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  1. Teams remaining updated.
  2. A complete constitution is available upon request, but here are a few major bulletins about our league: -Each franchise is named after an NFL team Teams Remaining are: Detroit Lions- PENDING Green Bay Packers New York Jets Washington Redskins -$55 League Dues plus $2.50 for Fantrax Premium (all handled by Fantrax Treasurer) -NFL Rookie 5 round draft with salaries and contract that mimic the NFL (with a 6th round pick for drafting a Fresan in college for your practice squad) -Multiple ways to win money including Division winners and Team Of The Week winners. -FA Slow Auction draft on Fantrax forums and Standard Rookie draft every year -Trading of future picks and certain amount of salary allowed to facilitate trades that mimic the NFL -GroupMe and active ownership a must Please reply here or email me at God bless
  3. NCFF in 2017

    If you have an opening for the Michigan State Spartans i will take ot