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  1. DAL vs Oak

  2. DAL vs Oak

    That measurement was how close this fantasy game is lol
  3. DAL vs Oak

    Fantasy gods help me nowwwww
  4. DAL vs Oak

    I need 2.91 points from Jared Cook to advance to the Championship game next week in .5 ppr. He currently has 2.7 points at the half. Had a td call reversed. Have had a total of 5 TD calls reversed today for my players lol. Just need 1 more catch. Anyone else need something to happen in this game to advance to your Championship game.
  5. Who's actually playing Rodgers???

    My opponent is, I’m hoping it bites him in the ass lol.
  6. Fight for 11th place!

    Maybe 12th place has to wear a dress out to a bar or something lol. I’d pick up Westbrook and sit Evans. He ain’t did sh1t.
  7. Half ppr. Did have McCown in over Brees. Decided to drop him and pick up Winston. 3 Tampa players too much? Or is it the right amount of crazy.
  8. Who is starting Josh Gordon in the playoffs

    I've made the playoffs every year for 5 years in a row in my local league, but have never made it past the first round. Flexing him over duke johnson, mckinnion, ekeler, woodhead, & Hilton. Starting Peyton barber over all them too. Also playing McCown over Brees. I'm ready to gamble this year lol.
  9. Brees or Keenum

    Keenum has been doing good as of late, Brees has been up and down. I also have Michael Thomas. I feel like Saints are going to have to throw to beat the Panthers. I'd hate to miss the week Brees actually throws some TD's to Thomas combo. What do you guys think.
  10. Pick 2

    For sure CC this week. I would roll with Burkhead. Booker will disappoint a lot of people this week. Including you if you start him, lol.
  11. Stills, Davis, or Westbrook?

    Change stills to Davis for the win!
  12. 0.5 PPR Help me! Start 2 players

    Well starting 2 TE's is semi crazy I feel like. TE is where you get secret points though lol.
  13. 0.5 PPR Help me! Start 2 players

    I would go either cook & stills, or go crazy and cook & doyle. I prefer the crazy.
  14. Must Win: WDIS at all positions

    This is a semi must win week for me, I'm in 2nd but must win so I can stay in 2nd and get a bye for playoffs. I used my #3 waiver pick to grab Cinci defense for this week. Every point counts for a (must win) I would start Davis & crabtree imo for a must win.