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  1. Kicker going forward?

    I'm sorry I'm like Jim Mora talking bout playoffs on this one. A Kicker! A Kicker! Really!
  2. Who to drop in 12 team PPR?

    Bye week filler. Who to drop in 12 team PPR for to stream a QB? Im Thin at RB and WR. Leaning DJax since his bye is next week and may not play this week, I bet he goes unclaimed. I could do it right before Game decreasing chances he gets added. DeSean Jackson DK Metcalf Tyrell Williams Hunter Henry (I have Kelce)
  3. Who to drop in 12 team PPR for bye week DeSean Jackson DK Metcalf Tyrell Williams
  4. Chiefs Backfield

    Once Pat comes back start both. Until then meh
  5. 12 team ppr. who to add? Thin Everywhere But TE and QB DK Metcalf Robby Anderson Darrius Guice
  6. Pick 312 team PPR.

    12 team PPR. Pick 3 2 must be RB Austin Ekeler at Chi Phillip Lindsey vs IND James White vs CLE Hunter Henry at Chi
  7. 12 team PPR wasn't expecting Brees back so soon. 6pt per passing TD. I have Kelce and Hill and Moore seemed like a good idea. Brees vs ARI. Moore vs GB
  8. RB2 Flex Help

    Pick 3 of following 2 must be RB in 12 team PPR. Leaning on sitting Ekeler but dude has been money James White vs CLE Phillip Lindsay at IND Ausin Ekeler vs CHI Hunter Henry at CHI
  9. Hunter Henry

    I have Kelce in 12 team PPR, picked up Henry 2 weeks ago. Trade Bait
  10. 12 team PPR. If Tyreek plays I'm good but if not I need to pick up off the scrap heap. I'm eyeing Keke Coutee as a dart throw vs KC. Who do I drop? Desean Jackson Tyrell Williams Hunter Henry (I do have Kelce)
  11. Ramsey to KC?

    My drunk sources tell me a 1st and 3rd from KC for Jalen Ramsey
  12. Why does God hate my fantasy team? Every year

    Yes sir. Mahomes be with you is what we say in church. Has anyone seen Pat Mahomes and Jesus in the same room? I havnt
  13. Somewhere along the lines a member of my family pissed someone off! That person's name was the Lord! 3 years in a row, I lose 1st round pick week 1. Johnson, Cook, Hill. Lost last week by 6. Was killing it yesterday. Brees gets -1 pts. Going into last night, I'm up 13 I have Desean Jax he has 1 RB. Jackson gets hurt! FML in fantasy sports. New Year same BS! Made it to SB a few yrs back. Only to lose QB1, RB1, and WR2 to injuries week prior or in practice.
  14. John Brown or Josh Gordon

    12 team PPR Brown vs NYG Josh Gordon vs MIA
  15. WR and Flex Help

    Everyone has Lindsay. Against tough Bears D. I almost didn't even include him