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  1. Week 16 Milk Carton

    That 57 yarder miss from Greg the Leg might have cost me the ship. It's tight!
  2. Quick Replacement for Gurley?

    Of course, Davis will catch 6-8 passes though. Hes better play for ppr.
  3. Gurley is out!

    CJA is probably the play, I think Kelly will over take the lead role in this game. But it's probaably going to turn into a 3 way rbc. I'm rolling with Mike Davis and staying out of that mess.
  4. Quick Replacement for Gurley?

    Im rolling Mike Davis over all of em. If Penny is out he'll have a big game. I Have CJA and Kelly, can't trust them. Plus Justin was in warm ups. Going to be 3 way rbbc with Rams
  5. Fix My Flex: Jamaal Williams or Damien Williams

    Damien, I am so glad my opponent switched Damien out and is playing James White instead as of currently.
  6. Start Rivers tonight?

    You just lost your ship playing Rivers over Baker.
  7. Help with RBs for the Championship

    Lindsay gonna feast on Monday night!
  8. Am I nuts??

    Always go with your gut!!!!
  9. Here's a tough one for all you gurus

    Mack, Williams, Samuels
  10. Championship help WR/RB

    I would, I was considering Ridley this week with talks of Julio not playing. Looks like he's playing now so no more Ridley for me. Gilmore is expected to shadow Zay Jones which opens it up for Foster. I think Foster has a very good game.
  11. I dropped Goff this week and picked up Baker as a blocker from my opponent. I am playing Dak though.
  12. WDIS Defense

    It's close, but I'd go Pats.
  13. Curious to who your starting RBs are. All 3 of them are starters on a lot of ship teams. Out of the 3 probably Damian with Ware being out.
  14. Lower Floor this week: MWilliams or JReynolds

    I like Reynolds. But given your situation you cannot play Woods, Reynolds, and Goff. If Goff has another week like hes had the last 3 weeks you lose. Keenan could be a decoy anyways, you need to go Williams.