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  1. I need two of Hunt, Drake, Howard and R.Anderson. I’m in the 1st rd of playoffs (8 team PPR if you’re wondering how I have all these guys). Already started Julio, Freeman and Michael Thomas Thursday, so I’m in good shape. I don’t think I need a home run, just a solid 10 points from these guys. I stuck Anderson in as an option, but i don’t think I’ll play him because of the hamstring scare Thursday. Can’t risk him going out. Right now I have Hunt and Drake in. Howard scares me. Also, bonus question - Cameron Brate or Hunter Henry? Both are available. Currently starting Brate because Winston is back and always throws to him. BTW, facing a Steelers fan so I’m against Big Ben, Antonio, Steelers D and Boswell if that sheds any light. Thanks!
  2. I start my playoffs today. Hows my lineup?

    Not a bad team. If it was mine, I’d probably play Rivers and Collins (over Ajayi). But not by much
  3. Undroppable players that are droppable?

    Yeah, there is a setting. And being commish comes with a bit of a responsibility I think. If I wasn’t then I’d complain to the commish haha. And honestly, I’d change it for someone else. It’s not that dire of a situation anyway. I have a couple guys I could drop. I have a couple I’m holding so my opponents don’t get them (Perine, Lewis). My brother actually texted me no more than 30 seconds after taking Perine to ask what I was doing. Apparently he was in the process of picking him up and it said he couldn’t. And since it was my brother, you can imagine I felt terrible
  4. Undroppable players that are droppable?

    Actually, I didn’t draft him. I picked him up off waivers 2 weeks ago. Hence my irritation. But I think I may just ride with it anyway
  5. Hey guys - I’m commish of a very small 8 team league. I have Alex Smith as my QB. Matt Ryan is on waivers. I tried to drop Smith and get him but Smith is apparently undroppable. I don’t want to drop anyone else as I have a small bench and a few injuries where the player will be back by Fantasy playoff time. Should I check with the league and change this rule if they give me the go-ahead? Or leave it as-is? This is annoying me, but I’m kinda leaning towards leaving well-enough alone
  6. Is this collusion?

    I think it might be good to just stay away. I think it could be argued either way, but it’s not ideal when some of the other owners look at you suspiciously, justified or not. I don’t see anything wrong with it personally - but I’d probably just rather avoid the whole situation
  7. Matt Moore, Joe Flacco, W.Smallwood, J-Stew?

    Yeah. As a Dolphins fan I actually feel better with Moore as a QB than Cutler
  8. So, I had Wentz & Palmer as my 2 QBs, with Cutler on the bench as backup(12 team league, so 3rd QBs are scarce). With Palmer and Cutler going down, my only two choices of starting QBs are Moore and Flacco. I’m inclined to go with Moore. Alternatively, I could stick in a Smallwood or J-Stew since it’s actually any offensive player I can put in the 2nd QB slot. It’s a very deep league, so nothing on the waiver wire. Who should I go with? Smallwood, Stewart, Moore or Flacco?
  9. Trade Mckinnon?

    No. Always make sure you have the best overall player in any trade, and that’s McKinnon
  10. QB question

    With Cam’s running, I’d argue his floor may be a bit higher. But Ryan could very well win you the week. He’s a no brainer for me
  11. If you could get either Martin or Anderson I’d say you’re doing great
  12. I have questions about David Johnson. One of my leagues(14 team unfortunately) I drafted Johnson AND Olsen. I need to win this week if I have any prayer of staying alive. I’ve tried trading the pair to sure playoff teams, but they’ve declined so far. What is Johnson’s value in a big league. Another league where I’m tied for first (12 team) I’m targeting DJ. It’s a 2 QB league- any ideas on what i should give as a return? The guy who has him has just 1 win I’m just looking to see what your thoughts on on DJ’s value (and maybe Olsen too)
  13. Help improving my team..?

    Well, I’m on my way out the door in a few, but at first glance I’d say you’re fine even without Zeke. If you can get an AJ Green or someone like that for two average WRs/RBs, then do it. Otherwise I’d say just stand pat instead of changing for the sake of change
  14. Trade Gurley for Dez

    If you get the best player in a trade, do it. And Gurley is the best. I think he has a tough schedule the next 2-3 weeks, but should still put up solid numbers
  15. Help improving my team..?

    So - you’re starting 2 RBs/2WRs and a flex? You’re really strong at RB, but you may lose Zeke next week. I’d hold onto your RBs unless someone will pay a premium for Zeke. If his suspension ends up getting tossed or postponed further, then I’d trade an RB straight up for a premium WR. In the meantime, if someone would give you a great WR for Baldwin/Thomas(or any combo of two) I’d do it. Just my two cents