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  1. Yea right, you have to keep him. If you drop him and CMC gets hurt again, you're literally screwed at RB. At the minimum you should trade Burrow/Davis to upgrade somewhere before dropping him. I'd drop Burrow myself.
  2. Grade This Trade

    Whos his other QB? Im assuming it's Wilson or Murray if hes getting rid of Herbert. I would try to get Herbert from him, but not for Ridley. Maybe try Cam straight up or Evans or package something with Cam. Also maybe targert Algoholor from the waivers.
  3. Week 7 Chat

    Only had a 15% chance of winning earlier, Herbert bringing me back to life. Currently down by .5 with Drake and Cardinals D vs. Metcalf to go.
  4. Tua Time in Miami

    Any chance Fitzmagic goes to Dallas??
  5. 1-4 2nd flex help

    12 team ppr I am 1-4 looking to make a comeback Lol this is for my second flex position Kenyan Drake or Philip Lindsay. if Gordon doesn’t play I’m going to play Lindsay, but if he does play would you play Lindsay over Drake?
  6. Trade Clyde Edwards Helaire?

    You had better send out a trade proposal right now, their is big rumblings that Bell will be signing with the Chiefs tomorrow lol.
  7. Bell released';

    Looks like its between the Chiefs and the Bears.
  8. Melvin Gordon III charged with DUI on Tuesday

    Just as I was contemplating cutting Lindsay.
  9. Bills/Titans game moved

    Anyone chancing playing bills/titans players? Due to byes and injuries I’m forced to flex AJ Brown or John Brown regardless 😑
  10. Week 4 Milk Carton

    Honestly probably gonna drop Drake after this week, should sabotage whichever team picks him up.
  11. It comes down to do you want a guaranteed but smaller projected points or a 50/50 chance of 0 points or your higher projected points. The latter basically averages out to the former, so the former becomes the safest play. Maybe if you have 1 player in it you can chance it depending on who & your record. 2 or more players and you just can’t risk it period IMO.
  12. What to do with CEH

    Y’all are off your rockers, I wouldn’t play any KC/NE players. Have fun with them 0 points across the board.
  13. Unless there’s more positive test between now and tomorrow which is probable. I’d rather have some points than a possible 0.
  14. Would anyone start Melvin Gordon over Jrob?

    Not unless I’m smoking crack and setting my line up for this week.