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  1. Yep, still an entitled douchebag.
  2. Davante Adams

    Nah, this was 3, maybe 4 years ago. It was definitely after Seau and CTE became common knowledge.
  3. Davante Adams

    You can see here catches it at the 10.5, he takes a couple of steps, he does a 360 spin move to get off the tackle (hard to screenshot, he's coming out of it in the 2nd pic, but watch the first 5 seconds of the video above), and he's one-on-one with a guy and has a blocker that might even shed that guy. He had plenty of time to adjust and protect himself. He was playing football by this point. This is just like any other play in progress when Trevathan comes in. If he doesn't use his helmet this is just a plain old tackle. The hit isn't bad because he's defenseless, it's bad because he spears him with the crown of the helmet. That's a penalty under any circumstances (according to the rules - it's rarely actually called).
  4. Davante Adams

    Of course I saw it. He wasn't defenseless at all, he was locked up one on one and driving his legs grinding for yards and the whistle hadn't blown yet. No different than the Dez TD last week. But that's not even my point. He led with the crown of the helmet, which I have been opposed to for years but people used to bitch and whine about penalizing these hits. "They shouldn't be illegal". "How is is supposed to do anything when the receiver ducks". "Football is a man's sport if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen". I could point to a dozen posts that argued against these from years past, but today it's all about what a cheap shot it was. I'm not saying it wasn't brutal - of course it was. And I'm not one that thinks these plays should be allowed. My only point was that 5 years ago this would be a 5 page post with 3/4 of the people complaining that this shouldn't be penalized.
  5. Davante Adams

    It wasn't long ago that hit would have been celebrated around here, and the resulting penalty and suspension eviscerated. Just what, 2, 3 years ago? there were discussions where people would gripe to holy hell about how "soft" the game had become and threaten to stop watching because of these penalties.
  6. Davante Adams

    My how this place has changed.
  7. Golden Tate gets robbed in broad daylight...

    If a team has a timeout they are given the opportunity to spend it to avoid the runoff, yes.
  8. Golden Tate gets robbed in broad daylight...

    Thus the "quotes".
  9. Golden Tate gets robbed in broad daylight...

    Right up until Brady rushes the team to the line, and with 1 second left and clearly no chance for them to get the snap off a replay miraculously gets called for. Clock stops, Brady and BB get a free time out, and they win the game on the next play. Either way someone's getting "screwed". The NFL chooses not to give teams a freebie timeout. Had there been no replay and it was called correctly no way the Lions get that play off. That's what the rule does.
  10. Howard Jordan

    I put all the blame on Fox John.
  11. What constitutes collusion?

    If your team benefited then you have nothing to worry about.
  12. What constitutes collusion?

    If you wouldn't have offered it to someone else you weren't hoping to sleep with it's collusion.
  13. NFL Opening Day--Sept 11

    Almost bumped this earlier but I knew you would want to.

    I did not, sorry. I was golfing then at a draft but thought I had a pre-select in for a D. I must not have submitted it.

    Weak that we can't be consistent with what it was last year at least.