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  1. WR and Flex Help

    Everyone has Lindsay. Against tough Bears D. I almost didn't even include him
  2. WR and Flex Help

    Losing Tyreek hurts. Feel like most of these guys are boom or bust. Pick 3 (2 must be WR) in 12 team PPR Josh Gordon at Mia Chris Thompson vs DAL John Brown at NYG DeSean Jackson at ATL Phillip Lindsay vs CHI
  3. Sam Darnold out with mono

    That is so NY Jets
  4. 12 team PPR flex help Thompson vs cowboys Jackson at ATL
  5. Jamaal Williams value

    He was around 1000 yards last year. With a far better QB. But as #1 What's his ceiling? Last year's numbers? Low end WR2 High end WR3?
  6. Im in a 12 team PPR. Darwin went from sleeper to asleep with signing of McCoy. Is he worth owning? Possible FA targets are DeVante Parker, TreQuan Smith, or DK Metcalf.
  7. Drafted for first time Sober. Part 2.0

    Top 10 RB last yr in PPR had almost 90 receptions. Don't get why people hate him that early.
  8. Drafted for first time Sober. Part 2.0

    Hill, Kelce, White, Lindsey, Ekeler
  9. So got killed on OP of how my draft went. 12 team ppr. Made a few ww adds to help. QB: Brees RB: James White Phillip Lindsey Austin Ekeler Darwin Thomson WR: Tyreek Hill Josh Gordon Desean Jackson John Brown James Washington TE: Travis Kelce Greg Olsen K: Gay DST: Denver Got some work to do. Too many question marks. Had friend draft last 6 picks cuz I had to work. I have dropped 5 of 6. Olsen on ww for some reason. In a pinch i figure i can use him at flex
  10. Damien Williams thoughts?

    Damian, Darwin, Darrell! Just pick which D ya want to take! Just like your mom! Hey Yoooo!
  11. Damien Williams thoughts?

    This is what I think Big Red will do. DW has never carried load before as RB1. Him and Thompson I think will spell each other. Reid usually plays hot hand so at first it's a guessing game. Hyde imo will be cut. Darrel short yardage bruising back. I think as season goes on Darwin will be the guy. Since Reid got to KC #1 RB week 1 is either hurt or passed up and number 2 makes playoff run. I think Thompson will end up with more points. Could be wrong. Both have looked great in pre season.
  12. Drafted last night for first time ever Sober

    As a KC guy I'm sticking with: The Tyreek Day Care Center I am. He has screwed me in past. With Gronk out last year Gordan saw double digit targets 3 straight games. With over 300 yrs receiving
  13. Drafted last night for first time ever Sober

    I think I'm getting to much hate. Boom or bust no doubt cuz I took sober fliers on half my team. But looking at other rate my team squads and I'm like my team is better than This! A ton depends on Ekeler and Gordon not Josh Gordoning himself again. And Big AL Ballege
  14. Does Mack’s Value Go Up Or Down?

    Way down imo
  15. Drafted last night for first time ever Sober

    Distant relative of Al Bundy. Like Bundy Allen scored 4 TDs in one game vs James Madison High in the City Champioship.