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  1. 2018 - finance thread

    Paying this right now, Ted you should have my paypal address, PM me if not.
  2. 2018 - finance thread

    l will do it, I get a bunch of discounts from MFL. I'll get this done soon and let you know the final bill I think it's usually $60.
  3. What’s wrong with picking 1.02-1.04 this year?

    Yeah, we totally believe that. You're not at all blowing smoke hoping someone takes him over Jones, nope not at all.
  4. Waivers aren't on calendar

    I agree the pickup should stand and this is how I would adjudicate it in leagues I commish. The rules are the rules and should always take precedence over a system, which can go down, be set up wrong, or have all kinds of other flaws. Harley put in waivers in good faith expecting them to run and it's not his fault he followed the rules and the site wasn't fully set up. If any members have questions or see something that looks like it's not set up they can bring that up.
  5. What’s wrong with picking 1.02-1.04 this year?

    You should see the offers/demands/trades over at FGB forums, they are absurd. Zeke+ for him. GURLEY for him. Ridiculous.
  6. Waivers aren't on calendar

    Need to be set up. 4.1.2 FA Schedule FA begins the first Wednesday after the rookie draft and will run every other week until the first preseason game at which time it will run every week until the AFL-Devy Fantasy play-offs conclude, at which time FA ends. In addition, there will be 2 free agency runs prior to the rookie draft each year.
  7. Ongoing Rules Talk

    I brought this up last year and was shot down, and I kind of agree with the decision. The entire purpose of this league was to be a devy league. You aren't being penalized, it's not like anyone else can use those extra spots either. I also kind of disagree with the decision because I'm all for owner freedom and decision making and if I want to sacrifice a 3rd devy spot to chase a rookie I should be able to do that. With only 3 devy players giving that spot up means something, there are still very good college guys not drafted, so it's not like you're getting something for free doing so.
  8. Ongoing Rules Talk

    I didn't buzzkill, I supported the IDP idea. Now get off my lawn!
  9. Ongoing Rules Talk

    Love the extra devy spot for IDP. That's very tricky stuff and I agree not worth burning devy spots in when they are so limited/valuable. Hate cash for Heisman. I do not favor anything giving a competitive advantage not based on prior season results. Some leagues have/had a terrible rule that all members of the winner's conference/division got extra cash - just awful. We voted it out on almost all of my leagues (one I didn't know it was still there and will crusade to change next year).
  10. I'm going by the trash you posted on FBG. I'd be happy to be wrong and have you post nothing but unicorns and rainbows.
  11. No, he doesn't. The league needs to have rules in place and the owner needs to act within those rules. Every Huddle league I have seen has the same basic rule - if you trade "too much" (more than a 1st, more than two 1-3, etc) then you pre-pay. All quality leagues should cover these scenarios. If the owner paid his dues and acts within the rules then the commish has no business getting involved.
  12. Oh no he's posting here too. Look out it's gonna get really dumb in here.
  13. REMINDER re: devy's

    I'm not seeing anything untoward but if it did it needs to not be allowed to stand. Reverse the pickup and make the player not eligible to draft but as a one-time thing let owners bid on him in the waiver run
  14. Devy Player Tracker

    2.10 drafted a QB position but it's WR Kelvin Harmon NC State
  15. Devy Player Tracker

    Ok cool you can have Montgomery and Darin can take someone else we will veto his ass instead. TFord can you please get on that thanks.