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  1. bell trade

    I mean, I'm not used to PPR and definitely not IDP, but Bell should be like a top 5 guy in PPR right? You don't say anything about your roster other than Bell/Reed, or the number of teams in your league, but generally I like to have some top tier guys to build around. That being said, I really like Thomas, so I don't hate the counter offer you proposed. The question is if your roster needs more bodies or not.
  2. Dynasty trade help

    Thanks for the input. I basically just offered any one of them he'd want. Haven't heard back yet tho. Will probably offer the same for the 3rd and 4th pick also. To me they're not that far apart this year. Any one of Fournette, McCaffrey or Mixon would be great I think (assuming Davis goes 1st, which I guess isn't a given).
  3. 1st pick trade

    Aha, fair enough! Just assumed you finished last since you had the 1st and 11th overall. Well either way then, I kinda like staying put and i also wouldn't mind the picks trade. IMO the best spot this year is 4th. Just take whoever is lest from Fournette/McCaffrey/Mixon/Davis. Any chance you can get there? If not I'd lean towards just staying put and taking whoever you like more. Between McCaffrey and Fournette I'd go McCaffrey, because Jaguars
  4. 1st pick trade

    The Luck trade seems fair enough to me, but I'm assuming since you have the 1st overall pick your squad is not all that? If so, probably better off just taking more lottery tickets then. 6 and 14 sounds decent enough, should be able to get someone like Mike Williams at 6 and then I honestly think 14 isn't a bad spot this year. Looking at this link I actually like everyone 16 and up so you're guaranteed to get one of those obviously. If you stay at 1 and you're set on an RB, I'd strongly consider Mixon. They really don't seem to have much faith in Bernard and Hill, and they're a run heavy offense.
  5. Dynasty Trade Advice- Mike Evans

    My first thought is no. Normally I'd ask if you're in win-now or rebuild mode, but with Evans it really doesn't matter. He's still so young, and in an offense that should continue to get better. I'd lean towards no even if the 1st rounder was guaranteed 1st overall.
  6. Who gets the Blount ???

    He should be fine as an RB2 in non-PPR I think. None of the other Eagles RBs can really challenge him much in short yardage/ goal line carries.
  7. Dynasty trade help

    Thanks! Yea, I went very young in the startup draft and was lucky to have most of my top picks pan out. McCoy was actually a guy I traded for last offseason. Why would you trade him away? I am very much in "win now" mode. The setup is basically just to pick 16 keepers each year, then there is a 4 round rookie/FA draft. So no limitations on who to trade or keep or whatever.
  8. Mike evans

    I'm with the last guy. If you have a roster full of holes you take it. If your roster is solid you wanna keep as many of the elite players as possible.
  9. Trade Help - Gronk

    I like the idea of turning Gronk into better RB depth, but you need more than that IMO. I wouldn't bet on Miami actually being completely sold on Ajayi.
  10. Keeper help

    Hopkins is a beast but there's really no reason to think his QB situation will be good, maybe ever. I'd go Gordon.
  11. Dynasty trade help

    I'm in a 14 team standard scoring league (non PPR). I have the 14th overall pick, and I'm talking to the guy with the 2nd overall pick. My RB/WR roster is: Evans, TB Hopkins, HOU Landry, MIA Thomas, DEN Matthews, PHI Mitchell, NE White, CHI Bell, PIT McCoy, BUF Martin, TB Washington, OAK White, NE I want to use my WR depth to get younger at RB, so I'm thinking offering a WR and my 14th overall for his 2nd overall. Who would be a fair guy to include? Evans and Hopkins is obviously off limits.
  12. Who To Start

    Flacco seems confident he'll play. Even if Montgomery does take most of the reps at RB, he's still a WR and I'm sure they will focus on the pass game then. I'd play it safe with Wallace / DeSean
  13. Russell Wilson Trade

    Then you should be fine accepting this. Both Jameis and Smith should be decent plays this week too.
  14. A Brown/D Martin for M Gordon/Landry/Booker

    I think you lose this trade by a little bit, but you might have to with Martin being forever game-time decision.
  15. Any news whether Shady plays?

    No way of knowing until Sunday, I'm assuming.