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  1. I've been biding my time on addressing this in my leagues, but it's getting down to approaching crunch time. Personally I don't believe they'll play a down of football this year but we need to prepare for if they do. I commish a bunch of these and I know a ton of us are in multiples too. Not that we can establish each league's rules here, but we can at least get consensus type discussion going without a dozen different threads in each league's forum (some of which may be password protected). So, BOTH league commish/leaders/members, what are your thoughts for 2020? There are a lot of micro-topics to consider: Payouts Full season? Partial season? Late start? Early end? 2021 draft order? Contracts for those with year caps? What about players that opt out? IR/reserve/replacement players? If a player is temporarily placed on COVID Reserve? If a player opts out? What else?
  2. NFL player sues United Airlines

    You just put the blame on the player. If a drunken man were groping a woman on a plane would you be suggesting she should have moved herself? The SJW's would have your ass for that one. She wasn't punching him in the face, it wasn't nearly so overtly egregious. She was elbowing him in the arm and grabbing his junk. That's not something your neighboring passengers are going to notice or get up in arms about or come to your defense on. Hell even if they saw her grabbing his junk a good percentage of them would probably be thinking salacious thoughts of how lucky he is or how he might turn that to his advantage. This isn't on him to resolve in any way, shape, or form. Can't even imagine the response had the tables been turned, dude would be out of a job and maybe a career.
  3. NFL player sues United Airlines

    I didn't make my point well but people just can't get up and move seats especially if the flight was near full. He complained twice and they didn't do anything. And the fact he didn't move himself is irrelevant to the wrong done here, it's not his job to solve the problem it's someone else's. How do you think it is received when a big black athletic man gets up and sits wherever he wants to on a commercial flight?
  4. NFL player sues United Airlines

    A combination of apathy and racism.
  5. NFL player sues United Airlines

    I quoted his exact words, to which you replied maybe she deserved it. Of course it's not joke but it doesn't justify that level of response either. She should be restrained, prosecuted, and outed on social media so they can overreact and completely ruin her life like everyone else's would be.
  6. NFL player sues United Airlines

    He was not assaulted to the point that "bitch slapping her and knocking her out" is justified, no. If a young stud black NFL player blasted your daughter in the face like that because she'd had a few too many and was making a fool out of herself you'd be out of your mind pressing charges and suing him for his NFL paycheck.
  7. NFL player sues United Airlines

    That's moronic, no one deserves to be assaulted.
  8. NFL player sues United Airlines

    The same treatment you'd give a dude that grabbed someone by the enchilada. Elect her POTUS.
  9. 2020 Offseason Schedule

    IR players need to be activated.
  10. river city 2020 roster moves

    We have no dead years until final cuts in September.
  11. No it's not. It's pre-determined, i.e. the CBA dictates the amount, but not the structure. Thank the dumbass Panthers for giving Cam Newton 100% of the money guaranteed on the first year of the new CBA for the trend, but it's not part of the CBA.
  12. Trade - Long Cocks

    Huntington Beach Longhorns gave up Jones, Marvin DET WR; Year 2021 Round 6 Draft Pick from Huntington Beach Longhorns Columbus Cocks gave up Kendricks, Eric MIN LB; Year 2021 Round 8 Draft Pick from Columbus Cocks Comments: $6 from Longhorns
  13. Looking for WR help

    Before we all go into hibernation until August or beyond I am looking for WR help. Don't necessarily need an elite guy just looking to add some depth. I have a lot of IDP talent available and won't rule out 2021 picks for the right guy.
  14. 2020 Rookie/Devy Draft - discussion

    Has anyone reached out to Yetis?
  15. 2020 Rookie/Devy Draft - discussion

    5 days and almost 1/2 way done. yay.
  16. 2020 Rookie/Devy Draft - discussion

    FYI pre-select doesn't fire for the 1.01 so if Pope put one in it won't work. Never has. Might need to reach out to him in case he thinks he's kicked it off.
  17. 2020 Rookie/Devy Draft - discussion

    Guess not
  18. 2020 RFA Primer and Commentary

    Allen's gonna win SOMEONE'S franchise player next year.