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  1. Graham or Engram?

    I think I give the edge to Graham but it's tough. I'll second El Jefe in regards to Graham playing his old team. Rodgers might look for him more than usual.
  2. After this weekend, I don't ever want to give up Ertz In talks with another team in regards to Howard. Potential candidates include Jordan Howard, Dion Lewis, and Kerryon Johnson - who do you guys think I should target?
  3. 12 Team, Half PPR I have Ertz and Howard and am hoping to trade Howard for an RB - who do you think I should be aiming for? I was thinking about trading the team in first who is weakest at TE with Rudolph (who is also on bye this week). He has Connor, Michel, Lindsay, Henry, Cohen as his RBs...should I propose something to him? Thanks for the help!
  4. Half PPR And would this change if Breida plays? Mostert vs Cardinals Clement vs Jags
  5. Jared Goff on WW

    Yes definitely.
  6. ROS Howard Or Chubb ?

    I think we need to see more of Chubb to say for sure, but Cohen (and Trubisky actually) is eating into Howard's production. I honestly think this trade is a wash.
  7. Sanders, Kirk, or Clement

    So far so good
  8. Ito Smith worth more than Cohen?

    I don't think Ito is RB2 value...yet. Cohen is more valuable IMO.
  9. Do I win tonight?

    Thanks! P.S. Where TF is Morris?
  10. Do I win tonight?

    I have Rodgers, Adams, and Morris (FML) Opponent has Kittle. I am currently down: 71.86 - 88.14
  11. Last Minute Breida Trade?

    Do you honestly need to ask this question?
  12. DeVonta

    Take it immediately.
  13. L.Bell value?

    You'll need to package Sanders or Jeffrey with someone at this point. We're two weeks out. Sanders/Hines might do it.
  14. Hi guys, So two teams in our league are 0-5 - they both face each other this week and have decided to bench their entire team so they will inevitably tie. Do you see any issue with this? If for some reason one of them goes on a winning streak, this tie could potentially knock people out down the road. Thoughts?
  15. I'm starting Saquon. Right?

    He was a BEAST last night. Incredible to watch.