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  1. Tell them they can either figure it out themselves or you will just find another owner to take team 1 and they can either co-manage team 5 per the original agreement or both get bent. People making a stink on something like this in year 1 aren't worth keeping around and they definitely aren't worth capitulating to.
  2. I wouldn't have any interest in a league like this but to answer your other question, MFL will support changing the scoring each week. They do not automatically recalculate prior week scores, that must be done manually, and you have the choice to only apply changes to future weeks or past weeks as well: I've made changes to my scoring rules after the weeks final results have run, but they are not appearing updated for the players weekly scores. How do I update them for this week? Answer: You will need to go to your Home Page and choose one of the options that appears in your Home Page Message: Only apply these scoring changes to future weeks. Apply these scoring changes to week X results, as well as all future weeks. Apply these scoring changes to all weeks, from week 1 through X results, as well as all future weeks. Once applying these changes the effects to the detailed players reports will be immediate, but may take an hour to update the overall Top Performers Report for all players. NOTE: If your league choose to apply stats changes automatically for a week and you make changes to your rules that you only wish to apply to future weeks you will want to wait until after 10am ET Thursdays to make your scoring rule changes as it will automatically update the weeks scores when stat changes are applied.
  3. He's an idiot Browns fan. Or an idiot signature spammer.
  4. He's suggesting that because Calvin repaid part of the signing bonus it may create a case for the contract to be voided. It doesn't. The payback was because Calvin committed breach of contract by not playing. Detroit paid him a $16M signing bonus on a 7 year contract (although they pro-rate it over 5 years for cap purposes). Not honoring that contract, legally, subjected him to being liable to repay either 3/7ths or 1/5 (depending on interpretation - most would be 3/7 but because of the cap allocation perhaps NFL contracts specify this as the period) of the un-earned bonus.
  5. Tell your provider/host/vendor that that's a terrible feature. In this increasingly social world it's taking two steps backward to anonymize likes.
  6. This biggest challenge to an 18 game season is pay. Players aren't going to sign off on it without a huge payoff. 2 more regular season games would be a ton of money in owners' pockets, and the players are gonna want some. They will (rightfully) cite more risk/wear and tear of longer seasons will mean fewer seasons played for most. Schedule is trivial. They could go to two bye weeks per team pear season, start early August and have Labor Day Weekend be a bye week for all teams, then the 2nd bye for everyone between weeks 6-14 or whatever.
  7. What you don't recognize uadialej? I thought that was a very common name everywhere.
  8. I suspect Reid wasn't down with the Maclin decision and told Hunt it was him or Dorsey.
  9. For as long as they were and are generating clicks for those sponsors, yes.
  10. Wow the Bucs might possibly consider thinking of doing something or not doing something some undetermined time down the road. Who knew? Florio is a moran.
  11. Clicks are never bad for a brand.
  12. I think his size would have slowed the roll a bit, but he certainly would have had DeSean Jackson or Phillip Dorsett hype to him. I think the lessons of similar guys like Tavon Austin and Dorsett might have come into play though with his draft slot.
  13. If everyone's flexing (or should be) a QB due to the scoring system, isn't that a defacto 2 QB league?
  14. He's not a FA. He only returned a small portion of the signing bonus, something like 10% of one year's worth of allocation. If he does un-retire he can demand that back perhaps, but his contract is tolled in terms of remaining years. He's under contract to DET until they release him.
  15. Nice trade =. how many Offers did you send out before someone took Miller?

    I picked up his backup during the draft because he had issue late in the season. It will not ve long before he is sharing carries with the rookie RB