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  1. Rumor: C.J. Anderson to the Chiefs

    I just do not see this happening. Reid's playbook is notoriously hard to grasp. He may be part of a committee approach but I do not see him jumping up the depth chart like that.
  2. Victory Pants??

    My victory pants are Chiefs Zubaz and they will be on shortly
  3. MNF - what do you need? Crappy Week 10 edition

    Need 27 from Kittle.
  4. Is Adam Humphries for real?

    Has 15 receptions in 2 games and seems to be Fitzpatricks go to WR. Since Fitz got the starting job back only two WR have more fantasy points than Humphries. (Hopkins and Thomas)
  5. go out and get this guy

    Ya I would go with Landry. KC defense seems to let the #1 WR get his. Landry and Chubb should be must starts vs KC.
  6. go out and get this guy

    Anyone else playing Trequan this week? vs LAR should be a shootout.
  7. RB2/Flex Help

    12 team PPR pick two of the following Jordan Howard at BUF Marc Ingram vs LAR John Brown vs PIT TreQuan Smith vs LAR (Flex Boom or bust in what should be a high scoring game )
  8. Tyreek Hill Injury

    I am hearing he is a long shot to play. He DNP on Wed and Reid called him "very limited" at practice in presser today.
  9. Tyreek Hill Injury

    Reek full participant in practice Wednesday. Great sign
  10. 12 team PPR. Jones is like my RB3/Flex guy. Feel like this is a good trade for me but if McCarthy would just give AJ the dang ball he could be an RB1 imo. Funny thing is the trade is being offered by the guy that dropped Jones 2 weeks ago for Chubb. After a good week he wants him back.
  11. That trade was a kick in the crotch for Hyde owners. He was one of my most consistent high floor guys but is he even worth a roster spot anymore? Jax has a bye this week and it sounds like Fournette is going to come back next week. Carlos is headed for dumpsville
  12. Fantasy "experts"

    Easiest job in the world. They should post a "how did I do last week" article and I bet more often than not the "experts" are wrong....Thats why we all rely on the unfailable opinions from this site! Am I right!
  13. Tyreek Hill Injury

    No specifics have been released in KC that I am aware of. KC next two games are against Cle and Ari so the talking heads on the radio in KC seem to think they are going to sit him for at least those two weak opponents and try to get him ready to go for LAR in Mexico City but KC does have a bye after that so it could be a 4 week absence. For what its worth 4 wks I would think is worst case scenario. Hill posted stuff on youtube of teams Halloween Party (No arrests, No felony trespassing reported, No "Swag Kelly") and he was jumping around not acting like he had injury issues. I realize I just gave no useful information but you asked for a local KC perspective.
  14. RB2 Help

    12 team PPR who should I go with at RB2? Am I crazy to go with Richard? I do not like Ingrams matchup and Howard has just not been great. I am not looking for safe, I need a home run. The team I am playing is loaded. Marc Ingram at MIN Jordan Howard vs NYJ Alex Collins at CAR Jalen Richard vs IND
  15. Monday night announcing crew

    The MNF crew is terrible. Worst since the Dennis Miller experiment......"Warner had more hands in his face than an OB-GYN delivering Vishnu's triplets!" Remember him going on and on during a broadcast about how the NFL needs a cup cam, dude was terrible. This crew sucks imo, but at least they didn't try to bring in a comedian.