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  1. Is Olsen droppable?

    If you're reasonably confident in your ability to make the playoffs, I'd hold on to him-he'll most likely be back and give you a boost in the playoffs (dependent on who's available to stream at TE and your bench size)
  2. Huge trade!

    Thanks guys. I think I probably took a bit of a loss on this - traded Zeke and Crabtree for Michael Thomas and a Jacquizz/Doug Martin combo. My lineup looks like this now: RB Hunt, Ajayi, Freeman (Jacquizz, Abdullah, Martin on my bench WR Julio, M.Thomas ,(Devante Parker on my bench) Ive been streaming QBs and TEs especially since it's an 8 team league. I think overall I don't really have a weakness I need to address until someone gets hurt
  3. Huge trade!

    So-maybe Freeman or Ajayi? Or would you go Hunt? Honestly, it's an 8 team league with friends and family. I want to help my wife, but I want to make it fair. I just feel bad because I talked her into David Johnson.
  4. Huge trade!

    Trading away Elliot, Devante Parker and recieving Michael Thomas, Jacquizz Rodgers, and Doug Martin. I have too many RBs (Hunt, Ajayi, Elliot, Freeman and Abdullah-I have to sit two every week). My receivers are Julio and Crabtree. My thought is A) I get another stud WR, and B)I still keep a really good RB situation. Let me know what you think from both sides as this trade offer is one I sent to my wife who has been bitten by injuries and is desperate for a stud RB.
  5. AJ Green Trade help

    AJ = stud(despite his performances so far) Benjamin & Buck = not studs Do it!
  6. So, Olsen went down this week of course. I need a TE. Obviously, Walker is a throw in on this trade, but still a decent piece for me. My RBs are pretty much stacked right now (despite Zeke's performance this week). I have Elliot, Hunt, Ajayi, and Freeman. Currently, I have to sit one. My receivers are Julio and Crabtree. I would love having a WR tandem of Jordy and Julio - and still be able to start Elliot, Ajayi and Freeman. I'd probably put Crabtree in my flex. Would this trade make my team better? Or is Jordy's injury a big concern?
  7. Start Kareem Hunt or Melvin Gordon?

    Trade for a big name WR, unless you're stacked there
  8. Kupp, Sanders, or Thielen? Full pt PPR

    I really like Thielen, but Sanders is a pretty safe play. Kupp is a little more iffy, I'd say
  9. Hm...who to play?

    I don't think anyone gets you big points, but if you want to swing for the fences, I'd definitely go Golladay. Kid looked good week 1 and ya never know
  10. OBJ troubles

    Having Vereen is good, although I'd pick up Sterling Shepard instead if he's available. Eli should be able to throw a bit in this game, and he seems to like Shepard
  11. Dez Bryant for Lesean McCoy?

    I wouldn't call it fair - but if he'll do the trade, I'd do it in a heartbeat. McCoy is an elite (top 5 at least) RB1, Dez is maybe a top 20 WR, IMO. Do it immediately
  12. I have Bradford and Cohen-there's a guy in my league that wants Cohen. The thing is, I just picked Bradford and Cohen off waivers this week...Cohen because he looked good and I had a bench spot, and Bradford because I had Dalton...I don't think I need to say more. I have Howard & Elliot starting at RB, with J-Stew and Doug Martin on my bench, so I really don't need an RB. I'm just about to say yes to the offer, although I have no interest in Perkins. What do you think? QB is really my only week spot I think
  13. What constitutes collusion?

    Thanks everyone - my wife just told not to worry, she'll just not sleep with me during the NFL season and it won't be collusion
  14. Accuracy of the Huddle In Season Tools

    I like the fantasy footballers. They have a daily podcast (about an hour a day), weekly rankings (which are free), and they're great fun to listen to if you have the time. But if not, just using their weekly rankings will put you in a much better spot than, say, ESPN projected scores. - and no, I don't work for them. I just find they're the best
  15. Oh....question of the day right here! If it was more than 2 years, McCaffery- with great trepidation haha EDIT - Final answer, Johnson...I think