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  1. I'd like to be the first to leave you a comment.

  2. I've got the same choice and I'm going with Dallas.
  3. Michele Tafoya's Replacement

    I wouldn't kick Kolber out of bed for eating crackers. But then again, my wife would summarily cave my skull in with a tire iron... after I was done cleaning up the crumbs, of course.
  4. Need expert trade advice! HELP!

    I'd want the Westbrook/Branch side of the deal, especially if you got points for receptoins.
  5. Who's gonna score more ff Point's?

    Ugh. Another vote for Stallworth. Now I need a shower.
  6. Prove your FF Knowledge

    I was. And if you get points in the return game, Stallworth will be assuming punt return duties. I'd still play Bruce, though.
  7. Arrington - #3 RB?

    Wow. That's crazy-deep. What position are you most urgently looking to fill?
  8. 3-headed qb dilemma

    Hass, without question. He had a great game versus a better DEF than AZ last week. The Chiefs appear to be leaving heavily on the run game these days.
  9. Trade Davis for Clayton or S. Smith

    Davis for either of those receivers would be a very good deal for you. You certainly have other options at RB.
  10. FF Advice Forum vs NFL FF

    The other forum is "supposed" to be about exchanging information and facts. This forum is "supposed" to be about advice and opinions. But the line between the two is blurry at times.
  11. With the return yardage weighted as heavily as it is, Sproles is a good choice this week. The Giants have scored the most points in the NFL to date. If they can stay true to form, Sproles will have a busy day. Any involvement on regular offense will be gravy. Perry might make more sense if you got points for receptions.
  12. WDIS Brooks or Warner

    I think Warner is doing an underappricated job in Arizona. However, he just isn't getting into the endzone, which is hampering his fantasy production. While I'm confident that will change for the better in the coming weeks, I like Brooks to score at least twice this week and tack on servicable yardage, as well. Course, he'll turn the ball over once or twice. But you've gotta expect that from Brooks pretty much every week.
  13. Arrington - #3 RB?

    I dunno. I'm pretty secretive when it comes to my waiver wire pick up recommendations.
  14. Arrington - #3 RB?

    Me, after Week 1.
  15. Arrington - #3 RB?

    <whistle> Time out on the field. Yo Mama wishes to challenge the accuracy of this assertion. Kurt Warner after two games: - 6th best completion ratio for a starting QB so far: 63.6% - tied for most passes thrown so far: 88 - 4th most passing yards: 591 - only 2 INTs: 17 - or more than half the starting QBs in the NFL - have thrown 2 or more INTs so far. Yes, he eaten 8 sacks and only thrown 1 TD. But Warner *is* a respectable QB whose doing rather well considering the lack of support he's received thus far from his O-line or the Cards' running game. He's accurate, moving the chains, and not making mistakes.