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  1. The Walking Dead on AMC

    I liked the season opener. But when is Monster going to *finally* get laid?
  2. Wouldn't bother me at all. Jury duty is boring as hell. Plus, I'm vastly superior to most men and have little reason for insecurity.
  3. Did you hear about the new perfume made through the collaborative efforts of both Japan and the confederate states? It's called 'Surrender' - I hear it's very popular in France.
  4. The huddle honesty Thread

    I'd say we should burn it down and start over, but we already tried that with Atlanta and the place is still a crap hole.
  5. The huddle honesty Thread

    I suppose that depends on whether you think spanking is an act of lazy parenting.
  6. I guess this is okay?

    Without it, we'd just be master*ing.
  7. McJobs

    Sure - for experienced, highly specialized lawyers. Trust me. I'm not complaining about that at all. Like I said, I'm much better off now compared to four years ago. Like I've said before, America basically has two economies right now and only one of them is doing poorly. The people at the top are doing awesome. I'm happy for them. I make my living off them. But only a microscopic percentage of us will ever join them.
  8. McJobs

    My average individual client has a net worth between $25-$35mm, with several into the billions. Like I said, business is booming.
  9. McJobs

    No. I'm high-end tax and estate planning attorney in private practice and business is booming.
  10. McJobs

    I think Obama has done a decent job based solely on the merits of his performance. Not a perfect job. But certainly not "very poorly" by any standard. The only reason you know the name Sandra Fluck is because "conservatives" called her a slut and a whore for having the audacity to use contraceptives. So, yeah, I believe the GOP is more fixated on divisive social issues than the democrats.
  11. McJobs

    No, I'm just a lot better off than I was four years ago so I have no reason to complain. Regardless of what was or was not promised, by my account the president - while far from perfect - has done an adept job of navigating the country through some of the rockiest economic times the planet has seen in long while. I am also convinced that the average American would be worse off under current GOP leadership, which I view as largely detached from reality, and fixated on meaningless and divisive social issues.
  12. McJobs

    I don't have a problem with how the Obama administration has run the country. Yes, the fed's policies obviously do have an impact on the economy but the ultimate responsibility for creating private sector jobs rests with the private sector.
  13. McJobs

    I'm not sure you fully grasped what I was aiming for. Does the federal government have a responsibility to create jobs? If one feels the answer to that questions is "no" then one should not blame unemployment on the president. On the other hand, if one feels that unemployment is the fault of the federal government then its a bit disingenuous to criticize the federal government for actually hiring some people... especially if such hiring is byproduct of carrying out necessary governmental functions. Lots of folks are mad at Obama because of unemployment. But I just don't understand that. Seems like our collective frustration is more naturally directed at the self-professed "job creators" for doing a shitty job in that regard, despite record corporate profits and the fact that the rich have never been richer.
  14. McJobs

    Either the federal government has a responsibility to create jobs (which they have, in the public sector) or its not the federal government's job to create jobs at all (in which case don't blame Obama for unemployment). You can't have it both ways.