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  1. Capt Skinman!


    Three people left Outraged and we are looking for new owners. Interested? You'd be welcome!





    I like where I'm sitting. I'm sure I'm jinxing myself now but I feel pretty good sitting at #14 with 23 players left. Let's go team. I need the old man and Dirty Sanchez to take me to the promised land.
  3. Dropkick Murphy fans

    If you dig Dropkick, you should check out Flatfoot 56 from Chicago; good band and great guys to hang with as well
  4. is it treason to accuse the president of treason?

    I feel you should be able to criticize whoever you damn well please as long as they are not in your chain of command. I can't (and haven't since 1988) criticized the Commander in Chief. However, I consider free speech as part of what I fight for every day.
  5. in huddle years ...

    Yeppers. I remember the Bronco Billy hazing days. Remember names like Spaceghost and Sacrebleu. I got on board back in 99 as well.
  6. Concerts you've been to....

    Motorhead Nashville Pusy X2 Reverend Horton Heat X5 Moltey Crue X3 Aerosmith X3 Guns and Roses Skid Row The Queers Social Distortion Twisted Sister X2 Iron Maiden Queensryche WASP KISS x3 DIO DEVO Phenomenauts x2 The Secretions The Toasters Flatfoot 56 Floggy Molly Rezurex Rancid Koffin Kats x4 Lower Class Brats X3 NIN x3 Queens of the Stone Age The Cult Godsmack Rob Zombie Placebo Static X Alkaline Trio Bouncing Souls Green Day Run DMC Beastie Boys ...and so many more I love small venues but usually pretty obscure bands.
  7. The Dark Knight

    Godammit!! I promised my girlfriend I wouldn't see this movie without her. She isn't due back from Costa Rica until next Sunday. I may cheat and tell her I didn't see it and pretend how exited I am to see it upon her return.
  8. R.I.P. Richard "Aqualung" Fremer

    I just checked in and got a huge kick to the gut. I truly have no words at this moment.
  9. Your guiltiest musical pleasure

    Reign in Blood
  10. Poker can be cruel

    ......up the butt and make her call me daddy. BTW You did the right thing. He just sucked out and it happens. Averages will work in your favor which is why I prefer money games over tourney any day.
  11. PIT vs JAX

    Okay, the game is now sinking in. I don't want to play Monday morning QB because there were so many elements that could've (and did) changed this game in any direction. I only wanted to point one other glaring bad call that has yet to be mentioned and it had a major impact on the game. Did anyone else feel that the holding penalty that denied the first Steeler successful 2pt conversion attempt was godawfully bad? Good game Jax and I hope you make it to the big show. The Jax fans I know are usually pretty classy folks.

    The remaining games will all have final scores of 6-0 with their TDs coming from obscure no-name roster fillers. My team is a lock to win it all now.
  13. Wildcard Weekend Gamblers (Anonymous) Thread

    Why do I feel dirty inside just watching that video? I thought for sure he was gonna finish it off with a snuff film exclusive just for the VIP clients. ....and why wasn't Ron Jeremy dancing in the background?
  14. Great Children's show

    This show was started by the frontman of The Aquabats. A very underrated and great ska/punk/pop band from Orange County. I was tempted to dress as one of them for Halloween but my sense got the better of me.
  15. Bad Poker Beat

    That's exactly what I was thinking.