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  1. Waivers 11/27

    League rules default waiver claims to DTS or 1 year, as eligible, and I dropped Zay Jones from DTS to make room for Scarborough.
  2. Trade - Keep Calm you silly Longhorns

    Sorry was scrambling Sunday morning and thought I had posted to demote Metcalf and promote Lazard with 3 years. Oh I see now there's this too, this is a silly one we should discuss removing, we nuked in in FDSB and CF already: D. Weekly trade deadline is 24 hours prior to kickoff of any players involved We can put a "if either owner's roster/DTS/lineup is illegal as a result of a last minute trade, all involved players will be removed from lineups and not replaced" caveat down to avoid competitive advantages. ===== If you wanna reverse this go for it but neither owner's game was affected by the outcome and we'll likely just do the trade again this week so this looks like a no-harm-no-foul here? If someone benefited from the trade I would understand dropping the hammer for it not conforming but that seems pedantic at this point. edit: IMO Baron should be removed from the lineup in case any tie-breakers or cash rewards are based on scoring.
  3. Huntington Beach Longhorns proposed a trade with Keep calm and Kerryon with the rebuild: Huntington Beach Longhorns will give Metcalf, DK SEA WR Year 2020 Round 5 Draft Pick from Huntington Beach Longhorns To Keep calm and Kerryon with the rebuild for Andrews, Mark BAL TE Barron, Mark PIT LB Year 2020 Round 8 Draft Pick from Keep calm and Kerryon with the rebuild
  4. Keep Calm and load up for a run

    I have some strong pieces for a contender to make a run with, especially all IDP positions. Looking for picks and cash, although young guys under long contracts might be interesting as well. Hit me up with offers on MFL or PM.
  5. Keep Calm and Rebuild

    Cut Jaron Brown 4 years on Pascal
  6. Keep Calm and Rebuild

    IR Newton
  7. Keep Calm and Rebuild

    Is there a thread for this week's waivers? 4 years for Luck if not.
  8. Josh Gordon to IR, now released

    Oakland needs the drama more.
  9. This year's standings oddities

    I do like this, FDSB does the last spot on points, but there's a strong correlation between points and all-play anyway, which is kind of what inspired my thoughts here.
  10. This year's standings oddities

    Which is why my post is suggesting a new league done this way from the get-go.
  11. All-play BOTH league?

    Nah it's fine, good discussion. I think Best Ball is a totally different concept. All Play is to remove the random schedule gremlins of "if I played him I lose but if I played anyone else in the league I would have won". Best Ball is fine, it just changes the roster focus is all - especially how you manage the bench. You can't just load up the starting lineup and deal with depth problems when they arise, you need to have a lot better balance in Best Ball.
  12. All-play BOTH league?

    Well I'm not talking about Best Ball here. Owners would still set lineups. And I would intend this to be an ongoing full-on dynasty with trades, waivers, rookie drafts, etc. although I suppose we could look at any option people were interested in.
  13. Collusion?

    Not really, just keeping up with the Joneses. Can't expect two different sets of rules for different sets of owners - if it's allowed I'm gonna do it. If it's not allowed then I won't.
  14. All-play BOTH league?

    Oh I disagree a ton. If a guy like SL tanks out a lineup in HTH he ends up losing an entire game and his opponent gets an entire win - that's 1/13th of the season swinging. In all-play though, he may only pick up 1-2 extra losses while his opponent only gets 1 extra win out of a possible 14 on the week - that's 1/182nd of the season. Put a different way, an owner that successfully tanks a game might end up 2-11 vs. 3-12 in HTH and with tie-breakers maybe move up 2-4 spots in draft order, but he isn't going to "gain" nearly as much ground in all-play. Randomly picking FDSB 2018 final standings: http://www68.myfantasyleague.com/2018/options?L=34884&O=101&SORT=ALLPLAY The smallest gap between owners is 8 wins. That would require a lot of manipulation just to gain one draft slot and frankly, that's a rule/commish problem if it's happening that much.
  15. Josh Gordon to IR, now released

    It's a big component of the CBA. Teams can't cut a guy in the season he got hurt without a settlement, being on IR doesn't factor in. If he can't pass a physical they cant cut him. A settlement generally happens when the team is going to/does put the player on IR but he thinks he'll be healthy before the team is willing/able to re-activate him. For example if Gordon is only slightly dinged maybe Seattle would give him a shot in 4 weeks. Now NEP might not want that to happen so they just hold him and pay him to not play or, as mentioned above, maybe they waive him after the trade deadline which exposes him to waivers when they hope someone lower on the totem pole claims him or, given the threat of just stashing him on IR, maybe they can force a team to give up a pick for him.