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  1. Rate My Team

    It’s an okay team, I also have Mixon and Thielen. I’m 0-2. That’s our biggest problem as they are under performing to their draft stock. There isn’t much you can do besides look into the waiver wire.
  2. Do I have a chance of winning

    Probably 60/40 in your favor.
  3. Milk Carton Week 2

    Yeap Big Ben for me too. 100% dropping and going for Jimmy G or Josh Allen if I can get em.
  4. Milk Carton Week 2

    I’m gonna be 0-2 in my local as well. I didn’t play either my team just sucks.
  5. Who are you done with?

    Big Ben and Mixon.
  6. Pick 2 Singletary, Michel, Mixon, or Gio

    Singletary and Michel.
  7. Mixon to be limited?

    I’m keeping him on my bench, I’m nervous as well. He’ll def be limited. I’m going with Singletary instead. It’s hard to sit him but I’d roll with Montgomery.
  8. Jones or Mixon?

    I’m keeping Mixon on my bench this week.
  9. Who to Flex?

    Go with your gut in Waller. Him and Williams are going to be eating targets all day.
  10. Walker or Waller?

  11. Cooks and Gordon bro! AB isn’t going to take away as much from Gordon as everyone is assuming.
  12. Flex Singletary, Golladay, or Hollywood Brown?

    I like Singletary myself. Golladay is the safest option.