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  1. NOW IS THE TIME TO WORK ON GETTING YOUR FANTASY FOOTBALL LIFE IN ORDER. LOOK AT THESE OPPORTUNITIES BELOW:League Name : Make Football Great Again Dynasty LeagueWe just finished our first season. 4 franchises available. $57.50 a year. Weekly H2H points matchups.Arizona CardinalsNew York JetsSan Francisco 49ersTennessee TitansA few interesting rules about MFGA:42 players on a roster. Each Franchise must have 15 players from home franchise on team at start of each season.We play the real NFL Schedule weeks 1-12. Weeks 13-17 are doubled up throughout the season. You will have 16 games, 1 bye week (corresponding to the real franchises bye week), and a couple weeks will be double matchups.Salaries and Contracts used. Draft pick trading. IDPs.Every offseason, anything is up for vote to be changed. Need 66% approval to change anything.GroupMe required for communication. Can provide screenshots of each team upon request. As is the first offseason, and each team started with 42 players from real franchise, most of the 4 available teams consist of players on real franchise.Multiple ways to win money: Team of The Week/Most Points for Season/Most Points in a Single Week.Just for example... these were the top 4 teams in our first season: 1st - Cleveland Browns, 2nd - Minnesota Vikings, 3rd - New Orleans Saints, 4th - Los Angeles ChargersVery unique league. Give it a shot for one year. You might get hooked if you want something new and fresh.League Name: Old School Fantasy Football32 Team - Fantrax - $59.36/yr (Fantrax Treasurer)The first year will have a 35 round draft. 30 minutes per pick. The entire 1st round will consist of drafting one player from the franchise which you chose (i.e. Ravens get to draft Lamar). Each following year you will have a 10 round draft, consisting mainly of rookies obviously.You can find rules page/constitution in the following link available are:Chicago Bears, Cincinnati Bengals, Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Chargers, Los Angeles Rams, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins Send a DM with one of the league names in the subject for more info. Thanks!
  2. 32 Team NFL Style Dynasty League

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  3. 32 Team NFL Style Dynasty League

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  4. My name is Chris and I run multiple fantasy sports leagues under the Five Points Fantasy Sports brand. I decided to create a new start-up dynasty league centered around one main concept: Each team is named after a real NFL team and each team starts with a roster of 42 players all from that team. You can start with your favorite team filled with your favorite players. I will leave a link to the scoring system below and a constitution is currently being created. The restrictions will be: you must use the site and select 42 players and have their salaries be less than the $189 million salary cap, and you must use at least 75% of your available cap during the season. You get to pick the players you want within the position maximums. You must have on your roster at the beginning of each season at least 15 players on your team IRL. Lots more to come, but this league will be as real as possible while also sticking with something that is simplistic for the every day person to manage. Below is a list of the available teams. Half the league was taken in one day by current owners in my other leagues. This is what is left: Bengals Giants Titans Redskins Money will be handled by Fantrax Premium. Entry fee will be $55 plus $2.50 for Fantrax fee. IDPs will have a scoring bump to try and even out with offense. A link below to survey the rules before joining. Please ask any and all questions you want before joining. Constitution will be done within next day or two. You can reply here or email me at csbaldwin3 @