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  1. Line-up helppppppp

    QB2: Kyler Murray or Josh Allen WR2: Christian Kirk, John Brown, John Ross, Golden Tate, or Brandin Cooks (Could drop Cooks for a waiver flyer with Diontae Johnson, Darius Slayton, or Marquise Brown) Flex: WR options above, along with Devin Singletary, Derrius Guice, or Marlon Mack. Kirk and Brown have brutal matchups. Ross is coming off the IR, Cooks is on the road to Dumpsville. Not sure how Tate will be with manning and the Eagles match-up well with the slot guys. Singeltary again tough matchup, Guice is explosive but still limited, and Mack is coming back from an injury. So any advice is cool! Thanks
  2. RB2 / Flex Help

    You are da man Montana
  3. RB2 / Flex Help

    I currently have Jaylen Samuels plugged in at RB2 and Brandin Cooks in at flex Other Options are: Devin Singletary Golden Tate Derrius Guice
  4. Another Kittle question

    Noah Fant or hold out for Ole George tonight
  5. Trade offer

    Thanks pretty much what I was thinking, just running it by you guys
  6. Trade offer

    Should I trade Singletary, Golden Tate, and Kyler Murray for Tyler Boyd, Joe Mixon, and Goff... I was wanting Mixon,because I believe he is trending up for the rest of the season... I just don’t like giving up Murray.. My other QB’s are Jackson and Allen, 2 QB league..
  7. Singletary vs ARob

    Cool thanks got him subbed in last minute
  8. Singletary vs ARob

    Start Singletary over Robinson due to the Ramsey shadow tonight?

  10. McLaurin or J. Brown

  11. Damian Williams

    yeah I'd wait.. He's back with the team, so he he should be good to go tomorrow
  12. RB2 help

    Devin Singletary against Miami Damien Williams against the Chargers
  13. Kittle Out

    My options are: Dwelly (Best matchup) Howard ( not the best matchup, had a relatively good game last week) Gesicki (tough matchup) Fant (decent matchup and seeing an uptick in targets)
  14. HE's listed as out on my app now, should be able to move him to the IR
  15. Last minute QB, pick one!