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  1. ATTN: east coast huddlers with comcast

    what channel is that?
  2. have bye week blues

    Reports out of Minn camp is that Michael Bennett is starting this weekend, even with the fumbling problem. Shipp adds value to the ARZ passing game because he is a better blocker than Arrington but the O-Line is still pretty terrible and he looked every bit as unimpressive as JJ. Good luck.
  3. Trade TO for T Holt

    A straight up WR for WR trade??? Why?
  4. Trade proposal advice

    If I were the other owner I would not accept this trade. Ahman Green is way too inconsistant, Blaylock is a nice touch seeing as he is a Martin owner. Shockey is whatever. Make the offer. If he declines, which he probably will, negotiate from there. If he accepts, shame on him.
  5. Trade Advice

    You don't have the WR depth to warrant trading horn. You are pretty deep at rb with S.Jackson & S.Davis. Why are you trying ti make this trade?
  6. Let's talk about the Metal

    A good friend of mine did the album art for Leviathan. He is working on the art for their next album as I type. It is a pretty cool album.
  7. Let's talk about the Metal

    Have you listened to Arch Enemy yet?
  8. Let's talk about the Metal

    check out Decibel Magazine. It is pretty great and has actually renewed my fascination with the 'heavier' metal bands.
  9. What has your participation been so far on the advice board? Have you answered a WDIS post, a trade post, anything at all? Never-mind, I know that you haven't... It's interesting that you would call people out for sh!t that you are guilty of. Hippocrate.
  10. Trade offer for M. Harrison.

    Driver is a big ? IMO. He will now face opposing defenses #1 DB's. He is changing postions from split end to flanker. Favre is being "protected" by a very pourus O-line. You should be able to get a better trade...
  11. Trade offer for D. Davis.

    Stand pat. You don't need to make this trade. I see from your earlier post that you are trying to upgrade your QB position. Pennington is not the answer. And IMO Davis is the better of the two backs regardless of their respective week 1 performance.
  12. Trade S.Smith for Parker

    I don't think you are as deep as you say you are at WR. Horn & Smith are solid starts on a weekly basis, beyond that it is a crap shoot. Kenninson, MeShawn, Bruce & Moss all have big game potential but I would not want to rely on then as a WR2 & WR3. Relying on them as a WR3 is great, however. Ask yourself, how will this trade affect my starting line-up?
  13. Trade offer for M. Harrison.

    This is good advice. Your strentgh and depth is at RB. Use it to your advantage.
  14. Blockbuster trade, need some advice please!

    I only suggested Moss to add depth to your wr's. Moose has value though I am not a believer. Of the two I think Moss has more upside but that is just a feeling. Which R Williams is on your bench?
  15. Blockbuster trade, need some advice please!

    McCardell falls into that category... His value is high right now, but with the return of Gates it will fall off. Could you package Alexander, McCardell & Roethlisberger and get something like Chad Johnson, Jamal Lewis & Santana Moss. Maybe he would bite on something like that???