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  1. Week 11 Milk Carton

    Some dumbass stacked Kyle Allen & Samuel and benched Murray & Kirk (me) 😆
  2. Pick up Darnold?

    I would agree with that. One thing I’ve learned in fantasy is to go with your gut instinct. Jets schedule 2nd half of the season is so good for almost every position.
  3. Lockett or Allen ROS

    Historically Kennan Allen comes out big in the second half of the season.
  4. Sit Patrick Mahomes

    Wow, nice call.
  5. 0-6 with Saquon, HELP!

    I’m also 0-6 and I have Mixon. He is why were 0-6. I’m benching him if I cannot trade him. Willing to trade him for anything at this point. That’s who I’d try to trade instead of Barkley.
  6. Which TE?

    I also have Waller and am picking up Everett, seems best option for this week.
  7. Who else is 1-4?

    I’m 0-5 also, not a bad team either. Have made trades that helped my team. Just can’t get things going together in the same week. I’m still trying to make my team better, if only it be for me to ruin other teams chances of making playoffs late in the season.
  8. Mclaurin out, who to start

    Richardson for me
  9. Dissly or Andrews?

  10. Paul Richardson or Darrel Williams?

    Richardson boutta go off!!
  11. Who to start at RB?

  12. Start Sit Advice

    Jacobs and I'd go Hardman. Not sure if I trust the hammy issue with McLaurin or not. If hes 100% he will feast though.
  13. Pick 2 of 3 to start, please help!

    Boyd and Richardson for me.