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  1. First off, exclude TY from this list if his name was not TY Hilton you would have dropped him 6 weeks ago. No to Mixon Minn is #1 in NFL vs the run. So for me I guess its between Crowell and Duke. I am leaning Crowell simply due to volume. Crowell had 23 touches last week to Duke's 10.
  2. 12 team PPR who is the odd man out? Pick 2 Doug Baldwin vs LAR Josh Gordon vs BAL Larry Fitzgerald at WAS
  3. Need Help with your Fantasy team? GGL's got ur back

    Who sits out of these 3 in 12 team PPR? Doug Baldwin vs LAR Larry Fitz at Was Josh Gordon vs BAL
  4. Too many eggs in 1 basket?

    12 team PPR playoffs. I am rolling Aaron Rodgers out there at QB. (Had Wentz) I can triple dip on the Packers by starting both Jordy and Adams at Carolina. Too many GB Packers in my lineup? I am also thinking about playing Christian McCaffery at flex meaning half my roster would be in one game. I would most likely start Westbrook or JuJu over McCaffery...Too many eggs in the GB / Car game?
  5. Josh Gordon Swag

    John Dorsey pick up the phone KC wants to trade you Alex Smith for a 2nd round pick.
  6. 12 team PPR 6 point TD passes. Bortles has juicy matchups rest of the way. Stafford has scored below 20 3 straight weeks and Bortles has scored 22 or more 3 straight weeks. Foles could be a stud. Stafford has been Mr reliable with a floor of around 15ish most weeks. Matt Stafford vs CHI, at CIN Blake Bortles vs HOU, at SF Nick Foles at NYG, vs OAK
  7. Thank You Miami Defense!!

    I was up 28 going into last nights game. I had Gostkowski going against Brady and Landry in 12 team PPR. I was down by 1.2 with the Pats on the 1 yard line less than 2 min to go in the game. They run the ball in I lose by .2 freaking points in the playoffs. Thank You to the Dolphins Defense and great penalties by the Pats to set up my kicker for a 33 yard FG getting me the Vicory!! Dilly!! Dilly!!
  8. Josh Gordon Swag

    Anyone else see Josh Gordon score his first TD in 4 years then put shades on while on the sidelines. If he can keep his head out of his rectum dude is a stud. Glad I started him this week.
  9. 12 team PPR I am monitoring QB situation and will drop Stafford for streaming option.
  10. Playoff tie-breaker question

    So both systems have there flaws. In my situation seeds 3-7 all ended up 7-6. The tie breaker ended up favoring total points (for me at least) The h2h tie breaker ended up getting thrown out the window with us all beating each other. Team A beat team D, team D beat team B, Team B lost to A, Team C beat A but lost to team B. Confused? So we ended up all being ranked by points and I somehow ended up going from 7 seed to 3 seed in 1 week.
  11. Browns get it wrong again

    John Dorsey was a good hire. He built a pretty deep roster in KC. When he got here we were a dumpster fire he seemed to really have a knack for plucking talent off other teams practice squads. Cap issues were his biggest downfall and the comment about him doing it his way is spot on (Jeremy Maclin getting released via VM pissed big Red off) He does seem to have an eye for talent and with all those draft picks Cle could be trending upward in the near future.
  12. Big Ben or Carr?

    Carr. With Peters out KC secondary is scary bad. Our #2 CB spot has been a revolving door of awful. Old man Revis looked bad in his first game. Oak should have no problem throwing on us.
  13. Kamara possibly concussed?

    FML! I lose AK and am facing Ingram in playoffs! AK had more pts in 1st drive than Ingram in 1st half! Kamara was going to have a good game!
  14. Kamara possibly concussed?

    Its just my luck First round of playoffs my best RB goes down on first drive
  15. Jimmy G or Ryan tonight?

    Finally! Someone else thinking about going with Jimmy G this week, but I do not have Ryan go with him