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  1. RBs Overload for Fantasy Bowl

    Unfortunately No, only one RB and one Flex... Thanks anyways, i was thinking the Same
  2. Reached my leagues Fantasy Bowl - now with Elliott back and the Cowboys in The hunt of a Playoff Spot i have a Overload at RB Position I got Drake (good replacement for Elliott) and Hunt who is now in shape again. Which one should i Bench? Standard League Best regards
  3. Cohen or Johnson in Flex?

    Tarik Cohen vs. LIONS or Duke Johnson vs. Baltimore Best regards
  4. Start Morris or Hunt?

    Start Morris vs Oakland or Hunt vs LAC? Best regards
  5. Start Kupp or Richardson?

    Reached my Leagues semi-finals now i have a Problem at WR Kupp have a Bad Matchup against the Seahawks and Woods will be Back, Richardson facing the Rams Defense gut they lost Webster. My QB is Wilson Standard League Best regards
  6. Engram or Henry

    Henry, because after benching Eli i don't know If Smith and engram are on The Same page
  7. Adams, Diggs, Funchess? Need 2 Non PPR

    Adams because hundley is getting better, difficult the other two (for Flex), i'll Trust diggs Here Burkhard and ajayi are also difficult because of The loaded backfield both Teams have.
  8. Choose WR

    I got Diggs Green Anderson Crowder Choose 2 and 1 for Flex Position Standard League. Best regards
  9. K. Drake or A. Morris?

    With Elliott (suspended on my bench) Out should i start Morris vs Eagles or Drake vs Buccs? I think Drake got a better Matchup Standard League Best regards
  10. WDIS - Need 2 -- Dez, Hopkins, Tate - WHIR

    I'd Go With tate and Hopkins - Stafford is on fire ans against the Browns, Hopkins is the only remaining target for savage (Fuller is a deep threat, but With that oline and inmobility He isn't able to Connect With fuller)
  11. Choose 2 WR

    Thanks man!
  12. Choose 2 WR

    Diggs vs. Rams Anderson vs Buccs Green vs Titans Standard league Best regards
  13. Who to start? Standard League Drake vs Panthers Diggs vs Rams PS: also got Bilal Powell With matt forte Out @TB with a good matchup Best wishes
  14. Mckinnon trade?

    I would do it, It is risky but Lacy should See more touches the next weeks. Your WR Corps isn't very solide.
  15. With Elliott (maybe) suspended, who to start this week? Morris or Drake? I was fast enough to Pick Up Morris earlier this week because He was FA... Standard League Best regards