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  1. Hi!

    The Unusual Suspects. Good to see you brother. I've missed Hugh Vic
  2. Former 76ers star Moses Malone passed away at age 60

    RIP Mr. Fo Fo Fo
  3. Christine Michael to Dallas

    This. Though Michael isn't anything special either
  4. Moving to the Olympia, Washington area.....

    I'm only a size 14 foot lol Best course near Dupont is the Home Course
  5. One song

    6 Days on the Road - Taj Mahal
  6. Beer & Microbrew thread

    Hands down one of the best pale ales made. Right there with Dales ETA: Lagunitas New Dogtown Pale
  7. Beer & Microbrew thread

    Have only had the pleasure of drinking Westy 12 twice. And I'm around a lot of different beers. Stuff is appropriately legendary
  8. Beer & Microbrew thread

    Sounds awesome Loaf. And STRONG. Those four right there would have me a couple sheets to the breeze
  9. One song

    Chain Reaction - Crusaders
  10. One song

    Looking for Magic - Dwight Twilley Band(with Dave Seymore and Tom Petty)
  11. One song

    Guttercat - Alice Cooper
  12. To pay the QB, or to not pay the QB?

    And let us not forget Wagner. Seahawks are an 7-8 win team max without Wilson. Great Defense or not. As long as he is upright they have a chance to win most any game they are playing. Without him and running T. Jackson or the likes out there? Yeah sure you betcha. They'll pay him and pay him dearly. Which he has earned
  13. Beer & Microbrew thread

    The grapefruit Sculpin is out of this world! One of the best beers in this category year in year out at most brew fests. And I don't like grapefruit!
  14. One song

    On the Backs of Angels - Dream Theater
  15. One song

    We Gotta Get Out of This Place - The Animals