. Kaepernick "not the right QB for us"?

    For what? You're still wrong. Unless the owners have collectively banded together to not hire him, there's nothing to see here. He has the right to protest, and teams have the right not to pay him to do it on their time in their uniform.
  6. Kaepernick "not the right QB for us"?

    Except for the fact he has a lawsuit, and the NFL just lost their motion to have it dismissed, you're dead on here The government absolutely can tell you how to run your business. They do it all the time. OHSAA, EEO, IRS - there are 1000's of ways they tell you want you can and can't do. I mean, do you even live in the US? This statement is incomprehensible.
  7. Kaepernick "not the right QB for us"?

    No. The NFL has no policy and has had no hand in who has been allowed to employ Kaepernick, Reuben Foster, Kareem Hunt, or anyone else. Teams make their own decisions. The nanosecond WAS decides Foster's talent isn't worth the publicity they will cut him, and the nanosecond any team believes the fallout from signing Kareem Hunt is worth the return on the field they will sign him.
  8. Waivers 11/28

    3 years on Bucannon
  9. Keep Calm roster moves

    IR Dawson
  10. Keep Calm roster moves

    Meredith to IR yikes
  11. Keep Calm roster moves

    IR Derek Barnett.
  12. Vampire league suggestions

    Good thing I don't have to choose which one to play!
  13. Trade - Keep Calm River On

    River City Reform gave up Coleman, Tevin ATL RB; Year 2019 Round 1 Draft Pick from Keep calm and Kerryon; $20 in blind bidding Keep calm and Kerryon gave up Bell, Le'Veon PIT RB
  14. Keep Calm roster moves

    IR Niles Paul le sigh
  15. League Forum Moderator Reset

    This is potentially a big concern. Is there any kind of audit trail? What is a past mod decided to be a Baby Jane and come in and start deleting important stuff? Forum mods used to be listed on the forum so we could see who had permissions but I have no clue who might have mod'd the forum 4-5 years ago. How are we as users supposed to find this?