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  1. CK-MVP

    Same size as Cunningham, give or take 10 lbs. Cunningham ran a 4.4 40. Kaepernick ran a 4.53. Cunningham had a cannon. Not sure how you would measure that. See 1990 vs Bills. Ducks Bruce Smith in the end zone. Fires 60 yards to Fred Barnett for a 95 yard TD Loved Cunningham but I am enjoying Kaepernick's play as well.
  2. Head coaching candidates...

    Kirk Ferentz
  3. Not meant to be.. Lynch just finished me off..
  4. In the Too Many Leagues FFL championship game. I hope it ends beter than last season's championship for my squad! Opponent has a strong team, definitely a coin-flip type of game...
  5. Random thoughts on the day...

    Vick best days may be behind him but he wasn't the problem today.. Though, he wasn't the solution either.. Eagles D could not get off of the field. They were flat and clearly have no playmakers on that side of the ball. It was hard to watch.
  6. Marcedes Lewis

    He has hands of stone.. 2010 was the anomaly in his career, not the norm.
  7. $55 entry fee. Up to 3 Keepers. No IDP.
  8. This is a great league with quite a few long time huddlers.. Always provides excellent competition!
  9. Earthquake?

    Yeah.. No phone service in So. Jersey though Comcast seems to be working just fine..
  10. Jeremy Maclin

    No. Nothing. So, either the organization knows what is going on and is respecting Maclin's privacy or they don't know what it is.. Either way they are not releasing any information on this.
  11. Born of The Huddle league is looking for 2 dedicated owner for the upcoming season. Please follow the link below to see open franchises and league rules; Post here if interested. Thank you. FP
  12. Franchise Open

    We still have one open franchise in this, long standing, BoTH league. Follow the link above to see the league rules and available team. Like GI, this was my introduction to BoTH leagues. We really do have a dedicated and competitive group of owners. I wouldn't trade it... Follow the links, check out 12MiTH...
  13. Request for prayers

    They are with you GI.
  14. Giants/Phillies

    It is a nice feeling, isn't it? Congratulations Giants fans! Enjoy it...
  15. Phillies clinch 4th straight division title.

    They really are an impressive bunch of guys. Hats of to Charlie and the boys for a fourth straight NL East Championship. I really can't wait for the post-season to begin. Go Phils!
  16. Week One Winners Thread

    Enjoy it while it lasts, big guy... You know what happens in the post-season!
  17. Eagle fans ... are you missing McNabb yet

    Nah... I don't miss him but I don't hate him either. I'm going to miss Leonard Weaver and Jamaal Jackson, though... That image of Weaver's knee hyper-extending was disturbing... How about you? Are you missing Colombo yet?
  18. See ya later Tapp.?.?.? Eagles acquire Antwon Barnes from the Ravens
  19. New BOTH league forming

    Let me know how this develops. I may be interested if it gets off the ground.
  20. Rumor Mill Philly - Cle

    In a youth movement, to me, a team kind of losses it's identity. That is what appears to be happening here, imo. I just don't know who we are and I am trying to have faith that the front office is making moves that better the product on the field. I would not, however, expect that to translate to wins immediately. I'm not turning in my card I'm just tempering my expectations.
  21. Rumor Mill Philly - Cle

    Yeah, I know... It was just easier to say I didn't get it out of frustration.
  22. Rumor Mill Philly - Cle

    Just heard this on WIP. Brown and Gocong for Alex Hill a 4th and a 5th. I just don't get it.
  23. All Time One Hit Wonders

    Chris Chandler - Late 1997 into 98
  24. Dodgers - Phils

    Wow! Great series!!! Great game!!! NL Champs!!!