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  1. League Forum Moderator Reset

    This is potentially a big concern. Is there any kind of audit trail? What is a past mod decided to be a Baby Jane and come in and start deleting important stuff? Forum mods used to be listed on the forum so we could see who had permissions but I have no clue who might have mod'd the forum 4-5 years ago. How are we as users supposed to find this?
  2. League Forum Moderator Reset

    Wow your new forum host keeps finding fun and exciting new ways to be terrible.
  3. Keep Calm roster moves

    Promoted Andrews - 4 years please.
  4. trade keep/drag

  5. Waivers 9/26

    southern lights (southern lights) Add Grant, Jakeem MIA WR for $6.00 and drop None Rocky Mountain Oysters (BearBroncos) Add Mayowa, Benson ARI DE for $3.00 and drop None Comments: Benson 3 years Rocky Mountain Oysters (BearBroncos) Add Thomas, Jordan HOU TE for $5.00 and drop None Thomas Move to DTS Indy Pirates (Pinbot) Add Weatherly, Stephen MIN DE for $2.00 and drop Kerrigan, Ryan WAS LB Mint Hill Madness (phantom menace) Add Wynn, Kerry NYG DE for $2.00 and drop None West Giles Wolfpack (ballchuckers) Add Jackson, Kareem HOU S for $2.00 and drop None Demotte dstonejrs (dstonejr) Add Ellison, Rhett NYG TE for $2.00 and drop Quin, Glover DET S Hoosier Hitmen (Hoosier Daddy) Add Beathard, C.J. SFO QB for $2.00 and drop None Comments: 1 yr Rocky Mountain Oysters (BearBroncos) Add Wile, Matt MIN PN for $1.00 and drop None Wile a 1 year contract Caerbannog Cave Killer Rabbits (Caveman_Nick) Add Stewart, M.J. TBB CB for $1.00 and drop None Hoosier Hitmen (Hoosier Daddy) Add Fuller, Kendall KCC CB for $1.00 and drop None Comments: 1 yr
  6. Waivers 9/19

    cool beans thanks
  7. Waivers 9/19

    I think we get 24 hours to declare, and would like to give Armstead and Poole each 2 years if able.
  8. Waivers 9/19

    Beirut Shisha Add Fitzpatrick, Ryan TBB QB for $20.00 and drop None Beirut Shisha Add James, Jesse PIT TE for $15.00 and drop None Woodson's Wolverines Add Alexander, Lorenzo BUF LB for $15.00 and drop None 1 year Angry Groper Brewhounds Add White, Kyzir LAC LB for $2.00 and drop Hamilton, Shaun Dion WAS LB Comments: DTS Angry Groper Brewhounds Add Diggs, Quandre DET S for $2.00 and drop None Comments: 1 Year Maryland Blue Crabs Add Ogunjobi, Larry CLE DT for $1.00 and drop Irving, David DAL DT Keep calm and Kerryon Add Armstead, Arik SFO DE for $1.00 and drop None Keep calm and Kerryon Add Nickerson, Hardy CIN LB for $1.00 and drop Samuels, Jaylen PIT RB Comments: DTS Keep calm and Kerryon Add Lee, Elijah SFO LB for $1.00 and drop None Comments: 2 years Keep calm and Kerryon Add Poole, Brian ATL CB for $1.00 and drop None
  9. Waivers 9/12

    Richard 2 years
  10. Keep Calm roster moves

    IR Deion Jones then cry me a river
  11. Waivers 9/5

    Contracts default to 1 year after 24 hours I thought?
  12. Reaching a new low

    I reported it
  13. Reaching a new low

    Now we're getting PM spam from an unknown new guy, awesome.
  14. Looking for a TE

    Need to add a backup, looking for someone I can start this weekend in a pinch at a minimum. Tons of LB depth and taxi talent if bigger names pop up. Willing to do cash or future picks as well.