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  1. RB Trade LaMont Gordon for Ahman Green?

    Is that Lamont Joran or Lamar Gordon?
  2. vote againts trade, Yes or No

    Wayne for Droughns could possibly be fair if the guy trading wayne has Moss, Owens and C Johnson as his starting 3, and Holt as #4 and Wayne is his #5 WR... his RB's would have to be Barry Sanders and Eric Dickerson..., and he has tried everyone else in the league, and the only RB available is Droughns... Nah, still too lopsided, but ya can't veto a trade just because someone is stupid.
  3. Bennett may be traded soon... LINK: http://www.startribune.com/stories/510/5628485.html This makes Mewelde Moore very valuable in leagues that reward receiving stats, i.e., receptions, yard bonuses. I don't think that the vikings O-line will produce a 1000 yard back this year, but with Moore's superior pass catching ability, he could be huge!!!
  4. Drop JJ Arrington for R. Dayne?

    Obviously Dayne is not going to be a top-10 back, but of course he is worth something... (not arrington at this point)..., but don't laugh... in larger leagues 14-teams or more, Dayne has value... in larger leagues every single backup running back is on someones roster from Larry Johnson to Ladell Betts, so yes, pick up Dayne if he is there, but give up williamson before arrington... olandis gary was never a good back before he started in DEN, nor was he good afterwards, so ya never know. (dayne probably fits that mold). If dayne somehow gets the starting gig (the injuries to bell and anderson would have to linger for that to happen) he would be a top 15-20 back in most leagues. so, if can squeeze his big fat ass onto your roster do it now.
  5. Who comes out ahead?

    Since you have the depth at RB, I would offer up Rudi or Deuce straight up for Moss. Don't give away edge! ... and even if you also have to give up Chambers to get him, then do it. As long as you can get backups to your RB's handcuffed, you have no worries. EJ's back up will score as well as RJ or DM if Edge goes down, so you don't need the third RB. I say start with Rudi for Moss... then, if he does not bite throw in chambers. It's all about starters!
  6. Mewelde Moore?

    Why did MM not touch the ball?
  7. You guys are on your own ....

    So, am I going to win this week? - Can't you just answer my question. My team is better than his, so that means I will win. Cool, thanks!
  8. Free Fantasy Advice - Week 15

    Hi again Hugh! I made a great 14 week stretch of picking the correct QB out of Delhomme, Vick, Griese..., but I screwed up last week when it meant the most, and went with Vick for a horrible 10 points. Luckily I held on to win by 4 points and moved on in the playoffs. I am in deeper poop this week though with my RB's banged up and confused. First: QB Delhomme Vick Griese Leaning very hard toward Griese Second: RB JLewis or CTaylor @ Indy (decent matchup and Lewis just owes me! doesn't he?) CBrown or ASmith @ Oakland (great matchup, but for only a half) Brown owes me too Dammit! DBlaylock vs Denver (half a back at best) Wgreen vs SD (Yikes!) MMoore (does he even dress any more?) Also, I'm very worried about Eddie Kennison this week (If Champ matches up against him) The only guys I can get my hands on are Quincy Morgan or Troy Walters if Stokley is out. - would you start either of them over Eddie? I think I know who to go with , but I'm just screwed. Please find a way to build my confidence in these guys. Thanks very much for your help this year. Let's get me to the Super Bowl next weekend!
  9. Which of these three would step in as the #3 WR at Indy if Stokley can't go this week. My opponant this week may have to pick one of these guys up as a starter. I'd like to beat him to the punch though. Very deep league, and his #3 is Morton, who may also miss this week. Troy Walters Aaron Moorehead Brad Pyatt I would lean toward Walters...
  10. Pick 2 RB's- Need help in Playoffs

    Seattle can't stop anyone lately at RB. Martin will win many games for fantasy owners this weekend..., unfortunately I am facing him. Also, go with O Smith, but keep an eye on the KC situation. If LJ is named the starter he instantly becomes a top 5 Fantasy RB in that offense. He would even start over Martin in my book. So, Martin, Smith, but possible Johnson over Smith if he gets the start.
  11. RB

    Dunn, no doubt.
  12. QB Help WDIS

    Palmer is on crutches, he sprained his knee. But, he says that he is playing this weekend. I doubt it though.
  13. Much needed help with my lineup

    QB is a crap shoot... If anyone here can even guess which one of these QB's will have a great day they are guessing too. Tough choices..., but all 3 will put up good numbers, so don't worry about this choice. I would take a chance on Kitna (only if Palmer is 100% out) ...this should be a shoot out against Buffalo. I have this same option of picking up kitna or starting Griese (I am not a risk taker, so I will probably take the sure 200 yards and 2 scores that Griese will get). RB: LT, FTaylor Flex: JJONES WR: Holt, Horn (easy choices - javon has been down lately/tough jags defense) D: Both great matchups as well, but I expect Dallas to play very well this week and possibly upset Philly with a great running attack from your man JJones. Go with TB Defense at home, only letting up 11 points per game and few yards... only KC was able to score on them at home.
  14. Griese or Leftwich?

    Lefty has been spreading the ball a little bit more of late, but still very few weapons around him. I look for Fred Taylor to have his game of the year this week (he has been silent this year, so he is due to take this game on his shoulders.) I am probably going with Griese this week too. Great matchup, but as I posted somewhere else, TB's Defense is very tough at home, letting up an average of only 11 points per game. So tell me how Brooks will do against the TB D at home, and if NO does not score more than 10 points the TB offense will shut down early. Pittman will have a great game here, so since both matchups are not perfect, go with the guy who has more weapons. Griese has Clayton, Galloway, Pittman (3 TD threats in the passing game). (Lefty has Jimmy Smith and that is about it.) Griese and ... O Smith as your flex is probably your best bet to get you decent #'s. Good luck this week!
  15. WDIS - It's Come To This?

    Griese is more likely to have a solid game, and if New Orleans shows up offensively, and forces TB to continue throwing, Griese could have a huge game. The big thing that scares me is that TB has let up only a total of 3 points in their past 2 home games. The only team to score over 17 points on them at home this year was KC(31). But Gruden still loves his offense, and should allow Griese to play well. I'd go with Griese over Favre.