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  1. Start Hasselbeck or Palmer?

    Palmer @ CHI Hasselbeck vs. ARI (at home) The Bears could go off on his a$$ and really give CIN a taste of a good defense for a change. I'll have a hard time sitting Palmer after these first two weeks but this could be one of those weeks where he gets half the production he normally gets, right? Or I could go with a safer bet and stick with my earlier draft pick, Hasselbeck. Let me know what you guys think.
  2. I've got the following RBs on my bench hoping for something to iron out for one of them: Travis Henry Ricky Williams Frank Gore Ron Dayne I need to pick up a receiver to fill in this week with one of my players on bye and Burleson out. Travis Taylor is on the WW so I was thinking about going with him. Which one of these RBs would you dump to make room? All have potential for later in the season. I'm thinking Ron Dayne is probably the one to drop especially since Denver has now signed Griffin again. That tells me they don't have too much confidence in Dayne. Henry and Gore obviously have upside if the primary goes down or fails at the job. Williams....well who knows about that one. What do you think?
  3. I have been offered Jamal Lewis and Chester Taylor for Domanick Davis. There are obvious questions with both offenses. Billick is saying that after their bye this week, they'll have their fullback back in the lineup after nursing a calf injury. He also says they will commit to getting Jamal the ball 25 to 30 times per game. Could this be a turnaround in the making for Jamal or should I stay put with DD? We do get points for receptions. I'm essentially viewing this as a one to one trade even though I get Jamal's backup. Let me know what you think.
  4. WDIS? Palmer or Hasselbeck

    Palmer @ CHI Hasselbeck vs. ARI This is a tough call. Both could have bigger games than expected. What do you think?
  5. Give Jamal up for Parker?

    The guy wants Jamal Lewis and is willing to give me Willie P. Standard performance league. What are your thoughts? We start 3 RBs. I also have Tomlinson, Lamont Jordon and Ronnie Brown.
  6. Tiki for Cadillac

    I'd take it. Caddy looks like he's going to be one of the top backs this season after all.
  7. LT....whats the deal?

    Well look at it this way. A couple more weeks with losing games and we might all get to see if Rivers can step up to the plate. Something we've all been wondering since the 04 draft. Not that Brees is doing anything wrong but you gotta think at some point they have to start looking at Rivers.
  8. a deuce mccalister trade

    No, don't do it. Deuce is going to be the man this year. You need to hold on to him and ride him all year just like the Saints will.
  9. D. Davis or W. Parker?

    I have the same situation and am going with Parker this week.
  10. Bench SJax or Cadillac?

    I'm with this guy. Go with Caddy. You know he's getting the ball. As always with SJAX, you could end up with a goose egg or 100 yards and a score. You know you'll get some production out of CW.
  11. Need to sit 1

    Another vote for Jordon. Whatever you do, don't bench Deuce. Did you watch the CAR game last week? Everything was going to Deuce. They said they would be relying more on him and they sure as heck proved it last week.
  12. Starting WR

    Lelie. Here's hoping for a major turnaround this week. Of course, I'm starting Lelie too so my opinion may be biased.
  13. Pick 3 RBs

    This is an 8 man league which explains why I have these choices. E. James vs. JAC J. Jones vs. WAS D. Davis vs. PIT C. Williams vs. BUF W. Parker @ HOU We get points for receptions. I normally would start James, JJ and DD but Parker's matchup against HOU is tempting.
  14. Pick 2 WR

    Any other comments?
  15. Pick 2 WR

    I'm RB heavy so my best receivers are all 2nd/3rd tier which makes it harder to figure out who to start each week. Anyway, let me know what you guys think. As of right now, I have Burleson and Lelie starting. We do get .5 points per reception. Burleson @ CIN Lelie vs SD Branch @ CAR