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  1. Handcuffs incoming

    In my league all handcuffs are already picked up and all playoff defenses are picked up. I’d pick up Gurleys back up.
  2. What could you get for Gronk now

    My brother just traded Doyle and Sutton for Gronk. He's in a playoff push, but he believes Gronk has league winning upside and will help him if he makes playoffs haha. I don't think you can get much for him though. Maybe to a PATs fan
  3. It's a litty iffy in standard, but I agree with the above as well.
  4. WR2 this week

    Struggling at receiver. Who should I play for WR2 this week. 12 team 1 pt ppr Hopkins is my WR1, I lost Kupp last week. Leaning towards Ridley. Calvin Ridley Josh Reynolds Demaryius Thomas Humphries
  5. Week 11 Lineup - Any changes?

    Must be nice having the struggle to choose between Conner and Julio for a FLEX position hahahaha
  6. How have you kept your team afloat?

    I'm in 2nd in my main local high buy in league. Tied with 1st place. He has 12 more total points scored than me. We are playing each other this week. Conner is the main reason I have made it this far as my team is not really that good. Drafted him in the 10th round. Traded Keenan Allen for Cooper Kupp early on which isn't doing good for me now. Traded Austin Hooper for Breida. Picked up Kittle and Philip Lindsay from waivers. Also Ridley played him the 3 first games he went off. Hopkins/Conner is my main pieces. Hoping to end up 1st/2nd to get a playoff bye. Than just hope to get lucky during playoffs.
  7. I'm going too try to get Arizona just for this week, I don't think I will though. If not I'm just picking up Washington and rolling with them as well.
  8. Streaming TE??

    I've also got Kittle on bye. I have a claim in for Seals-Jones.
  9. I picked Lions up last week, gonna evaluate some teams tonight and drop them most likely. They have an awesome schedule but they just can’t do nothing on Defense.
  10. Kupp Down

    Not good, especially a non contact injury. Josh Reynolds will be a good add this week for Kupp owners. Leaves me super thin at reciever during playoffs if it is that bad 😩
  11. Humphries,Tre’Quan and Gabriel pick 2

    Gabriel and Humphries
  12. Which WR should I start?

  13. Game changing trade deal!!!

    It's a shame you're 4-5 with that line up. Do the trade. You have a championship caliber team after the trade. Woods is a stud.
  14. Bell News

    Makes 0 sense for him to report at this point. If he had any thoughts of reporting The Dez Bryant injury probably would of most likely scrapped that. Conner owners rejoice!!
  15. RB Conundrum