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  1. Message Board League status

    I am in. Not sure what you mean by claiming team, I didn't get a link to join but have logged into the league and can access my team.
  2. Keep Calm and move them along

    Summer is here and that's rebuilding weather. Other than a few core players I'll move just about anyone for cash, picks, pick bumps, or DTS upgrades. Newton, Cam CAR QB - 3 years Richard, Jalen OAK RB - 1 year Coleman, Tevin ATL RB - 2 years Meredith, Cameron NOS WR - 2 years Harris, Maurice WAS WR - OPEN Conley, Chris KCC WR - OPEN Bourne, Kendrick SFO WR - OPEN Pettis, Dante SFO WR - 3 years Higgins, Rashard CLE WR - OPEN Thomas, Demaryius HOU WR - 2 years Louis, Ricardo MIA WR - OPEN Paul, Niles FA TE - OPEN Dawson, Phil ARI PK - OPEN Bullock, Randy CIN PK - OPEN Zuerlein, Greg LAR PK - OPEN Pineiro, Eddy CHI PK - OPEN Jordan, Dion SEA DE - OPEN Ansah, Ezekiel DET DE - 1 year Barnett, Derek PHI DE - 2 years Armstead, Arik SFO DE - 1 year Ingram, Melvin LAC DE - OPEN Joseph, Linval MIN DT - OPEN Jordan, Cameron NOS DE - 2 years Kwiatkoski, Nick CHI LB - OPEN Bucannon, Deone ARI LB - 2 years Smith, Za'Darius BAL LB - OPEN Lee, Elijah SFO LB - 1 year Barron, Mark LAR LB - 2 years Brown, Jatavis LAC LB - OPEN Kendricks, Eric MIN LB - 3 years Cunningham, Zach HOU LB - 3 years Jones, Deion ATL LB - 3 years Harris, Erik OAK S - OPEN Exum, Antone SFO S - OPEN Sorensen, Daniel KCC S - OPEN Poole, Brian ATL CB - 1 year Reid, Eric CAR S - OPEN
  3. Todd Gurley - 2019 draft ranking

    He's not lasting until the 5th in any league I take part in: - He only had 256 carries last year and never more than 279 - and he's been a top 3 RB on that workload - He had just five games over 20 carries in 2018 and only six in 2018. If you put a hard cap on him of 20 carries a game he'd only lose 21 from 2018 and 19 from 2017. - In two years under McVay he's averaged 18.4 rushes/game and 4.2 receptions/game. They already weren't grinding him down. And he scored 383 and 372 points in those two years despite that. I'm not suggesting he'll average 26 PPG again. His load will possibly reduce a little, and I wouldn't be shocked to see the efficiency take a hit. But I'm taking him mid-late 3 and will trade up in the 4th if not. Even if all I get is 60% of the former Gurley, that's 15.6 PPG and that's a win for a 3rd round pick. SIXTY percent. That part of the draft has all kinds of Kenyan Drake and Jay Ajayi landmines in it anyway, may as well roll the dice on someone with his potential payout. I think his absolute floor is 1200 total yards, 40 receptions, 10 TD's with a lot of room for more.
  4. Ugh man don't quote huge posts with huge pics like that, it's a killer for mobile users. Cleveland will be fine. There's plenty about the city that's crap but there's plenty to sustain a 3 day visit. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame alone is worth the trip if you've never been. I have no idea what kind of shape The Flats is in these days but I am sure by then they will get it presentable. The biggest concern would be the weather - tons of risk planning outdoor stuff in late April. The Indians had snow at their home opener ffs. We will definitely do KC though, there's some good golf around them there parts!
  5. I attended the draft. The stage was directly on the waterfront, between the river and 1st Ave. Mostly production in that area, NFLN on the left corner, ESPN on the right, tech center right in the middle. VIP seating area, maybe 100 people. No idea how to get in there, we never even got close to that. We weren't there for the draft per se so didn't look into that. The block between 1st Ave and 2nd Ave was cordoned off with gating and I believe that was ticketed SRO. Probably a few hundred? Everything behind 2nd Ave was ticket-free, FCFS. We got downtown Thursday around 4:30 for food, got to Broadway at like 6:00 (first pick at 8:00) and it was backed up to 5th Ave pretty heavily. You could have elbowed your forward to probably 4th Ave if you were prickish about it. We didn't try, we checked it out but left and found a bar that had opened that day. We probably ordered their first beer actually, asked the waitress if they were open, she turned to her co-worker and asked her. They both shrugged and poured it up. We stopped there because it had a Prince's Hot Chicken truck parked in their lot and that was on our list of must-try's. Because it was so new and it was 2 blocks off of Broadway no one knew about it and we had the place mostly to ourselves so we just stayed there. Friday we got there around 7:00 and got down to about 3rd Ave. Not nearly as many people despite it being Friday night. We were there about an hour, saw some picks, then headed over to the stadium to check out that part. We ended up hanging there watching live music, a big screen, and consuming way too much food and drink.
  6. We made a golf trip out of it and didn't actually spend a ton of time at the actual draft. We'll do the same with Vegas. Nashville was a great spot for it, I wish they could do it there again because I would make sure I did a lot of things differently now that I know.
  7. Haha we saw a couple of those trolleys trying to move around, they weren't going anywhere. There was one with a bunch of women all just leaning on their elbows frowning all over the place - no one was actually drinking, no "wooooo"', so dancing. Had to laugh just a tad but did feel for them as well. We did ask them to show us the goods but none did.
  8. There were women per se, but sans the exposed boobies. Which is kind of like what's the point of them being there? But w/e. 600k might be accurate but it's very misleading. The "Draft" was a huge stage at the end of Broadway and people were indeed packed all the way up to about 6th avenue at times, but the NFL Experience was across the river at the football stadium. And the surrounding 5 blocks in any direction is all food/drink/entertainment too, so all of those people had easy access to poke in. I only spent about 30 minutes on actual Broadway watching the stage, the rest of the time was finding food and drink all over the place.
  9. I went to Nashville this year and it was insane. Can't imagine what people are gonna do in Cleveland - go to an Indians game in their winter clothing? KC will be awesome. I lived in St. Louis for 8 years and only got there once, I will definitely be going for that one.
  10. Todd Gurley - 2019 draft ranking

    Well by "this" I meant the 2019 stuff, the rhetoric, the speculation. Obviously the Rams weren't smoke-screening the playoff run and Super Bowl. It's quite possible, though, that now he's feeling better or has found treatment or a new way to cope with it or whatever. It's the only way you ever have a shot at trading for him, and if you're taking it you're taking it with the hope that he comes out clean.
  11. Todd Gurley - 2019 draft ranking

    Yep. I think he's still a 1400 total yard guy with 10 TD's. Solid floor but the ceiling is most certainly capped. But man, what if this is all a smoke screen? His payout at that kind of ADP is priceless.
  12. 2019 Rookie/Devy Draft Chatter

    I would like to formally request Def to cease and desist taking my players ahead of me. TIA.
  13. 2019 Rookie/Devy Draft Chatter

    He wouldn't have been.
  14. Trade - Favre/Rebuild

    Favre Dollar Footlongs proposed a trade with Keep calm and Kerryon with the rebuild: Favre Dollar Footlongs will give Anderson, Rodney CIN RB To Keep calm and Kerryon with the rebuild for McDougald, Bradley SEA S
  15. Keep Calm and Trade Down

    1.09 is on the board. Looking to move later picks up or 2020 picks.