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  1. Goff or Brady?

    I have Gronk also.
  2. High Stakes League?

    Im in a $2,000 10 man redraft. And another $1000 in FAAB with $20 transaction fees. Gets pretty expensive for the year. All really good players and it get intense,
  3. Charger / Redskins game

    What happens if they have to cancel the game due to the fires? Have not seen anything about it yet but it could pop up this weekend.
  4. QB

    Cousins or Ryan ROS?
  5. What do you need?

    WOW!!! Is a monster 2k league with added fees. I'm in the finals going for $17,000
  6. What do you need?

    TE Reed to have less then 2.6. I hope he sits
  7. wr

    Odell Watkins Alshon
  8. Who gets benched today?

    Agree Thomas
  9. What do you think?

    In monster 2k a team league. Do i start in my flex D Thomas Sanu Farrow Thanks for the help
  10. Is my team championship caliber?

    How many teams? and what did you draft look like?
  11. Pick Up Cutler ROS

    Cutler is a gun slinger with a bad D. Garbage time is great for FF
  12. Up 15 pts...Will I win?

    Of course you has a chance. Good luck!! I'd say you are 50/50 to win.
  13. Thomas or Pryor?

    D. Thomas sorry
  14. Trade Antonio Brown for LeSean McCoy?

    You can afford to do it, but is there no one safer you can get? If not, Mccoy is great when healthy and the schedule is good down the stretch. RB1 are hard to come by.