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  1. 12 team PPR a trade just went through between a husband and wife. No veto votes other than LM. (LM is the husband in this trade) I was ok with trade but what it left the wifes team with was questionable. Husband gets: Kareem Hunt David Njoku Wife gets: Travis Kelce Sterling Shephard The Details: Hubby: now has Zeke, Hunt, Ingram, Miller at RB. and Njoku and OJ Howard at TE Wifey: has Shady, Yeldon, Hines, Riddick at RB with Kelce and Greg Olsen at TE.
  2. 4 into 2

    Kupp if he is a go and JuJu
  3. Need help with Flex...

    Beating a dead horse here but Kupp
  4. I think Gordon is a good play. Said this in another question posted but KC due to injury is starting two safeties that were picked up late in training camp. One we traded a 6th or 7th round pick for a few days before week one. Chiefs defense was bad when healthy but we are playing NE with a banged up defense. No Justin Houston this week. I do not see how KC Def keeps NE from scoring 35 or more this week.
  5. Baldwin or Gordon

    KC opinion here, I would say Gordon. My Chiefs as of Friday had a WR practicing at safety due to injuries (Marcus Kemp, I guess he played safety in HS and early in college) KC has two safties in Ron Parker and Jordan Lucas that were both picked up very late in training camp as starters this week. I am starting every Pats offensive player I have this week.
  6. Anyone trusting kittle on Monday?

    Its sounding like he will play, he at least had limited practice all week instead of the DNP designation. I have him (with no other TE on my roster) if he plays he is a good start this week.
  7. Baldwin - Do you trust him?

    Had him at flex last week. 1 target! Can't trust him. He is on my bench until proven otherwise. Lockett is the WR in Sea to own for the time being.
  8. Roll without a kicker this week?

    I feel like this is a no brainer drop your kicker
  9. Help settle an argument...Non FFB related

    Hell Yes I am bitter! My parents were in preschool when my Chiefs last won a Superbowl!! Man first walked on the moon the same year KC was world champs!......and to simply annoy my wife instead of saying peace be with you at church I have started saying Mahomes be with you. I have gotten just as many high fives as dirty looks.
  10. Help settle an argument...Non FFB related

    Glad my drunken bar debate got so many responses here. I think the true debate is career stats vs career accolades (or Escalades for KC fans) I just feel the Hall of Fame is for who had the better career stats and longevity. Fitzpatrick now has his Jersey in Canton for the first QB to pass for more than 400 yrds in 3 straight games and now he is on the bench. The HOF is for career achievements, and by career stats. TD does not belong in the HOF imo. Not comparing TD to Fitzgemagic here just saying an elite run on stats should not justify a hall of fame vote. Give TD a plaque in canton for a record setting 4 year run but he does not deserve a hof bust..........and neither does my man Jamaal.
  11. Dalvin Cook trade

    What are people seeing in return for any Dalvin Cook trades? I am thinking about offering Lockett and Luck/Dalton. The guy im trading needs QB and WR help
  12. If you cant tell by my username I am a KC homer and got into an argument today with a co-worker who is a Denver fan. It started off as a conversation about Jamaal Charles being signed by Jax and ended with a friendly Terrell Davis HOF debate. My point was if TD makes it so should Charles. Here are the career stats...and for those who say TD did it in less seasons my argument is TD started balling out year 1 vs JC year 2 and Jamaal lost 3 seasons with injuries. (Granted Davis did most of his in a 4-5 year period) For the record I do not think TD belongs in the HOF.....Debate Jamaal Charles Att: 1401 Yds: 7556YPC: 5.4 TD: 44 Rec: 308 Rec Yds: 2586 Rec Tds: 20 Terrell Davis Att: 1655 Yds: 7607 Ypc: 4.6 TD: 60 Rec: 169 Rec Yds: 1280 Rec TDs: 5
  13. can PUP be stashed in IR slot? (yahoo)

    Yes. In my espn league LeVeon was allowed to be in IR slot which I think is total BS
  14. PPR Flex Help

  15. 12 team PPR who at flex? Keelan Cole at KC Doug Baldwin vs LAR Tyler Lockett vs LAR Alex Collins at CLE Mike Williams vs OAK